Rules to Use Death Note Book

Later the success of Death Note Japanese anime which was brought out in the year 2006, Netflix arranged to release its future project inspired by the first Death Note manga as well as serial. Most people have checked the anime boasts Light Yagami, who prefers to change the world with no type of crimes utilizing Death Note. Well, this is based on all that series. They as well describe the rules of utilizing the death note book.


  1. The most significant rule in the book is that the individual whose name is written in that note shall die.
  2. The book is created so that it will not bring an effect whose name has been mistyped 4 times. If the owner purposely misspells the individual’s name 4 times, the possessor will die. 
  3. If the individual’s name is written on more than 2 death notebooks in the least 0.06 seconds, the book will count it as concurrent action and keep the individual’s death.
  4. Also, when the individual’s name is spelled more than 2 notebooks, the notebook utilized 1st will take its effect disregarding the time of death.
  5. The death note will not bring effect if the victim’s name is written on it, unlike pages. The face and back of a page are believed to be single pages. The death note will just take effect as the victim’s forename is written on the back page and last name on the 1st.
  6. Later on, writing the victim’s name, he or she will die out. Simply the cause of death is as well has to compose within a 40 secs after writing contents name, it will fall out actually like as describing it.

  1. It is not adequate; after penning the victim’s names on the death note, the reason for death and its particulars of the death had better be written within the adjacent 6 mins and 40 secs.
  2. The circumstance of death will not fall out till it is physically possible for the victim. Through utilizing a death note, the person’s actions can be ascertained; if the inconceivable condition of death is penned on it, the victim will just die of a heart attack.
  3. Afterwards, the penning the cause of death, the possessor must mention the name before the reason of death. He will just have 19 days per the individual’s calendar to make a name.
  4. If the death notebook possessor just writes ‘dies of chance event’ as a reason for death, the victim will die out from a natural accident within the next 6 mins and 40 secs. 
  5. The possessor can do away with the death note sometimes he requires by telling several Shinigami. After that possessor will not have memories of the book or some incident. Simply if he touches the notebook once again, he will think of all his/her previous memories again and as well capable of recognizing the picture and voice of Shinigami, a god of death.