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Samsung Galaxy S10 Vs Galaxy S20: Comparing New and Old Galaxy Model

This is the comparison of Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 mobile phones. Both are from the same series but as this is a flagship model, there are also some differences. This review makes you get a clear idea and decision about these phones.

samsung galaxy s10samsung_galaxy s20
Samsung Galaxy S10Samsung Galaxy S20
Excellent Infinity-O display.
Solid battery life with Wireless PowerShare.
Super-fast performance.
A triple-lens camera system captures every angle.
High refresh rate screen.
Great battery life.
Excellent fit and finish
Facial recognition needs work.
Front-facing camera not quite as good as on S10+.
5G is not worth the added cost.
Cameras over smooth faces. Software updates only guaranteed for two years.


ModelGalaxy S10Galaxy S20
Diagonal Size6.1 inch6.2 inch
Color Depth24-bit (16.7 million colors)24-bit (16.7 million colors)
Display FormatQHD+QHD+
TechnologyInfinity-O Dynamic AMOLEDDynamic AMOLED 2X
Pixel Density550 PPI563 PPI
ProcessorQUALCOMM 2.8 GHz octa-core64-bit octa-core processor (Max 2.7GHz + 2.5 GHz + 2.0 GHz)
System ChipSnapdragon 855Snapdragon 865
Operating SystemAndroid 9.0 pieAndroid 10
Phone FunctionsSpeakerphone, voice control, call timer, conference call, flight mode, voice dialing, vibrating alertSpeakerphone, voice control, call timer, conference call, flight mode, voice dialing, vibrating alert
SensorsAccelerometer, proximity sensor, barometer, gyro sensor, hall sensor, RGB sensor, pressure sensor, geomagnetic sensorAccelerometer, proximity sensor, barometer, gyro sensor, hall sensor, RGB sensor, geomagnetic sensor
Security DevicesFace recognition, fingerprint reader (under display)Fingerprint sensor (in- screen), Face recognition
Additional FeaturesSmart Select, MU-MIMO technology, Samsung KNOX, High AOP Mic, Smart View, Live message, Bixby Vision, Secure Folder function, Dual Audio, Bixby Routines, Intelligent Performance EnhancerSmart Select, MU-MIMO technology, Fast Charging, Samsung KNOX, High AOP Mic, Smart View, Live message, Samsung DeX support, Bixby Vision, Secure Folder function, Dual Audio, Bixby Routines, Intelligent Performance Enhancer, AR Doodle
Storage128 or 512 GB or 1 TB128 or 512 GB
Wi-Fi SupportWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax, Dual-Band, Wi-Fi Direct, HotspotYes
USB3.1, Type-C 1.0 Reversible Connector3.2, Type-C 1.0 reversible connector, USB On-The-Go
BluetoothBluetooth v5.0Bluetooth v5.0
Other ConnectionNFC
FeaturesRear Camer- 12 MP + 12 MP + 16 MP, 2160p HD video capture, 10 MP front camera, LED flash lightRear Camer- 12-megapixel (wide-angle), 64-megapixel (telephoto), 12-megapixel (ultrawide), Front Camera- 10-megapixel, 8K video capture
Width2.77 in2.72 in
Depth0.31 in0.31 in
Height5.9 in5.9 in
Weight5.54 oz5.74 oz
Battery Capacity3400mAh4000mAh
Features.Back glass (Gorilla Glass 5), aluminum frame.

Samsung Pay (Visa, MasterCard certified).

IP68 dust / water proof (up to 1.5m for 30 mins).

Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

HDR10+ display.

Always-on display.

Dolby Atmos / AKG sound.
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5G network connectivity, share and stream easier than ever at HyperFast speeds.

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Detail Review


Samsung Galaxy S10

I think this is a really interesting device for a lot of reasons. It’s no secret that while Samsung phones have been very expensive, especially over the last couple of years. After one year of launch, you can get the phone for almost fifty percent off which I think is pretty amazing. You’ve got a lot of options for sort of mid-range phones but oftentimes getting last year’s flagship at a discount might be a better deal than getting a new mid-range phone from this year.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20, not plus nor ultra is the lowest priced unit you can get your hands on in the newest S20 series but that’s not to say that it’s the worst. It’s the most affordable gateway to the updated S20 line, or you’re just really into its compact form factor.

samsung galaxy S10


Samsung Galaxy S10

Physically, this is a phone that obviously still looks really good. It’s a flagship in every sense of the word and really even over the last like a couple of years now, Samsung hasn’t made any drastic changes to their design. So, none of their phones feel dated even a year or two later. This is an all-metal and glass phone with polished edges and a super-premium feel in the hand. Actually, what I like about the S10, in particular, is that it does have that more of a subtle curve to the glass and display. Overall, the phone looks good and feels great and I think the big thing here is value.

You aren’t gonna find too many other phones that are designed like this with the high-quality materials and flagship form factor for well under 500 dollars, so that’s definitely something to consider. I think maybe the only design cue that isn’t all that great is the placement of the front camera, this stemmed from Samsung just trying something new in putting it in the corner. It was basically a one-time thing we went back to a center hole punch with the S20 and I don’t think it’s an awful choice, it probably wasn’t the best decision. Fortunately, it obviously doesn’t impact anything as far as usability or even screen real estate.

You’ve still got a super high screen to body ratio, with the display stretching to the farthest corners and edges of the phone. If you want to get nitpicky, the top bezel is larger than the sides and the bottom bezel is even larger still. This is a phone that still looks good in 2020 and will likely be able to blend in with a majority of smartphones that come out well into next year and even beyond.

I think if there were just one reason to pick a Samsung flagship over the competition, it would most definitely be because of the display. The S10 offered a full 3040 by 1440p resolution screen packing in 550 pixels per inch, the AMOLED panel supports HDR 10 plus, and for the price that 400 to 500 range, I’m not so sure that you can find a better viewing experience. While Samsung may have made some slight adjustments to the screen with the S20 and obviously introduced 120 Hertz as well, the big important stuff mostly remains the same. This is a bold and bright screen that offers an immense amount of detail and really looks good from every angle. I think, especially if you’re coming from like a new mid-range phone with a 1080p display or maybe even an LCD for example, the difference is night and day with the S10, this is still a flagship phone after all.

Samsung Galaxy S20

If you’re coming from last year’s Galaxy S10 then you won’t recognize some significant differences in their construction. The S20 is a bit larger than last year’s S10 by 0.1 inch to be specific, nonetheless, they feel almost the same to grip that gives off that one-handed comfortability. It’s light, slim, built with glass and aluminum, and it’s easy to slip in your pocket.

Just like all the other smartphones in the S20 family and on the Note lined, S20 inherits an infinity OLED display with its front camera on the upper middle of the screen. This creates a black hole that isn’t noticeable unless you inspect closer. If you’ll look a little more tightly, usually there’s an earpiece on top of the front camera and in the S20’s case rather than the whole series case, there still is an earpiece it’s just not noticeable at all. So Samsung’s S series of smartphones have been known for their edge display but for the S20 line, it seems like the brand finally decided that it’s more practical to trim the display down. It sure is nice to see some screen on the sides but minimizing the edge display makes it easier for screen replacements or to avoid accidental touches. For protection, we get Gorilla Glass 6 and a pre-installed screen protector.

To describe the Galaxy S20’s overall designed a premium feel is already given. It feels the same to hold compared to the S10 except for the flatter display, its seamless, and adding a case still wouldn’t make it feel big. So, the Samsung Galaxy S20 features a 6.2 inch dynamic AMOLED 2.0 display with a maximum resolution of 3200 by 1440. A resolution can be decreased in the settings to full HD and HD plus if you want to save more battery life. You can also tweak the screen color between vivid or natural, it can get vibrant, sharp, and dynamic when you use vivid.

Now, you probably already heard that the S20 also has a 120 Hertz display option which is excellent, animations work smoothly than ever and it looks neat when playing games. However, taking advantage of the 120 Hertz will only limit the screen resolution to HD plus. We noticed that the phone can get hot if we continuously use this refresh rate, so make sure that the device’s display is in an optimized state or just tone down the refresh rate to 60 Hertz if you’ll be using it for a lot of multitasking jobs for a day. Using a 4k display on the S20 can also result in minimal overheating. We get slim bezels all around and we didn’t find much of a bother when watching videos, YouTube videos can take up the whole screen when you zoom in, while sadly for Netflix you can’t get the whole screen experience since a black bar will stretch on the notch area to give a border.

samsung galaxy S20


Samsung Galaxy S10

One of the biggest considerations people have in going with sort of last year’s phones is of course the performance but I think especially over the last couple of years, this just shouldn’t be a concern any longer. At one point, we did see huge improvements to specs in performance year over a year, we just aren’t seeing that any longer and that means that going with last year’s phone doesn’t mean you’re getting significantly worse performance.

The S10 packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, Adreno 640 GPU, and eight GB of RAM, there isn’t a thing here that’s underpowered or outdated even by 2020 standards. Using this phone for everyday stuff that certainly shows, obviously you’ve got the latest Android 10 update with one UI 2 as well. So, everything feels a little fresher and I think Android 10 didn’t make this phone a bit quicker as well, and you have to keep in mind that year over year, the performance upgrades now are just getting less and less significant. So, to put things into perspective the S20 may cost 800 or 900 dollars. You’re not getting a phone that’s twice as fast but for twice the price. The S10 can still keep up and perform even if you need to push it even harder and I think looking ahead, this is a phone that still has three or four more years of life left and at least as a long-term investment, especially this is a device that offers incredible value. It doesn’t feel sluggish or dated today and I don’t think it’s gonna feel that way anytime soon.

Underneath the display, you have that fingerprint reader. Now, I think with the S10, Samsung did a good job introducing this feature to its flagship line. It’s probably 90% as good as the S20 or other Android phones right now and I don’t have too many complaints using it but I also combine it with face unlock so either way, I can get into the phone easily and quickly. The latest in-display fingerprint readers are better, especially on the S20 but the setup is still solid.

As far as little extra features and things, this phone isn’t missing much. You’ve still got the headphone jack down below which I know some people really value. For an out loud listening experience, the dual stereo speakers are pretty solid too, especially if you’re coming from something like a budget or mid-range device without stereo speakers, I think you will really notice a difference. The S10 is IP68 water and dust resistant as well, some showers splashes from the sink or getting spilled on it, there’s nothing so far that’s caused this phone any issues. You’re also all set with expandable storage as well, even though I think 128 GB has built-in UFS 2.1 storage is good enough already. The thing that’s great about the S10, I think is just the fact that this is a phone that Samsung and didn’t compromise on. So, it’s really a pretty complete package from top to bottom.

Samsung Galaxy S20

The under-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner makes a return here. Located on the right are all its buttons, that’s a power button and a volume rocker, there’s no Bigsby button here, however, the power trigger can act like one if you long-press it. If you don’t want it, then you can simply disable it in the settings as well as add other controls like double click to ought to open an app. Overall, the buttons are easy to reach, tactile, and clicky even for small hands. The left side is bare while on top are a secondary microphone and a hybrid SIM tray whose microSD slot is expandable up to one terabyte. At the bottom is its primary mic, type-c port, and loudspeaker, it’s already expected that there won’t be any headphone jack onboard but it’s still a bummer. Either way, the package comes with a Type- C sound by AKG earphones to compensate. Just like its other models, it also has IP68 dust and water resistance and it can withstand up to 1.5 liters in 30 minutes.

As for audio, expect an immersive experience as sound not only comes from the downward-firing speaker but also from its earpiece. The combination of the two speakers is excellent with good clarity and balance. It’s loud enough to be heard in a medium-sized room and overall, it doesn’t disappoint. What’s disappointing though is the lack of a headphone jack. As Samsung is fastly directing to a wireless experience, it can still be a hassle not to have an option for wired headsets. The package includes type-c AKG earphones and it’s Dolby Atmos works well with true wireless headsets.

Running the software is Samsung’s One UI 2.0 based on Android 10. Honestly, there’s not a lot of significant differences in this refurbished version as we still get the same clean and user-friendly interface that complements its vivid display. It comes with several pre-installed apps which include those from Samsung, Google, and Microsoft, we don’t mind these apps as they’re essential while others are there for productivity purposes. You won’t miss Bixby Samsung’s AI assistant, while other nifty features include edge lighting for notifications, one-handed usage, edge panel shortcut, and dark mode. There’s also keep open for quick launching feature that allows you to lock apparently only one app to keep open at all times to save time when syncing, I find it useful but hopefully Samsung can accommodate more apps for this in a software update.

The S20 comes with 128 gigabytes of internal storage and it’s expandable via microSD card up to one terabyte, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Under the hood, the S20 comes with a high-end Samsung excellence 990 complemented with either 8 gigabytes or 12 gigabytes of RAM. This is absolutely quick and it can practically handle anything you throw at it without any stutters. Playing heavy games can be buttery smooth but just be cautious as we did experience some overheating, especially under 120 Hertz or 4k settings. We highly recommend slapping a case on it, since its metallic size can get alarming hot at times.

Some of the common features the S20 gets from the S10 is security. You can unlock the phone through Samsung’s facial recognition and an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner under the display. It’s quick, nothing pretty much changed about it and we have no complaints about that. One new thing is its built-in anti-malware that’s powered by McAfee, it allows users to scan their devices natively for malware or suspicious activity for free. You can find this in the settings under device care. The S20 series is known to be 5G ready devices, unfortunately, Samsung won’t be offering that in the Philippines. So, connectivity features include an LTE, hybrid dual SIM support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, and NFC.

Samsung Galaxy s10


Samsung Galaxy S10

When considering the cameras, I think there are a few different ways to look at it. We do have the triple lenses just in general is a great setup. There’s the 12-megapixel variable aperture main lens, a 12-megapixel telephoto lens, and a 16 megapixel ultra-wide, this is in my opinion the trifecta, the only three lenses you really need to take any kinds of pictures or videos you could want. There are two types of optical zoom, super sturdy video, and all the kind of fun extras and features and shooting modes that you can ask for.

Pictures and videos look pretty great from this phone and while they maybe weren’t the absolute best from 2019 considering all the other smartphones out there, this was still a top 5 device. With all that being said though, camera tech is the thing that seems to be changing most year over a year now and the upgrades to the S20, especially looking at the S20 Ultra might entice some of you in that direction realistically though for a vast majority of people. This phone will take the perfect pictures for your needs if you simply want to just capture those special moments with one tap of a button and furthermore, even for people who are super into pictures and videos. I’m not confident that going with the S20 will yield significantly better results that absolutely justify the price.

Upfront, you’ll see the front-facing selfie camera is good enough for most occasions but something Samsung could have done better. The 10-megapixel lens has all the capabilities even 4k video recording but other phones do selfies better. everything else about this phone far exceeds my expectations of this price point anyway.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Such major design upgrades are in the cameras literally and on paper. You won’t miss its vertically aligned rear cameras placed in a rectangular bump together with the LED flash in a rear microphone which is something new but smart.

Now, one of the highlights of the Galaxy S20 is its cameras. It’s loaded with a triple rear camera setup composer for 12 megapixels main, 12 megapixels ultra-wide, and a 64-megapixel telephoto. For selfies on its front camera resides a 10-megapixel shooter. When it comes to features besides the 64-megapixel quality, you get extra quirks like 4k and 8k video recording, space zoom up to 30 times, super-resolution zoom, AR zone, hyper-lapse, super slow-mode, pro video, single take, and an option to save photos in RAW. Quality-wise, the photos themselves come out too rich in colors and sharp even if you’re not using the 64-megapixel mode. We get great details however, some scenarios may seem shadowy. The dynamic range is phenomenal, especially in well-lit situations and I found the ultra-wide-angle lens useful in most cases. We feel it should be a standard in flagship smartphones moving forward.

Samsung claims that the sensor size for enhanced night shots and in our experience using night mode does show significant improvements in the photos as details and brightness without looking too grainy or washed out. You can even use night mode and still zoom at 30 times. Speaking of 30 times zoom, you won’t find any 100 times zoom on to S20 if that’s reserved for the S20 Ultra. Nonetheless, a max of 30 times zoom still works well and we appreciate how Samsung’s new camera interface allows you to see where your camera is focused on a small screen. We get almost the same sharpness and bright vivid photos from the front camera with some interesting depth of field effect.

Samsung’s new feature single take wherein the users can take short eight-second videos and immediately with AI, it will give it suggested best part photos. So, you can still enjoy the moments. It even edits the shots, however, expect quality, not at its best. It’s good enough to be useful when going to advance our dream bond sometimes. When it comes to videos, you can shoot up to 8K with the rear cameras but that will limit to only 24 frames per second. Either way, this is something rare for a smartphone to have today, and having it can be handy if you intend to capture high-quality videos and still be able to crop in post. You can even pull 33-megapixel stills right out of the 8K videos which are great but for now, I always find myself sticking with 4k up to 60 frames per second since it can save more space to still provide fantastic quality.

Honestly, the 8K can overheat the phone but if you want study videos, the super study feature is strictly available for 1080p only. Overall, the cameras have improved from its predecessors but we cannot say it’s the best. Using the camera app itself can be a hit or miss, so make sure to take multiple shots and some photos can end up looking blurry, other than that, I’m pretty sure you’ll quickly get used to its interface.


Samsung Galaxy S10

Powering this phone is a 3400 milliamp battery and having experienced this phone for a significant amount of time now, battery life has just not been a concern. I can get more than nine hours of screen on time in a single day if I need to and paired with wireless charging or a fast charge plug, there’s never really a worry. I think Samsung has done a good job optimizing their phones power output in recent years and even looking back over years’ use, this phone at least hasn’t seen any battery degradation so far or capacity issues either. It’s about as good as the day it came out.

Samsung Galaxy S20

Keeping this phone running is a 4000 milliamp-hour battery with 25-watt fast charging, 15-watt wireless charging, and wireless power share support. 4000 milliamp-hour is a significant improvement over the essence 3400 milliamp-hour cell and for the consumption, its display takes up it’s worth besides.

Using a battery test with 120 Hertz turned on, we managed to get 11 hours on a single full charge. Meanwhile, in our standard video loop test and display settings on 60 Hertz, we got a solid 14 hours and 3o minutes. If you’re not the type who’s always on your phone or only use it for casual calls texts and social media browsing, then the S20 can last you a whole day. However, if you’re a power user and you play a lot of games and you might need to charge the phone about two to three times a day, don’t worry though as charging comes quickly with its fast charger. It takes less than an hour to charge it from 10 percent to 100.



The Galaxy S10 is a device that well exceeds what you’re paying for from the design and builds to the display, the internal specs, and performance, this phone doesn’t lack anything at all. It is absolutely a flagship phone in every sense of the word and you can get something that looks as good and performs almost as well as the thousand-dollar devices of 2020 for less than half the price in this case. On the other hand, in S20 you get the same beastly performance found in the S20 Plus and Ultra, the same quality of photos and videos, and of course the same outstanding display. So, if you’re new to Samsung’s flagships then the Galaxy S20 is a good starting point and if you enjoyed last year’s S10 series experience, then you’ll appreciate the S20 too. The Samsung Galaxy S20 has the right amount of exceptional features you can find in a flagship.

After all, you just have to decide which one you should buy considering your budget. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is a little bit old but it’s worth for even coming years which comes at half the price of the Galaxy S20. Otherwise, if you have $1000 to spend on a phone then definitely S20 is the best one.

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