Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: Which One is Better?

Whereas the Fossil Gen 6 is a great smartwatch as well, of course, you have a customizable watch face on this one but also different battery modes. So, today we will take a look at what these two watches have in common some features that you’re only going to find on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, some that you’re only going to find on the Fossil Gen 6, and a lot more so without further a do let’s get right to it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Fossil Gen 6
✔️Competitive price
✔️Slim, lightweight design
✔️Not quite as locked in to Samsung’s ecosystem
✔️Stronger, scratch-resistant screen
✔️Sleek design
✔️Fast speeds and smooth navigation
✔️Great display
❌Temperature data unavailable at launch
❌Lacks outdoor-specific features of Pro model
❌Upgrades are incredibly minor
❌Short battery life
❌Wear OS 3 not coming until 2022
❌Little changed from predecessor

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: Specs

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Fossil Gen 6
Display1.2-inch or 1.4-inch Super AMOLED1.3-inch AMOLED
SensorsHRM, BioActive sensor, electrocardiogram (ECG), accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic, barometer, ambient light sensorHRM, accelerometer, altimeter, compass, gyroscope, off-body IR, SpO2, ambient light sensor
Battery life40 hours24 hours
Water-resistance5ATM+ IP68 / MIL-STD-810G3ATM
ProcessorExynos W920 (5nm)Snapdragon Wear 4100+
Storage1.5GB RAM / 16GB storage1GB RAM / 8GB Storage
Case sizes40mm / 44mm42mm / 44mm
Optional LTE✔️
Onboard GPS✔️✔️
Mobile payments✔️✔️
Wear OS 3✔️✔️

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: Battery Life

First, let’s talk about battery life. These two watches have roughly the same battery life, so when the always-on display is turned on and the brightness is set to maximum, they both last for about 24 hours.Although both watches have a battery-saving mode, I still receive the usual number of notifications and I did work out for an hour with the GPS turned on. Only the Fossil Gen 6 offers an additional three battery modes to help you extend your battery life.

  1. The first mode is the daily mode, which has all the features enabled and lets you use your watch to its fullest but only for one day.
  2. Additionally, you have an extended mode that will disable a number of features so that you can extend your time by a few days. In order to extend the life of your battery, you can choose which watch features you need and which you don’t need by switching between the watch only mode, which is essentially self-explanatory, and this custom mode.
  3. When the battery is down to 10%, the watch will automatically switch to the extended mode.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: Heath Features

The next important feature on my list is the health features, and the Fossil Gen 6 has every standard feature you’ll find in any smartwatch, including:

  • A heart rate monitor that is always on.
  • A sleep tracker that records both light and deep sleep.
  • Additionally, your waking hours, and that’s pretty much it. And a SPO2 tracker that only records data when requested.

The Galaxy Watch 5 has significantly more features. This one tracks throughout the night in addition to having:

  • The heart rate sleep
  • All-day stress tracker
  • Blood pressure
  • ECG functions
  • SPO2 trackers
  • Body composition information.

I have to admit that taking your blood pressure is a little awkward because you first need to purchase a real blood pressure strap to wear on your arm before you can calibrate your watch. However, the body composition feature is special.

After placing your fingers on the two buttons for 30 seconds, you can see statistics like your body fat beam R or beam I or your fat mass. In this regard, the Galaxy Watch 5 is much superior.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: GPS Test

The building GPS in these two watches now differs greatly from one another. I don’t want to say that the Fossil Gen 6 has a little GPS because it doesn’t exist. The only thing you can see on the map are some rough lines from your starting point to your destination, and even that always works. Even watches that cost half as much as others I’ve seen perform better.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is a completely different story. To start, you can see all the fairly accurate GPS lines. It occasionally takes shortcuts, and it is excellent if you’re in an open area.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Features

Next, we’ll discuss some features exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. First, we’ll discuss the remote camera shutter, which allows you to take selfies and set a 3-second timer. However, you can also record videos, and your watch will copy any settings you set on your phone, such as night mode.

The skin temperature sensor on this watch is also present, though it isn’t yet operational. Another cool feature of this watch is that it will automatically copy any changes you make to the DND or bedtime modes on your smartphone, so you don’t have to make them twice.

Now i got three more important facts about this watch.

  1. The Fossil Gen 6 watch, on the other hand, is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, but we’ll get to that in a moment.
  2. You can choose between the Google and the Bixby voice assistants; I personally prefer the Google option because it allows me to set timers, perform calculations, and begin navigation using Google Maps.
  3. Additionally, there are a tonne of gesture controls available. Find the advanced features in your settings, then scroll down until you find the gestures. There are three different ones right here; by moving your arm up and down, you can answer calls; by twisting your wrist, you can end calls and alerts; and by knocking back and forth, you can open apps.

Fossil Gen 6 Features


The Fossil Gen 6 watch, which I mentioned earlier, has three different battery modes and is compatible with iOS and Android smartphones. I’m currently testing it with my 13-inch iPhone, which functions perfectly.On the Fossil Gen 6, you can ask virtually any question, begin a workout, or even make calls using the Google Voice assistant, which is available along with the Alexa Voice assistant, which is currently unavailable.

There are gesture controls, but they differ slightly from the others. First, you can shake your hand briefly to return to your home screen or flick your wrist inward or outward to scroll down or up on your messages or notifications.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: Notifications

As you may already be aware, you can reply to all your notifications, whether from WhatsApp, emails, Facebook, Instagram, or anything else. Therefore, you have a few options for responding:

  • Sending an emoji
  • Typing your own text
  • Variety of quick reply options
  • Speaking to your watch to let it narrate

There is only one small difference now because the watch 5 does not dictate what you will say. Instead, it sends a voice message, which is much better than voice detection.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: Buttons

You can customize the buttons on both watches. On the Galaxy Watch 5, if you hold down the upper button for a long time, you will be taken to the voice assistant. You will be taken directly to your recently closed apps if you double-tap it. The lower button takes you to Samsung Pay, but you can always change that in the settings.

There are only three physical buttons on the Fossil Gen 6, which are quite similar. You can access your voice assistant by holding down the middle button for a long time. The upper and lower buttons can be customized and connected to any watch app.The armrest cards, which let you accept or reject incoming cards, talk to your friends directly on your watch, or even stock cars from your wrist, are another cool feature they all share.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: Watch Faces

Alright, as well as the customizable watch faces, the Fossil Gen 6 may not has as many watches faces as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, but they are still customizable. So you can change the hands of the dial background colors and the complications that you have on the watch as you can switch from having your battery life on the screen to your phone feature or your weather app. Plus, you can interact with every single one of these and use them as a shortcut to the actual app.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 vs Fossil Gen 6: Price & Conclusion

Alright! These watches are completely different in terms of price. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 starts at $300 for the basic model, which is also the one I own, but it goes up to $520 for the 45 mm pro version.

The Fossil Gen 6 is now almost a year old and depending on where you buy it or if you can find a better deal, you can purchase it for between $230 and $250. The price difference significantly depends on what you want and what you’re looking for.

So overall, the Fossil Gen 6 is still a very good watch for a little bit less money. The only real drawbacks are a subpar GPS and fewer health features. The Fossil Gen 6 now has almost all the additional features you will discover.

The Samsung Galaxy watch 5 also has features like notifications and reply options with various battery mode options. It also has the same battery life, if not slightly better, and costs $50 less. The Galaxy Watch 5 is, of course, the better smartwatch. This one costs a little bit more because it has a few extra activity tracking features, better functionality, and more watch faces.

The Fossil Gen 6 is the best option if you don’t need the GPS and all the health features, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is the best option if you have extra cash to spare and want the best Android smartwatch currently on the market. It all depends on what features you need from a smartwatch.