Showing your personality through fashion

Clothing is not just functional: it is also a great communicator of who you are. How you dress reveals your identity, expressing your tastes, how you feel about yourself, and your outlook on the world.

Showing your personality through fashion is therefore a tool for empowerment. It will help you to feel confident in challenging situations, strengthen your self-esteem, and attract like-minded people. Discover how to celebrate your individual character in the outfits your wear.

Finding your personal style

Each one of us is utterly unique. Finding your personal style rather than having a one-size-fits-all approach to fashion is therefore essential when it comes to dressing to express yourself.  

Analyse your wardrobe

Begin by analysing your wardrobe. Identify items that make you feel good about yourself and try to find connections between the pieces. For example, you may favour a particular silhouette or fabric, or be drawn to certain period styles. Repeat the practice with clothes that you find unappealing, too. 

Understanding your likes and dislikes is the foundation of establishing your personal style.

Know your body shape

The next step is making sure you know your body shape and how to show it to its best advantage. Wearing flattering, well-fitting clothes is key to presenting your personality through fashion because it demonstrates a pride in who you are.

Research common body shapes and how to dress for your body shape to find the styles that should be in your wardrobe – and which should be avoided. 

Forget about trends

Fashion is reimagined every season, so forget about trends and just collate the looks that you love. Ignoring what is ‘in’ and ‘out’ leaves you totally free to express yourself in any way you choose. 

Dressing to impress

Once you have your personal style, look into dressing to impress. After all, the key to showing your personality though fashion is to catch people’s eye.

Prioritise accessories

When you are creating your new looks, prioritise accessories. These adornments have a surprising amount of impact in the overall outfit. 

Accessories that you wear daily should show what makes you tick, such as an engagement ring with your favourite gemstone or a watch with features that fit your lifestyle. With your other jewellery, go wild! Be playful with rainbow beads, sophisticated with diamonds, or striking with statement pieces. 

Have fun with prints

Fashion is meant to be fun. Don’t worry too much about co-ordinating patterns and fabrics and just wear what feels right for you. The prints you are drawn to will automatically express your personality.

Embrace femininity with florals, be serious with stripes, or use tie dye to signpost a rebellious streak. 

The power of colour

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of colour. Your favourite colours have the power to evoke emotion in yourself and others, and can be symbolic of key aspects of your character. 

For example, red can stimulate desire and represents adventure and drive. At the other end of the spectrum, blue and green inspire serenity and suggest quiet confidence and professionalism. Keen to showcase your creative side? Stick to sunshine yellow and rich orange.