Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Vs Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT: Which one is good in sound?

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Both the headphones are from a good and decent company. The price range of these headphones may bit vary. The design and comfort and also the sound of both the headphones are very different and both are good.

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Skullcandy Crusher WirelessSennheiser HD 4.40-BT
Solid “basic” sound.
Great battery life.
Good wireless reliability.
Excellent build quality.
Ease of pairing.
Long battery life.
Forgiving sound signature.
Easy to drive in wired mode (though it will benefit from amping).
Haptic bass feature is rubbish.
Sound a little unrefined.
Ear cups were too small for me. Vocals sound a little wonky.
Cable from hell.
Headband is too “twistable”.
Headband height adjustment not clicky enough.


Headphones Form FactorFull sizeOver-Ear (Circumaural)
Headphone TechnologyWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Frequency Response20Hz–20KHz18 Hz to 22 kHz
Sensitivity113 dB at 1 kHz / 1 Vrms
Impedance33 Ohm18 Ohms
Diaphragm1.6 in
Microphone Technology
Response Bandwidth100 Hz to 10 kHz
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, volume
ControlsVolume, answer/end, next/previous track
Weight9.7 oz7.9 oz
Battery Life40 hour(s)25 hours
FeaturesBass without boundries.

Your favorite bass experience now with Bluetooth functionality.

Delivers our notorious and celebrated bass Immersion Tech with an upgrade in aesthetics, audio quality, and wireless functionality for a one-of-a-kind media experience that goes wherever you do.

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Detail Review:


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

The design of the headphone, comfort level, and sound quality and everything is nice and worth the price of the headphone. This one is a budget-friendly headphone where you can also get the wireless feature.

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT

There are lots of features in this headphone and the price is also about $150. The sound quality is also very nice and good for the price. The build quality and the comfort level and everything in physical are nice in this headphone. 

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

It feels like it’s made from really good plastic. It kind of reminds me of the plastic that they used to make an Xbox controller with and to be honest, they both have the same type of weight. This is made from really good plastic that can at least absorb shock.

One thing I did notice too, I believe it was the right ear, it tends to collapse very easily which I didn’t notice before. The left ear doesn’t do it as much, so I don’t know if that came from the fall or from me constantly folding it and unfallen it. In durability, I think it’s pretty good.

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT

The headphones are made entirely of plastic but they feel solid and well built. They’re lightweight but feel durable and there’s no creaking in the plastic. There’s the Sennheiser name on the top of the headband and on the inside it’s lined with rubber with a small amount of padding, that’s okay though because these feel really lightweight and put very little pressure on the top of your head.

There are Sennheiser logos on each side of the headband which is adjustable with clicks in each position and they can fold up too which is great if you plan to take these with you.

sennheiser hd 4.40 bt (1)


Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

If you look at the in a top part of the headphones, you’ll find this nice cushion area here which kind of feels like it was made with nylon. If you’re wearing this for an hour plus, you will start to feel a little bit of pressure on your ears, not uncomfortable pressure. I do find myself throughout the workout adjusting it, so it doesn’t feel too tight but it does clasp really good on your ears, no matter how you move it will stay in place. This will definitely stay in place, so the clasping nature of this is pretty good and it will stay in place.

The plush cushions of earpads do a decent job from protecting the outside noise and to notice, this one doesn’t have any active noise canceling features but the earpads do a good job. 

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT

The ear cups are covered in matte plastic that is a nice feel but they do show oils from your skin not as bad as gloss plastic but you will notice some smudges. The ear cups pivot up and down and will swivel left and the 4.30 headphone’s ear cups are pretty big and I can see them out of the corner of my eye, these also use the same leather at earpads as the 4.30 which are extremely soft and comfortable but I’m not a fan of the narrow oval shape.

There’s a ton of padding and they’re very deep, so the drivers don’t press up against my ears but if you have larger ears, then they fit very snug and can get pretty warm. The extra cushioning and snug fit does block a lot of outside noise though, I like that these make a nice seal around your ears. One thing I noticed with the ear pads those how much oil they show, that’s not something I see on other headphones. The earpads are replaceable though which is nice.

Clamping force seems to be just right on these making a good seal and staying secure without putting too much pressure on my head. These are very comfortable to wear for hours but they do get a little warm after a while.

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

There are a lot of nice features is in this headphone. If you pay attention to your phone when you connect it through Bluetooth, it will tell you at the bottom of your phone screen how much battery life is left so that’s pretty cool, it’s the most high-tech headphones I’ve ever had. There’s also a voice on the inside that lets you know when you turn it on that the powers on and also when you turn it off that the powers off, so that’s pretty cool.

It doesn’t come with a hard case for traveling purposes. So, if you’re on a plane or a train or the bus and you want to keep it in a safe place and I believe it just came in like a little bag which doesn’t give it much protection, so just keep that in mind that there is no hard case that comes with this to protect it.

When we come to the price this one costs you around $90 and some other special edition of this one costs you around $300. The only difference which I can see between them is this one has the knob buttons to operate it but that one has the touch feature instead of buttons. I think you get the same bass from both and this is out of much more budget-friendly and an affordable price.

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT

In the box besides the headphones, you get an audio cable to use these as wired headphones, it has a 2.5-millimeter plug on the headphone end and a standard 3.5-millimeter plug on the other. You can turn and lock the audio cable to keep it from getting unplugged. The audio cable doesn’t have an inline mic or control, so when these are plugged in they function just like normal headphones. You also get a micro USB cable to charge, some documentation, and a fabric travel pouch.

All the controls are on the right ear cup. From the left, you have an LED indicator for power and pairing. There are also voice prompts when you power them on and make a connection and the female voice will also tell you when the battery’s getting low. Next to that is the power button then the multifunction button, you can press it into play-pause-answer-end a call or hold it down for 2 seconds to bring up Siri or Google. You can also slide it to fast-forward or go back a track and if you slide and hold you can also fast forward or rewind.

Then, there’s your volume headphone jack, micro USB port to charge, and mic. There are actually two mics, one under the cup and then the one in the outside of the right ear cup. The mic sounds great for voice calls, the caller on the other end couldn’t tell I was using headphones and you can hear your voice playback as well, so you won’t be talking too loudly.

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

Another thing that falls under the durability category would be battery life. Now, the package says that when you fully charge it, it can last up to 40 hours but I’ve gone a couple of days and probably been gone a whole week without it being charged and it still works. I’ve had experience with wireless headphones in the past that you had to charge and the sound starts to crack to let you know that the battery the battery’s dying, I haven’t heard that yet with this one.

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT

There’s NFC on the left ear cup for quick pairing. So, if you have an NFC enabled device, just tap it to the logo and it will quickly pair. Otherwise, pairing through Bluetooth is quick. You can pair two devices at once, so I was able to have my tablet and phone connected at the same time and play music from each without having to pair or unpair. Bluetooth performance is great too, I was easily able to get a solid connection from one end of my house to the other and it only dropped out when I walked outside past 50 feet. These also have aptX, so if you have a compatible device you’ll get the best quality connection. I found these to sound great whether plugged in or Wireless.

The battery life here is great as well, you’ll get up to 25 hours. It’s not as good as the 40 hours you’ll get with the Skullcandy crusher wireless or the beats solo 3 but it’s still better than most of the competition.

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless

The sound quality of the headphone is definitely good for this price. The bass level of the headphone is very high and the slider gives you more and more bass level and gives the great vibration which you never hear on any other headphones. This overdose of bass sound sometimes messes up the other type of sounds and distorts the vocals and also, the low-frequency sound will just take on an unpleasant hum sound.

Even the persons who like the bass sound more, they will not use the bass slider more than a half because, on full slide up, you can only hear the bass sounds. I tested this one with the slider off or down, then also it gives a great experience of sound and details in the sound. I think this type of sound will be more than enough for the general listeners.

Sennheiser HD 4.40-BT

Just like the wired version of these headphones, these have a warm sound with some extra weight on the low end. The bass is emphasized here but it’s not overpowering and it gives a good balance with punchy kick drums. These don’t give you the crazy amount of bass that you can get with the skull candy crusher Wireless or the Sony MDR XB 950 BT but to me, these give just enough of a bump in the low end to satisfy bass lovers but not take over completely.

These have strong mids as well, they’re rich in clean, and vocals have a good amount of presence. The highs are detailed and clear but they aren’t as bright as I personally like but they sound good at full blast and they don’t get harsh. These have a nice wide soundstage too with good stereo separation. They sound great for a wide range of music whether listening to bass-heavy tracks or not and these sound great for movies too. The bass gets deep without distorting or drowning out the dialogue. I really like the way they sound, they have an accurate sound overall with rich bass that seems to be just the right amount for me, and again, you can get wireless headphones that have more bass but these are still really fun to listen to.

Sennheiser-HD-4.40-BT (1)


If you want a perfect pair of headphones, none of these headphones will include in it because both these are for bass lovers. But, I will recommend the Sennheiser 4.40 BT. I feel the Sennheiser 4.40 is better than the Skullcandy crusher wireless because Sennheiser blocks the outside noise and leaks out the less sound compared to the Skullcandy crusher. The overall performance and many other features are better than the Crusher wireless. But, if you love the bass-heavy headphones and if your budget is very tight, you should purchase the Skullcandy crusher wireless.