Stylish Outdoor Cooking Accessories For Modern Homeowners

In recent years, outdoor cooking has rapidly grown in popularity, with more and more homeowners choosing to transform their outdoor space into a haven for all things good food. Often, this involves creating an outdoor kitchen area that makes the perfect space for entertainment. If you’ve recently built one or are considering an outdoor kitchen installation, you might be seeking inspiration for the best accessories that you can include to complement your new home addition. In this guide, we’ll be discussing some of the most stylish outdoor cooking accessories, from pizza ovens to BBQs, that will help you to create the perfect entertainment setup. 

Drinks Cooler

If you regularly have guests over, then a drinks cooler is a must-have for your outdoor space. The perfect addition to any kitchen area, a cooler will keep your drinks ice cold and fresher for longer. All you need to do is add ice at the start of your event, and then you can stay outdoors without running back and forth to the refrigerator!

Drinks coolers come in a range of designs that will suit any personality and existing décor, so you’re certain to find one that complements the rest of your kitchen. 

Pizza Oven

For an exceptional outdoor entertainment setup, you absolutely need an outdoor pizza oven. Everyone loves pizza, and if you’re planning to host guests or use your yard for birthday parties or holiday celebrations then having something to cook fresh, tasty pizza from scratch is a must. 

When you’re searching for a pizza oven for your outdoor space, you should look for a model that is portable and lightweight, while still offering top of the range features, such as a large cooking space. Ooni pizza ovens are the best in class for this, and you can choose from a number of different models depending on your requirements, including the gas powered OoniKoda 16.

BBQ Grill

Next up on the list of outdoor cooking must-haves is a BBQ grill. A staple in any home, a grill lets you host friends and family for a cookout, but it’s important to find the right one for your home. Depending on what you’re looking for, there’s a huge range of grills available designed for different cooking styles and offering different functionality, so doing some research on how to choose a grill is important. 

Once you’ve found the perfect grill, there are a number of additional accessories that can further enhance your setup. 

Smoker Box 

If you’re a fan of smoked meats, but you’ve gone for a standard grill, then adding a smoker box to your existing setup can transform your cookouts. You can add wood chips to a smoker box under the food, and vents allow the smoke to catch the meats for a rich flavor. What’s more, smoker boxes come in a range of materials that are stain-free and long-lasting, particularly if you go for a cast iron model. 

Grill Basket

A high-quality grill basket can seriously elevate the look of your grill and is perfect for crisping veggies or bacon, as well as catching those accidental drops after an uncoordinated burger flip! Grill baskets keep your food safe and can be designed with perforated walls to optimize the heat transfer between foods. When shopping for a grill basket, look for a stainless-steel option that is lightweight with a removeable handle. 

Locking Grill Tongs Set

No matter how upscale your outdoor kitchen looks, the wrong grill tongs can put a serious dampener on its appearance, so finding the right set is vital to the overall look. Grill tongs often hang at the side of the grill, so a set that looks the part will elevate the appearance of your outdoor space and show your guests that you’re serious about cooking. You can find a range of modern grill sets to suit any theme or design style, so try to find one that matches your pizza oven and other accessories! 

Grill Cleaning Set 

Once the party’s over, it’s time to clean up, and having the right grill cleaning set will make a big difference to the time this takes as well as the finished result. Try to find a wire cleaning brush that can help keep your grill grease and grime free, as this will not only make your outdoor cooking area look polished, but also extend the life of your appliances. A rust-resistant model can be kept outside, so prioritize one of these wherever you can. 

Creating the perfect outdoor space for cooking can be a lengthy process, and one that might see you replacing different items time and time again if you don’t choose the right products from the very start. By planning your space in advance, you can find the perfect pizza oven, grill and BBQ accessories that will come together to form an exceptional space perfect for entertaining your guests or relaxing with the family.