The Perfect Resort in Phoenixville, PA: How to Design an Amazing Retreat

Phoenixville, PA, is a quaint town in the Philadelphia metropolitan area, home to a little over 19,000 people. Its bucolic surroundings and convenient distance from one of Pennsylvania’s largest cities make it a great choice for those seeking a little rest and relaxation close to home – and this means there’s a large market for retreats and resorts in the area. Land is relatively affordable, and there is a well-developed infrastructure for those who may need life’s necessities while relaxing in this small town’s achingly peaceful environs. 

If you’d like to develop a resort in Phoenixville, research and identify what consumers want when they step away from it all at a retreat. Working with an architect can ensure that your retreat is both safe and aesthetic, but first, you need to know what to ask for! Today, we’ll discuss some essential considerations for building a retreat near this sleepy PA town.

Think About Outdoor Leisure

While Pennsylvania can have very chilly winters, its summers are warm and mild, which means that those visiting your resort in the warmer months will want to soak up the pure, pine-scented air outside of Phoenixville. As such, you need a gathering place where guests can relax and socialize with one another, especially if you are planning to advertise your facilities for group retreats.

A pool or hot tub are great options, but you might also want to explore timber frame pavilions, which can serve as a hub for outdoor prayer sessions, group exercise, or just socializing amongst guests. This way, your visitors will be able to appreciate the ambiance of this pastoral Pennsylvania region without worrying about sunburn or rainstorms; you can accent it with benches, loungers, or chairs and tables, depending on its intended purpose. Create an outdoor dining area with picnic tables or set up benches so that visitors can attend lectures from their hosts: the possibilities are endless!

Where you situate your pavilion is important; you can install one near French doors by the inside dining area to let guests wander out after breakfast, then place one a bit further away for more seclusion when guests are attending sessions or just want a bit of alone time. This will allow your customers to select what they’re comfortable with and enable your resort to be used for multiple purposes depending on who is visiting. 

Focus on Accessibility

Retreats are also beholden to the Americans with Disabilities Act, just like hotels and motels, which means you need to fully understand your obligations to your guests. This can include elevators if you have more than one floor, doors large enough to accommodate wheelchairs, and bathroom shower bars to prevent slip-and-fall accidents. It’s a good idea to have a consultant join you during the planning process to ensure everything is up to standard, as this will both help your guests feel comfortable and protect you from lawsuits.

However, there are also ways that you can go above and beyond the ADA to help your guests feel comfortable. For example, you might have shower chairs available upon request, making it easier for senior visitors or those with disabilities to bathe themselves without assistance. Sensory kits, which can include earplugs and sleep masks, are both inexpensive and a great way to affirm your commitment to making every visitor feel welcome, no matter their abilities. 

Incorporate Local Materials

When guests come to a retreat, they want to really get a sense of the place they’re in rather than feeling like they’re in a cut-and-paste resort that might be anywhere in the world. You can do this by using local materials throughout the resort. For example, you may choose locally mined dolomite as flooring, then select the local Norway oak for doors, timbers, and furniture. Having local artisans build your furnishings not only stimulates the economy but also offers a touch of authenticity to your resort that makes it unique. 

Your decor should also reflect Phoenixville’s culture. There are several Amish quilt manufacturers in the area that would love to get bulk orders for cozy blankets; you might also partner with nearby artisans to craft one-of-a-kind sculptures or paintings to accent the space. As Phoenixville was previously known for its ironworks, iron-wrought balustrades, door handles, and door pegs can be a slight nod to its unique history without feeling overembellished.


When building a resort in this small, peaceful town, you must consider comfort, camaraderie, accessibility, and beauty. Providing ample spaces for visitors to mingle, going above and beyond for disabled customers, and ensuring your resort reflects the local environment will all create an unforgettable experience for guests, who will then spread the good word of your impeccable hospitality to friends and family.