Top 10 Statues Caught Moving

We see many statues in our life, all of them will never move but these statues were caught moving. These are some statues which caught moving.

The Moving Women

When we say moving statues, we’re not talking about those people who paint themselves gold or silver and stand around in central London expecting you to pay them because they’re really good at doing nothing. We’re talking about statues that seem to spring to life, even if it’s small subtle and creepy ways.

In this spinning view of a statue of a woman, everything seems normal at first but depending on the angle you look at her from it seems the statue can subtly shift. Pay close attention, you can spot her movements. Most notably, pay close attention to the eyes. Some people are convinced her eyes briefly moved.

The Crones of The Catskills

In early 2016, a Reddit user by the name of wig hiker thay later identified by the far easier to pronounce name of Danny, posted a story to the R/paranormal subreddits that sent chills down the spines of all who read it. He claimed that a friend of his was being haunted by a malevolent spirit and after being driven insane by the spirits activities, they were turning to the subreddit in hope of getting answers.

The people of Reddit wanted to know more information so, Danny explained best he could. He and his friend had gone hiking into an area known as the Catskills and in one of the caves, stumbled upon a creepy little statue with nails for eyes and a noose around its neck. Danny’s friend was intrigued by the curious thing and took it home, this is what Danny had to say in his own words on Reddit about what happened next.

He continued “A couple days later my friend calls me and tells me that he thinks the statue is haunted because it keeps moving from its spot and keeps smelling weird stuff. He says he can’t sleep at night because banging keeps waking him up. Now, last night someone knocked on his door but no one was there when he opened it and he’s super weirded out. After much feedback from the R/paranormal subreddit, one of the users who owns a museum dedicated to all things paranormal. He offered to take the statue off Danny’s friends hands, I wouldn’t like to get locked in that place overnight. It would be like the r-rated version of night at the Museum. Hoping to catch the statue in action, the museum set up an overnight camera to see what they could ascertain and sure enough the statue seems to wiggle”.

Jesus’ Eyes

In New Mexico state of Coahuila – Zaragoza, a service was underway in a chapel so far so normal and perched at the front of the service, your typical Jesus on the cross statue but pay close attention to his eyes. Against all odds defying what we know of reality, the statue seems to open its eyes.

Buddha’s Eyes

Jesus is not the only godly figure whose statues are bursting to life or at least that’s what the natives of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia would have you believe. According to over a hundred eyewitnesses, several Buddhist statues at the Pu Xian service center became oddly animated during a Buddhist service. Witnesses said they first saw a Buddha statues lips move but from there they claimed his chest briefly moved as if it was breathing. To clarify, this is one of those Golden Buddha statues you see all over the place. Now imagine noticing one was breathing. Witnesses went on to add that several of the Buddha statues scattered around the center started regularly blinking.

An Egyptian God Spinning in His Grave

Manchester, best known as the home of the Beatles is also home to a pretty snazzy Museum and that museum is itself home to a small Egyptian statue but this seemingly innocuous little figure went stratospherically viral, in security footage caused something strange happening.

Despite being safely contained within a glass display box, this 4,000 year old tenant statue can be clearly seen gently pivoting through the day, what makes it most unsettling is that it had been in the museum for 80 years without ever behaving like this. Making it all the more unsettling is that the statue is Osiris, none other than the Egyptian god of the afterlife.

Jesus’ approval

This statue was part of a Catholic procession in Saltillo, Northeast Mexico and shortly before the procession gets away, he seems to gently lift his head before repositioning it. Did this really happen or is it a trick of the light and if it did what does Jesus nodding to?

Sai Baba

Sai Baba of Shirdi was an Indian spiritual master who was regarded by his devotees as a saint. A fakir, a Sat guru and an avatar of Lord Shiva and Dattatreya. He’s officially got more super powers. If anyone could possess their own statue from beyond the grave, it’d be this guy. According to accounts from his life, he preaches the importance of realization of the self and criticized love toward perishable things.

If the footage is to be believed, it seems he also isn’t fond of reefs. In the middle of the night, the statue seems to burst to life. After briefly shuffling, it tosses aside the small reef that has been wrapped around it. You’d think this would terrify his followers but far from it in fact, Sai Baba devotees who heard of the mysterious moving statue traveled from the world over just to get a glimpse of it.


Krishna is the name of the Hindu god of compassion. Tenderness and love and it seems like he wanted to spread his message of kindness further. In this footage, you can see plain as day as a small statue of Krishna seems to abruptly jolt its arms to the side. Most of the statue movements on this list are subtle and up for debate but there’s no denying the movement of that arm.

Snow White

Now, we turn our heads to something with an equally fanatical following the Church of Walt. A Mexican television show dedicated to tracking down all things paranormal visited an abandoned park full of dilapidated old Disney statues. Among them, this creepy snow-white statue, it’s already creepy enough. For just a split second, it blinks.

100-Year-Old Doll

Toys are technically speaking, a type of statue. Any action figure or doll is a nonliving recreation of a living thing and that makes it a statue but not just any statue. A statue that children hold in their arms, a type of statue a child might play with, a type of statue they take to bed with them. If there was any kind of statue you really don’t want burst into life, it’s the kind children pour all of their love into.

This toy isn’t exactly the kind of toy you would let your child take. It’s an incredibly creepy looking 100 year old doll. The owners of the doll said that every time they left the doll alone in a room, it would be in a different position by the time they returned. They were determined to catch it in the act, they set up a camera pointed it at the doll and left it running for 24 hours. As you can see, it makes a series of small subtle arm movements.