Top 4 Awesome Gadgets You Must Have in 2019

Here are the top 4 gadgets that you should buy in 2019.


Introducing vela an innovative device that instantly turns any surface into a smart interface. The world at your fingertips once connected you will be able to control different hardware devices or software applications by using simple gestures. It will make your life more convenient use it to control music light temperature or any other application you have in your mind, you are only limited by your imagination and you only need one valid device to control multiple devices or applications you can use our presets like letter Surat your own gestures according to your preference. Simply assign gestures through different scenarios and switch between them just by moving your hands.


We love our smartphones, we take them everywhere we go. They help us plan our day keep in touch with friends and family and for most of us they even support our work day but all these fun functions come at a cost battery, don’t you just hate it when your phone runs out of battery our current solution includes carrying around our power bank plugs cables and everything else we need to ensure we don’t run out of juice imagine if there was a smarter way to save your precious phone battery from running out all the time something lightweight and easy to use. Say hello to Qiub. It’s the world’s first revolutionary power bank that combines three features in the one compact device power bank memory card reader sync and quick charging cable you don’t even need your USB flash drive anymore cube turns into a memory storage device and it’s compatible with any laptop via the USB port.

Drums Everywhere

Introducing domestic, an amazing product that my team and I’d been working on two years. We imagined ad the creative domestic because we wanted to democratize German and facilitate the drillers life. Dramastic is the only connected solutions that enables you to play record and improve your drum field whether you’re beginner intermediate forever professional you will find drastic incredible features.


Dubleup credit card size power bank is a rethink and innovative take on power banks today. It has been designed so it can fit into a purse or wallet integrating into a daily life without the need to carry around a big bulky and cumbersome power bank. It is to promote a unique design and with all our features make your life easier and simpler.