Want To Be an Elite Carpenter? You Need These 6 Skills

At its highest level, carpentry can cross the line from being a standard type of manual labour to an art form; there are undoubtedly parallels between creating bespoke work using your own hands and a selection of different carpentry tools and being a sculptor, for example. It can take many years to reach that level, so it helps to find a mentor that can pass on valuable tips and techniques to you.

There are also a few foundational skills you’ll want to develop to become one of the premier craftspeople in this field.


Yes, it may not be the most exciting skill, but a good understanding of maths is crucial for any carpenter.

On top of the basics such as calculating the cost of materials required, you’ll need to be able to wrap your head around different geometric and algebraic concepts. This will help you in the planning and drawing stage and enable you to work to a higher degree of accuracy.

Physical strength 

Regardless of the end product, carpentry is a strenuous trade. Long hours are spent on your feet, while the materials and tools you’ll be using will often be heavy.

Without a high degree of physical strength and a knowledge of manual handling best practices, you could end up hurting yourself.

Attention to detail 

To get to the top of the game, you need to be able to take pride in your work. Without having a keen eye for detail, your projects may veer off track and suffer significant delays.

Furthermore, if you fail to pay full attention to what you’re doing then the final product may not turn out how you – or your client – had envisioned, which could hurt your reputation and pocket!


Not all jobs are straightforward, so you’ll have to be able to think on the fly and find solutions to any constraints you’re faced with.

Exposure to different interior styles and materials can help fuel your creativity over the years, though. This will also help you cope with any late changes that are requested once the project has begun.


The carpentry hashtag on TikTok has a whopping 5.7 billion views, and a common theme among popular videos is that of intricacy.

To pull off jobs that require fine, elegant detailing, you’ll need to be extremely good with your hands. Developing your hand-eye coordination and hand steadiness will be pivotal to achieving this.

Interpersonal skills 

While much of your time will be spent in a workshop with your tools, being able to clearly and effectively communicate with clients is key.

Customers want good service as well as a good product, so you’ll need to be happy dealing with people and answering their questions promptly.