What Degree Should You Choose If You Like Travelling?

Travel is often an activity associated with pleasure and disconnection. However, there are professions that involve moving beyond personal tastes. These are jobs that are constantly linked to other countries, whether for tourism, politics, or transportation. So, if we like to pack a suitcase, why not combine our passion for travel with our work obligations? Although the obligation can cause some fatigue, if we manage external factors well (family situation, emotional ties, etc.) the result is usually very positive.

Of course, for the adventure to work, it is necessary to adapt to a certain profile. It is clear that if we are quite sedentary or in need of stability, things will be more difficult. To begin with, there are some general aspects that should be taken into account:

  • Languages are a fundamental part of our background. Beyond the generic knowledge of the career, without languages we will not be able to move with total autonomy.
  • We must be able to adapt quickly to new situations. When we are away from home, we are less familiar with the terrain. Therefore, we must be able to face unforeseen events with serenity.
  • Interest in other cultures must be present in our motivations. If we have a hard time adapting to other people’s customs, we will have a hard time. Traveling can be a good exercise to practice values such as tolerance and empathy.

Would you like to study a degree that involves frequent travel? Don’t know which one to choose? In this post, we present 5 ideas for you to start packing your bags. Don’t forget that a good way to check if you feel good about changing countries is to apply for a scholarship abroad during your studies. Ask for help EssayAssistant company and easily get financing. Go for it!

5 degrees that will allow you to travel for work

1. Tourism

To work in the tourism industry, you need to know what travel involves. If you want your business to work well, it is advisable to visit different countries to learn about different tourism business models. There are some benefits if you get a degree online in tourism, so you can combine your studies with traveling. Some universities even offer internships abroad, providing a unique opportunity to learn and gain experience in other cultures. In addition, contact with professionals from other countries can be an opportunity to expand your business.

2. Journalism

There are journalists who have the need to travel in their DNA. Not only correspondents but also travel journalists or photojournalists. There are areas of journalism that require more movement between countries than others. For example, the specialty of international relations cannot be understood without getting to know other states. From a more amateur point of view, bloggers also need to travel to nurture their content space.

3. Pilot in commercial aviation

Is there anyone who travels more than airline pilots? If you don’t mind spending long hours in a cockpit, you can consider this option: it’s another way to live the same experience! In addition to being in contact with a wide variety of people, you can take advantage of the trip to spend a few days sightseeing.

4. Translation and interpretation

Getting to know languages other than your own invites you to travel. In fact, to be a good foreign language interpreter, it is advisable to have spent some time abroad. Contact with native speakers helps to consolidate knowledge and also to get to know the culture beyond the language. There is even the option taking an online TEFL course to teach English abroad.

5. Political science

International relations are a fundamental part of political science. Thus, political scientists who want to practice in this field will be obliged to travel. It should be noted that political scientists can work as advisors to an international entity, but also engage in cooperation, mediation, or analysis. Another attractive option (for political scientists or any other graduate) is to volunteer abroad.

Final words

With this article, you have already been able to see some of the university degrees that allow you to travel. It is possible that you are not sure which one to choose. Don’t worry, this is totally normal. You have to take your time and analyze the different options.