Why San Diego is the Best Place to Enjoy SoCal Culture

Southern California has a vibe so uniquely itself that almost everyone pictures the same type of lifestyle when picturing this area.  There are tons of cities and awesome areas to pick out of southern California, so it can be hard to pick which city speaks to you: but San Diego is where anyone should seek out the SoCal spirit.

These are the top reasons why San Diego is the best place to enjoy the SoCal culture and why it speaks to everyone’s hearts!

Incredibly Creative and Artistic City

San Diego is quickly becoming recognized as one of the most artistic and creative cities in the country.  Home to countless animation studios, art galleries, art walks, museums, and more: it’s impossible to avoid art while you’re in the city.

San Diego’s well known for its world-famous art and comic media conventions and for luring in artists from all over the world.  This artsy, fun vibe is something that speaks to anyone who’s seeking out the SoCal vibe.

Great Climate Year Round

A large part of what makes Southern California stand out as its own place is the incredible climate.  San Diego is able to show off that it’s home to some of the best weather in the world.  With 70-degree weather almost constantly year round, and very few rainy days, you can expect beach weather whenever you want it.

Things have been heating up in recent years, but it’s still an incredibly comfortable climate that will ensure you get as much fun out of the beach on your times off as possible. 

Fantastic Beaches as Far as the Eye Can See

The beaches are the real star.  The reason why apartments for rent in San Diego are such a hot commodity, why so many people move here from the central area of the US, and what defines the SoCal vibe: the beaches are incredible.  San Diego has 70 gorgeous miles of beaches, ranging in visual interest and what you can do while you’re on them.  

Awesome Entertainment and Attractions

There’s nonstop entertainment in San Diego!  This city offers everything from zoos to art galleries, safari parks, SeaWorld, Legoland, and so much more!  This means it’s an awesome place to live or visit for any families who want to ensure kids never run out of things to do and see while they’re here!

Younger Demographic Than Most Areas

Part of what makes Southern California so iconic is the younger energy it gives off.  This allows you to feel like you’re welcome to the party and able to cut loose and have fun.  A large part of why San Diego encapsulates that is that the average age in this city is just 35 years old!  The national average age is closer to 40.  This means San Diego is a city that’s still pretty young compared to the rest of the country! 

Everyone Deserves a Little SoCal Fun!

Whether you’re considering moving here for work, or you desperately need a change in your daily life: moving to SoCal can be the change you need!  Let San Diego call you; you’ll be happy you answered.