Why Yellow lightsabers are a seem for star wars fans

Since the star wars folks but the screen, we are seeing a craze in the fans of this movie. One of the things that got so much attention of the fans is the lightsabers used in this film. They immediately caught huge attention of fans around the world. Since then every fan’s dream is to have a lightsaber for them. Guys like to pretend play like star wars guardians.

We have brought some information about these saber lights and how you can get them online. So without further ado, let’s jump in and hit a nag.

Lightsabers are a modern type of weapon for the modern age people. Lightsabers are prominent sign of mastery, excellence and perfection. Only a real master can have these weapons.

Which lightsabers are the best?

 A lightsaber neopoxal is constructed with a blade which refract light from the hilt itself. These lightsabers are radiant and bright due to the powerful LED light. These are stylish and modern and you feel cool when you have it.They are much better and stronger than RGD lightsabers. They are unique and artistically made. They have unique features and have variety if sounds. There are also equipped with the visual effects.

Lightsabers come in a variety of colors. Anyone who has seen the star wars film and dug deep into the franchise can come to know the fact colors of sabers have different meanings. They present different specializations.

What are different types of lightsabers

There are different types of lightsabers. Some of them are given below.

  •         The standard lightsabers
  •         The double blade lightsabers
  •         Curved hilt
  •         Shoto blades
  •         Protosabers
  •         Darksabers
  •         Crosssaber
  •         Forcesabers
  •         Yellow sabers
  •         Electrum lightsabers

Electrum lightsaber are the one that are quite rare. They are not seem quite frequently in the star war world.

What colors of lightsbres represent

Different colors stand for different meanings. There are blue, green, purple and yellow colors. Let us know what are meaning of these colors in the star war world.

Blue and green colors lightsabers

For the most part, Jedi lightsabers which are blue and green color represent two different schools of thought within the Jedi order. Green is mostly chosen by counselors who focus on their mental knowledge. Blue and green give expressions of hope. Green and blue lightsabers are chosen by Jedi mostly.

Purple color lightsabers

Purple lightsaber that was intro hold at the request of actors. He wanted a purple lightsaber and the purple one. Unexpanded star war universe, there are plenty more colors.

Yellow color lightsabers

Among all these are yellow lightsabers which are quite rare but classy. Light blue and green lightsabers, and yellow lightsabers are associated with an important school of thought within the Jedi order.  They are the ones who seek between the counselor and guardians. They wish to educate themselves with other practical aspects of life. Unlike other, these think that force is not solution of everything. A Jedi use force for knowledge and defense and never for attack. This shows their peaceful mind and how well they use the power with great wisdom.

Yellow light sabers are more commonly seen in Jedi temple guards in star wars animated series. Lightsabers are not personally owned by the people guys abut are due to the position they holed. Yellow lightsabers are not seen frequently.

Be it any if the lightsabers, features should be perfect and quality should be premium. No doubt lightsabers are unique and elegant weapon.Lightsabers is a sword with mystical lasers and are able to cut through everything. These are portable and durable as well.

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