Winter Camping: 7 Useful Tips

Camping trips in winter can be excruciating when you think about it but is it really not that bad. Experienced campers never miss the opportunity of camping in winter because they’ve known the thrill and adventure of a winter camping trip. 

In this article, we will let you through some fantastic winter camping trips and tricks so that you can enjoy your winter camping trip to the fullest. 

1. Always choose a suitable campsite

It doesn’t matter if you’re camping, hiking, or backpacking; the suitable campsite will always let you stay on the safe side. A campsite with rocks and trees can prevent the wind from directly hitting your tent but be cautious if the tree is weak, dead, or has any dangerous branches above your tent to avoid accidental damages. 

2. Use a proper tent or a tent heater

As you’ll be camping in cold and windy weather, your regular tent will be insufficient to prevent that chilling wind. In that case, a four-season tent or winter tent can be your last line of defense between you and the shivering weather. Another way of keeping the tint warm and comfy is using a tent heater. Different types of tent heaters such as propane, electric, or wood fuel heaters are available in the market. So, do yourself a favor and take a tent heater with you on your winter camping trip.

3. Get proper camping lights

Before going on a winter camping trip, you should remember that unique camping lights and headlights come very handy in such situations. If you are wondering where to get proper camping lights, then you should head to Olightstore Germany right away.

4. Have the right sleeping bag

The temperature rating of a sleeping bag isn’t very accurate as the sleeping bags function with your body temperature. You should buy sleeping bags with 10 degrees of temperature rating, and don’t forget to shake your sleeping bags properly as it helps to make your sleeping bags fluffy and full of air. This will make the sleeping bag trap your body temperature appropriately, ensuring maximum insulation.


5. Keep yourself warm

Keeping yourself warm and dry is the key to enjoying a winter camping trip. It would be best to regulate your body temperature to prevent yourself from getting sweaty or too cold. The best and efficient way of doing that is to dress in multiple layers so that you can add a removable layer without any hesitation. 

6. Insulation from ground

As you need to keep yourself warm during the whole night, one of the worst ways of losing the warmth is to sleep on the cold ground. Camping carts and sleeping pads come in handy in this kind of situation. We highly recommend using a sleeping cart as they entirely keep you separated from the ground. Or, as an alternative way of using a camping cart, you should use at least two sleeping pads underneath your sleeping bag.

7. Keep hot water with you

A straightforward way of staying warm in the cold weather is to boil water put that in the bottle, and keep it between your legs inside the sleeping bag. With that, the temperature shouldn’t be too high and unbearable. Keeping a handful of hot water is a good thing. At the same time, winter camping, yeah, we know that, but boiling water can be annoying in some situations; an alternative trick to that is to throw a few hand warmers inside the sleeping bag right before going to sleep. That’ll work like magic.