10 Mesmerizing Short Haircuts for Black Women

Black women have all sorts of beautiful hair starting with curly, straight, and kinky. If you are a black woman who loves wearing your natural hair, you need to know you can never go wrong with a short haircut. The only thing you will need to do is to find the right style that goes well with your face. Then you can accompany the style with quality Goodr running sunglasses. There are numerous haircut options for you, some you may not even know could suit you best. If you want to leave a great impression, consider choosing one of these mesmerizing haircuts for short hair. 

1. Short Afro

If your hair is a bit short and curly, you might have to keep the wind out. However, what if there is a better solution than fighting with your hair? Keeping a short afro is a good way of keeping your hair looking great and bringing out its volume and texture.

2. Side-Parted Pixie

If you have those natural curls, bring them out with a side-parted pixie hairstyle. A pixie cut can help in defining your shape. Just make sure you part it on the side for a better look. 

3. Copper Curls

You can also improve the look of your short curls by adding color on top. Consider dyeing it with a copper tone for a unique style. 

4. Short Black Finger Waves

Now this one is the real deal! A short black finger with waves at the top will get your day going. Get the back cut short and everything else curly. 

5. Short Pixie Cut

This is simple a pixie cut that goes well with all types of face shapes. A short pixie cut can define your face more and bring out those beautiful features. 

6. Mohawk

If you are considering a new style this season, why not go for a mohawk? Get the hair shaved on the sides and leave the middle part unshaved to the back of the head. You can then dye the hair and style it as you wish.  

7. Half Dreadlocks

You can also style your dreadlocks for an amazing look. Make them fashionable with a half-up style. This is a great look for a girls’ night out or a weekend. 

8. Modern Bob

A short modern bob will do a great job on your look. The look is enough to get everyone falling in love with the style. However, you need to keep it simple and style it well before you leave the house. 

9. Buzz Cut

If you want a practical and simple haircut, then a buzz cut will do. A buzz cut is short and simple, making it ideal for textured hair. It will get you capture the attention of everyone who sees it. 

10. Beach Wave Bob

For wavy and kinky hair, you can never go wrong with a beach wave bob. It is a simple style that requires less styling. Don’t overdo it. Style a little and keep everything minimal. 

These are ten beautiful haircuts you can try out for any occasion. They are fascinating and suitable for all black women. Hopefully, this article has changed your opinion if you did not think short haircuts can work out well for women.