3 Hard Facts About Soft Water

If your water is hard, you’ve probably noticed soap scum on your shower doors or tasted metallic water coming from your sink. But with the help of a water softener, you can transform your water into something more refreshing and efficient. And the benefits of soft water don’t end there.

Ready to learn more? Stick around to learn 3 hard facts about soft water!

Soft Water Will Not Hurt Your Plumbing

Any homeowner knows that a visit from the plumber is not a cheap date. Fortunately, a simple way to cut back on plumbing problems is through a water softener. Hard water can contribute to scaly buildup on the insides of your pipes. Over time, this can contribute to clogs, corrosion, and other expensive problems.

Investing in a water softener can prolong the life of your pipes. You’ll ensure that the water you’re using reacts well with soap, cutting down on soapy residue that is left behind. Read Kinetico water softener reviews to see what customers are saying about their systems!

Soft Water Contains Very Little Sodium

It’s a common misconception that soft water is full of sodium. This myth stems from the fact that salt is added to water during the water softening process. You can rest assured, however, that the sodium levels of softened water are within safe limits.

In fact, it’s worth remembering how much sodium is in other beverages you may drink. Milk, vegetable juices, and soup broths contain hefty amounts of sodium. Two bowls of processed chicken soup will put you over the recommended daily sodium intake quickly!

With soft water, you’ll also wind up with a glass of water that tastes good since it doesn’t contain any minerals. Fluoride and minerals in hard water can make it taste metallic and unpleasant. By contrast, drinking soft water on a hot summer day offers a neutral and refreshing form of relief.

Soft Water Benefits Your Hair and Skin

Since hard water contains minerals, it can leave your hair, skin, and clothing feeling dry and scratchy. And because of this, you might feel compelled to keep trying new products. 

The most expensive detergents and shampoos can’t fix hard water, though. And you’ll end up wasting money and water in the process since your clothes always will feel dirty. If you’re trying to trim your budget, you’ll appreciate that water softening can save you money. 

Soft water can be the difference-maker. After a cycle in the washer with soft water, your clothing won’t emerge feeling like it is caked in soap scum. And your face and hair will feel softer and fresher!

Enjoy the Benefits of Soft Water

Investing in a water softener to transform your hard water is a good idea. With soft water, you’ll end up with healthier skin and hair. Plus your home’s plumbing system won’t be subject to as much scummy buildup, saving you money down the road.

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