Restylane is the name of a combination of cosmetic injectables – fillers and revitalizing. The preparations are a gel of a dense consistency based on special particles that bind water, helping to maintain skin elasticity. Fillers are shot into the skin to smooth wrinkles and add size to facial tissues. Revitalizants are used to restore and moisturize the skin, which helps to even out its relief, improve color and tone.

Properties and benefits

Hyaluronic acid can retain water in the body. Its production decreases with age, which is reflected in the skin, which gradually loses its elasticity, precipitation, hydro reserve. The deficiency of hyaluronic acid is replenished with supplies based on it.

If you need to buy Restylane, notice that for the production of Restylane preparations, hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin is applied, which eliminates the risk of allergies. The structure of the unique NASHA material is such that the body perceives it as “its own”. Over time, the injected drug breaks down to water and carbon dioxide.

After the injection of the gel into the skin, elastic particles, like building blocks, form a framework in the area of ​​wrinkles, smoothing out folds. NASHA particles have an increased capacity to retain moisture in the skin, so the volumes and shape achieved after the injection are retained for a long time, up to 6-12 months.


Restylane cosmetics are successfully used for:

  • improving the contours of the face with age-related changes;
  • improvement of wrinkles (except for very superficial ones) and folds;
  • improving the color and tone of the skin of the face.


The drug does not disrupt the function of skin cells and is excreted naturally, so there are few contraindications:

  • infectious disease and/or inflammation of the skin at the sites of the intended administration of the drug;
  • the presence of various biodegradable materials of long-term (prolonged) action in the areas of proposed injections, if they were introduced less than 12 months before the planned injection of any drug of the Restylane line;
  • the presence of permanent fillers at the sites of the proposed injection;
  • acute period of the disease or exacerbation of the chronic;
  • autoimmune diseases, as well as blood clotting complications;
  • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

Carrying out the procedure

Deciding to buy dermal fillers, remember that the process of injecting a gel based on hyaluronic acid takes about an hour. A very thin needle is used, so pain relief is usually not required. However, with increased pain sensitivity, anesthetic cream is applied to the skin 30-40 minutes ere the injection. Later the skin in the affected area may turn red and be slightly swollen. It goes away in two or three days.


After the biorevitalization procedure:

  • wrinkles disappear, pronounced furrows are visibly smoothed out;
  • the skin becomes more elastic;
  • the relief becomes smoother, and the skin color improves;
  • post-acne and congestion become less pronounced.
  • After using Restylane contouring products:
  • wrinkles become less noticeable, folds are significantly smoothed out;
  • the oval of the face is tightened;
  • the relief of the skin becomes smoother, its elasticity increases.

Repeated injections of the filler will be required to maintain the cosmetic effect. The frequency of administration of the drug depends on the area of ​​exposure, skin structure, mimic activity, age, lifestyle, and other factors. Typically, clients prefer to repeat it after an injection one year later.

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