4 Unique Gadgets Under 50 Dollars

This post is about 4 unique gadgets which you didn’t know existed. All the four gadgets are under $50.

Crystal Wireless Speaker

It’s a Bluetooth speaker and it’s actually a see-through. The translucent speaker. It has a texture to it the glass you would have on a shower stall or something like that. It has an auxiliary port also. This device will cost you only $50.

Powerup Paper Airplane

This device will convert your paper plane into a jet connect. You can control it with your smartphone. It has a carbon fiber body and also crash proof. The speed of it is 25 km/h. It’s an outdoor toy.

Drowse Buster

This thing claims to keep you awake when you’re starting to drowse off or when you’re driving you to get the lean going,  you put the window down, you slap yourself or whatever you need to do. This thing claims to somehow stimulate you. You just have to put this on the ear lobs, where the magic starts. This device is amazing for drowsy drivers.

The Adventure Tape

The adventure tape was invented so that you’re always prepared for the unexpected. It isn’t sticky to the touch at all but it is sticky to it self-repairing bicycle parts with it. Though, it’s washable also. It is completely reusable. This tape can lift the weight up to 25 pounds which is amazing. This is a cool product under $50.