5 Extinct animals which may be still alive!

Some people claims that the some of the extinct animals are still alive. But, all the way officially it is announced that the those animals are extinct. So, these are some of those terrifying extinct animals which may be still alive.

Eastern Cougar

A type of cougar that was declared extinct back in 2011. They used to live in northeastern North America but not no more. They’re all dead. The eastern Cougars were unofficially deemed extinct by a US Fish and Wildlife Service Evaluation in 2011 but they were officially removed from the endangered species list and declared extinct in 2018.

Cougars in general are considered to be one of the more dangerous of the big cats. It’s sleek and graceful, they are mostly solitary and secretive animals rarely seen in the wild. Cougars are the largest members of the cat family in Washington. Adult males average approximately 140 pounds but in rare cases may weigh 180 pounds and measure 7 to 8 feet long from nose to tip of tail. Adult males stand about 30 inches tall at the shoulder but despite the eastern cougar it’s passed on.

There have been a surprisingly large number of possible sightings, there are sightings in practically every East Coast state and even entire websites dedicated to state specific sightings. For sure, they may be different types of Cougars mistaken for an Eastern cougar or given how recently the eastern Cougars were officially declared extinct, all evidence may be from just prior to that but there are people out there who are really convinced the eastern cougar isn’t all that extinct at all.

People of New Hampshire saw and photographed a cougar that officially wasn’t there. There are also footprints, scat and fur, all the things they’d expect from a non extinct animal.

Japanese Wolf

If there’s anything you should know about wolves is that you do not want to mess with them. They are terrifying things when they want to be and that includes the Japanese wolf. There are actually two types of the Japanese wolf, the Honshu wolf and the Hokkaido wolf. The Japanese wolf met its demise in the same way that many other animals did.

A man named Edwin done hired by the Japanese dropped a little strychnine and greatly facilitated their downfall. The Honshu who died off in 1905 and the Hokkaido in 1889. Despite being dead, there are people who think a Japanese wolf managed to turn up in 1910 and again in the 1930’s and yet again in the 1950’s. These possible sightings have no video evidence but are discussed in the book “The Lost wolves of Japan” by Brett L walker.

In 1996, a woman by the name of Rina kumbayashi happened upon a creature unlike any she had seen before. Rina stepped out of her home and froze dead in her tracks when she noticed what she initially thought to be nothing but a lone dog but Rina couldn’t quite accept that this was just a dog. She grabbed her camera, she snapped a snap. Many people think this is no mere dog and is in actuality a Japanese wolf. One theory is that the animals seen and heard howling are actually a wolf-dog hybrid.

Mexican Grizzly Bear

The Mexican grizzly bear ranged from mexico to as far north as Colorado. It was widely believed that the last was killed in Mexico in 1960. They were officially declared extinct in 1964. Yet, Mexican Grizzlies continue to be spotted apparently. The North American grizzly is found much further north but southern Colorado has a few credible sightings. There’s an uptick in sightings of Grizzlies in the former Mexican grizzly range, there are definitely Grizzlies in those parts.

A 1979 study, 15 years after the extinction date showed evidence of Grizzlies claw marks and footprints in Mexico. The study also established that remote Mexico was a suitable habitat for grizzly bears. So, did they ever actually go extinct, did they make a shock comeback or are people mistaken with what they think they’ve seen? In one photo, you can see a paw print that people claim comes from that 1979 study but the photo quality’s a little too good for the 70’s it may have been cleaned up but I’m not sure.

Tasmanian Tiger

The Tasmanian tiger is the most beloved star of plat former video games ever created. They are not still real, all dead. Tasmanian Tigers were hunted for being a threat to livestock, loss of habitat didn’t help much, settlers will do that to animals. They officially died off in 1936, however, reported sightings are fairly common as far as extinct animals go. They’ve been spotted in Tasmania and mainland Australia although none of the sightings are scientifically confirmed.

A photo was captured by farmer Peter groves in his local area of Victoria, Australia. It’s not a perfect picture but you can see slap-bang in the middle, some kind of animal. Everyone who saw this photo was quick to point out how much the creature resembled the long-lost Tasmanian tiger. This was allegedly Mr.Groves second sighting of the creature in a matter of weeks and he said that he wouldn’t write off the theory that it could be a Tasmanian tiger. “The picture I’ve got even though it’s a bit fuzzy because it was taken on my mobile, it actually shows the features of the animal quite well” he said.

Tasmanian Tigers had the general appearance of a medium to large-sized dog with a stiff tail abdominal pouch and dark stripes across its lower back. They were the largest known carnivorous marsupials so definitely an animal you should be a little fearful of. They weren’t all as charming and friendly. Mr. Groves even claimed that the one in the photo stared at him for five solid minutes.

Javan Tiger

The Javan Tiger was a tiger population that lived in the Indonesian island of Java until the mid 70’s. It was hunted to extinction and its natural habitat converted for human use. It was one of three tiger populations in the Sunda Islands. The last official sighting of the animal occurred in 1976. However, they were allegedly captured throughout the 1980’s. An exhaustive search in the mid-1990’s led to a 1994 declaration that the Java and tigers were extinct until someone saw them a year later. In 1995 a Javan Forester accidentally discovered a group of Javan tigers. Still, finding some still alive only one mere year after they were declared extinct isn’t exactly necessarily a huge deal. However, sightings continued from 2000 to 2010.

These days, the activist Giriprasetyo is at the forefront of fighting to find living javan Tigers and he remains adamant that they are out there. He claims to regularly find evidence normally hair in the Meru Betiri National Park that belongs to still living Javan Tigers. It would make sense the Meru Betiri National Park is the site of the last confirmed sighting, it would be the most probable place they could survive and in that area several people including Giri himself have snapped four photos of tigers that they think are Javan Tigers. There is no way to know for sure they may be any other kind of tiger.