5 Security Tips On How To Keep Your Business Safe Online

Preserving the safety of a business has been an integral facet of every business cybersecurity measure. 

Due to the increased embracement of an online digital presence for many businesses, it has become imperative for these businesses to employ strategic plots and devices to shield them from cyber criminals who are getting smarter day by day.

What Are The Most Common Types Of Cyber-Attacks In Online Business

While businesses may consider devising means to tackle potential cyber-attacks, it is likely important to keep abreast with the most common aspects these illicit actors utilize when there are loopholes. We have highlighted a few of them below, do enjoy the splurge!

  • Key Business Data

Attackers can scam you when they get hold of some key data related to your business dealings. Such data may include Business Registration ID and license, Business statement of account, list of debtors and creditors, etc. 

Your business license can be used to lure and defraud the public by convincing them into believing that they are dealing with a licensed brand. 

Similarly, your statement of account can be used to trick people to invest in a course that seems true owing to the financial position portrayed by the statement.  

  • Business Transactions Processing Medium

Irrespective of the amount involved, any record that relates to a business financial transaction should be handled and treated with utmost care. 

Information like secret login codes to payment platforms and seamless access to checkbooks are examples of sensitive data that an organization should handle with high confidentiality. 

When such data is breached, it can bring disrepute to a brand’s reputation.

5 Best Practices In Cybersecurity

While it is vital for every business to protect itself from the likelihood of cyber-attacks, adopting strategic security measures does not require a huge investment. The subsequent segment of this article is aimed at enlightening followers of some simple yet effective best practices in the cybersecurity realm.

  • Use a Reliable VPN program

Every connection you initiate on a web server exposes you to a potential attack. A VPN program helps to mask your IP address on the web which gives criminals false information about your actual identity and location. VeePN is the best VPN for Windows 7 that avails you of several servers to select from and gives you the utmost anonymity when surfing the web. More so, VeePN is also available on newer Windows operating systems and across other smart devices.

  • Establish a strong data protection policy

One of the easiest ways to keep your business data safe from criminals is to devise a strong data protection policy. Sensitive information can only get to a 3rd-party if not properly handled. 

A good example of this is by installing only verified software on your system, deactivating the use of unauthorized peripherals on your systems, and allowing only professional IT technicians to install and manage your IT tools. 

By this, you can limit 3rd-party accessibility to your business data, and can easily track when a breach case arises.

  • Use 2-factor / Multifactor Authentication

The 2-factor authentication allows users to log into their system using two distinct ways. The first can be with their usual passcode while the other can be from a unique generated code sent to the user via a selected medium. 

Multifactor authentication is an even more advanced system that requires multiple passcode entries before gaining access to your system. 

Therefore, even if a hacker gains access to one or more of your access codes, you can be sure of getting them knocked out with the multifactor authentication system.

  • Encrypt your Business Data

Another great way to protect your business data is by encrypting them. Encryption gives your data a shield that requires permission before an outsider can be granted access to it. When data is encrypted, it usually requires a secret passphrase before accessing it. 

It is a great way to protect the confidential files of a business. Even when there is a data breach, such data will be of no use to hackers without the secret passphrase to break through.

  • Set Up a Team to Monitor and Report Data Breach

Setting up a team to help monitor the online space of a business is a smart move to tackle data proliferation. When there are 24 hours’ mechanism put in place to monitor and give timely reports on a business’s online dealings, it becomes difficult for hackers to take such businesses unaware. 

An expert in the I.T. unit together with the use of advanced software programs can be saddled with the responsibility to frequently monitor and report the situation of things in the online sphere.


Protecting a business from online attacks is equally important as safeguarding a physical business domain. The use of VeePN combined with the array of options mentioned above will help give your business a shield against criminals who are looking for ways to spool your data.