SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 TKL: Which Is The Best Keyboard

Hello, and welcome to this article, where I’ll compare two top-notch gaming keyboards, one from Logitech in the form of the Logitech G915 TKL and the other from SteelSeries in the form of the Apex Pro TKL. These keyboards are 10-keyless compact gaming keyboards with various unique features that set them apart from one another. I’ll go through these features and discuss their differences in more detail below.

SteelSeries Apex ProLogitech G915 TKL
+ Adjustable pre-travel distance.
+ Very well-built design.
+ Great typing quality.
+ Full RGB backlighting.
+ Great build quality.
+ Typing noise is minimal.
+ Shouldn’t cause fatigue, even after long periods of use.
Wrist rest is a dust magnet.
No dedicated macro keys.
No included wrist rest.
Typing quality is only decent.
short pre-travel may lead to more typos.

SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 TKL: Specs

There are black and white and two other color options for the Logitech G915 Tkl. As you can see, the G915 TKL hangout is a very attractive keyboard with a low-profile design. It is small and slim, sits low on the desk and has thin, low keycaps. It also has a wireless setup that includes a tiny little wireless dongle with a storage spot on the back of the keyboard that allows you to plug it in and save it when you’re not using it and you’re plugged in charging a keyboard.

With the RGB lighting turned off, this keyboard can be used for up to 135 days and 40 hours, respectively, so its battery life is quite different. It uses Bluetooth connectivity, light-speed wireless technology, and a micro USB port for insertion, all of which contribute to its durability.

SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 TKL: Key Switches

Three key switches are available: the GL linear, GL tactile, and GL clicky. Although both keyboards have a 1.5-millimeter actuation distance and 2.7 millimeters of total travel, the feel and response of each keyboard vary. SteelSeries Apex Pro, however, has adjustable key switches that can be adjusted between 0.4 and 3.6 millimeters in terms of actuator distance.

It has a pass-through feature because it has two USB ports that you can plug into your computer and a passenger port on the back so you can plug in an additional device at the back, as you can see here. It is a wired keyboard, so it needs to be plugged in, but it does have a pass-through because it has two USB ports.

SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 TKL: Design

This keyboard has a nice selection of design features, such as an OLED display that can be customized in several ways. For instance, you can put your own gifs on it. You can set it up so it will show you your CPU, RAM, and GPU usage, temperatures, and other information so you can see what it is running at and how your computer is doing. It can also be used to display various other things, so, for instance, you can use it with a Dis.

You’ll also see a volume wheel and a media playback button. The media playback button lets you play media with a single press, fast-forward with a double press, and rewind with a triple press, which is convenient.

The Steel Series Apex Pro also has excellent RGB lighting that can be layered with reactive effects and a nice setup. In terms of the RGB that it emits, it is satisfying and one of the best RGB lighting I’ve seen the nice outcome. As I mentioned, this keyboard’s adjustable keys are set up intriguingly, making it one of the most intriguing designs I’ve ever seen.

With most gaming keyboards, you are limited to a selection of key switch configurations. For instance, the G915 features GL tactile clicky and linear switches from Kale.

The Steel Series switches are omnipotent adjustable switches, which essentially means that the main key switches on the main section of the keyboard—excluding the function keys and the directional arrows—can be customised within the Steel Series software to adjust the actuation on a per-key basis. This allows you to set it so that you have the minimum amount of actuation, for example, when gaming, or a maximum amount, for typing.

This means that you can configure it to adjust it with a light touch or a very gentle press on the key switch or activate it, and you can select that setting between, as I said, 0.4 millimetres and 3.6 millimetres.

SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 TKL : Responsiveness

In terms of that response, you can customise it and make it as fast or slow as you want. It has these incredibly thin keycaps, as you can see, and thin key switches, too. The G915 TKL is also very responsive but set at a 1.5-millimetre actuation distance.

In addition to the board sitting low on the desk due to its low profile design, the key switches and key caps also do. I’ve enjoyed using the G915 TKL keyboard because it sits low and is very comfortable to use all day. I use one of my favourite keyboards as my daily driver and return to it frequently because I like it so much.

One thing I did observe about the black version, however, is that the keycaps become quite soiled over time; they absorb a lot of oils from your fingers and ruin the device’s appearance and feel. That flaw is absent from the white version.

The housing on the key switches on the black version wasn’t well etched, which prevented the RGB lighting from shining through. However, this is not an issue with the white version. It’s interesting because this wireless keyboard maximises battery life if you’re not using RGB lighting. Still, if you can’t touch type and don’t know where the keys are, you will struggle with issues because you won’t see the key markings.

Although you can turn it off, doing so reduces battery life. Nonetheless, it can run for 40 hours on a single charge with the RGB lighting set to maximum, so this isn’t a major drawback.

The G915 TKL is intriguing in other ways as well. In addition to a micro USB port, it has Bluetooth and wireless dongles, allowing you to connect easily to various devices. For instance, you could use Bluetooth mode on a laptop or plug the dongle into your computer to enjoy that uninterrupted action.

It has a larger media volume wheel at the top where you can see you’ll also know there are rubber playback buttons, so you have play, pause, skip & easy mute access buttons there at the top also has buttons that allow you to turn the wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity on and off turn on the game mode, so it disables the windows key and easily adjusts the brightness on the fly.

This is nice because there aren’t any additional buttons you need to press, there’s less faffing, and you can easily access these controls, making it a pleasure to use and simple. The Apex Pro lacks this feature, even though it has a media volume wheel. However, it’s quite small and has a small button below it that you can press to start media playback, but you have to press it several times to do different things, so you don’t have quick and easy access.

Since this is a wired keyboard, it lacks some functionality, but it is interesting that by using the SteelSeries software, you can customise both the OLED display and every other key on the keyboard.

Therefore, there is a secondary function layer of meta keys. When you press the steel series button at the bottom of the keyboard, you can then choose any key on the keyboard and customise a secondary action for that key, doubling up on the key presses and customising it as you like, adding macros and other button presses and easily recording your keystrokes and actions that you can then access there.

SteelSeries Apex Pro vs Logitech G915 TKL : Lightning

The RGB lighting on the G915 TKL is nice, and it looks great, but I find that it doesn’t shine as brightly as a SteelSeries Apex Pro on the black version, at least. This is a problem when the lighting is turned off because it makes it harder to see the keys.

The RGB lighting can be adjusted and does have a nice variety of effects, but as you can see from this effect, the etching on the keys isn’t letting through enough light, so you can see they’re quite dark in some places. This is a problem I noticed, especially on the black version and particularly a problem once you turn the brightness down. While it might not be an issue for you, it is for me because I touch type, so I know where the keys are.

But as you can see, it isn’t easy to see the lettering here, even though it was taken at night. If you think this will be a problem, I’d recommend choosing the white version, which has better lighting and stands out much more easily because of the color setup. I also prefer it; I think the keyboard is more attractive, even after some use. I used both of them for a while.

The white G915 TKL is undoubtedly the prettiest of the three keyboards and, in my opinion, stands out from the SteelSeries Apex Pro as the more attractive keyboard, while the black one still looks nice and cleans up a lot nicer and less good RGB lighting through.


The customizable actuation levels in Apex Pro make it a cool game, but they are both interesting in various ways. It has a lovely rubberized feel, which makes it very comfortable. The keycaps are relatively quiet; the game is not loud. The G915 is also quiet and has a variety of key switches available, so you can choose the feedback and response you receive from it and pick the one that works best for you.