5 Strange Horse Breeds in the World

It’s known that since ancient times horses have been a symbol of status and power for families. Even, Disney doesn’t cease to amaze us with the exaggerated amount of these animals. But, this list of horse breeds may surprise you.

Golden Horse

It’s coming from Asia and considered one of the most beautiful horses in the world, the Akhal-teke is the one with this uniqueness, so attractive to any rider. This horse is known for its shiny golden fur. When this horse is exposed to long hours during the Sun, it can give the idea that its body is the same color as the precious metal. This effect is produced by the proteins of its fur, among the most common are golden buckskin, cinnamon and copper chestnut.

Their average height is a meter 45 in the females while the males can reach up to 1 meter 60. Their physical appearance is the most interesting part. It has a thin and emaciated head, long and narrow ears in a high position, with large eyes capable of cat evading any fanatic. It has a long and slender neck with an S shape that offers that elegant demeanour. Elongated body, deep chest and a little bulky musculature but capable enough of supporting the weight of several men. Its appearance, the tail, and the scarce fringe in its head stand out as well if we compare it with other races.

The Akhal-tekes are descendants of the Turkmen horses and with more than 3,000 years old is part of the one of the oldest races on the world. I am sure that acquiring one of these invaluable animals must be pretty expensive. Their origin is still considered a mystery, although it’s believed they may have been brought by the Scythian, the first people to learn how to practice writing. They have even found skeletons of animals with bony structures very similar to these creatures.

Arabian Horse

This horse breed is from Asia. The truth is that this horse is characterized as one of the longest and oldest breeds in the world. It said that it was an immediate descendant of the primitive or prehistoric horses that inhabited the African and European continent long before the appearance of the first human being. According to the investigation some experts carried out, it was concluded that this race has been on the earth for more than 4,500 years, the remains of these animals that have been found over time have a great similarity with the Arab horse existing today.

These animals vary in size depending on sex, however, it said that the general average is around 143 and 153 centimeters, it’s not a very large breed. Its coat has several shades, it has never been possible to find one that has a single color but the most common among them is cinnamon and grayish with white spots. The head is the most interesting part of their body, refined with a broad forehead large expressive eyes and a large nose in contrast to its small snout. Unlike other horses, the Arab steed has a short back and although most of them don’t meet this condition some horses only have five lumbar vertebrae instead of six as well as 17 ribs when they should be 18.

Another fact is the Arabian horses have become one of the most docile and intelligent quadrupeds ever known and although in the past their job was to be part of a battlefield instead of the agricultural fields. The desert climate and the conditions to which they were exposed foster them a condition of strength and resistance than many people valued for work.

The Percheron Horse

This horse is as peculiar as it is beautiful. It’s the Percheron, a race of really strong steeds, you may at those powerful muscles to affirm it. In turn, this doesn’t prevent them from being quick and agile when making any kind of movement. It’s coming from France, specifically from the province of leper Kay which is located in the normandy area. These horses measure between 1 metre 50 and 1 metre 60 approximately. As for its weight its establish between 800 kilograms for the little ones and 1,200 for adults. It’s said that they dragged the carts were the most numerous and wealthy people through the town.

Percheron horses have an elegant head, they also have a very long and thick tail with a sturdy chest. Their legs although short are quite strong and resistant, they can endure walking great distances without problems. Most of them have degradation of colors but that doesn’t mean there are some Gray’s or jet black.  It’s also known for their fertility, they must be located in an area with adequate soil for the development, natural meadows and pastures are the right places. Not even when the second world war broke out they lost their strength and the breed kept reproducing until it spread to other regions. In those regions, they managed to stay until the 60’s and although for a moment they were at risk fortunately nothing happened and the Percheron continued to inhabit our world proudly.

Since then, their skills have been used by farmers for jobs where a strong physical condition is required. Pulling the sleds that are showing the parades or competitions are some of those activities.

Spotted Horse

The Appaloosa horses recognized in particular because they possess a lot of dark spots on their bodies. Although Appaloosa horses aren’t considered the only breed of horses that possess this characteristic, I can assure you it is the most popular. In their bodies, really dark areas are combined with a little Pinker skin to obtain this freckled appearance in many places.

The Appaloosa horses have very small ears compared to their large eyes. In addition, in some cases they have vertical stripes in dark and light colors on their legs instead of the usual spots. They have a brave character, a characteristic that highlights their active and energetic personality. In the past, they were really appreciated by Native Americans who managed to extend their species to the rest of the continent. They were extended by the group of natives who live near the Palouse River where they got their name from. These indigenous people chose them considering they were the perfect horses for war and hunting, not only for its beauty and beautiful color but also for the noble, versatile, and strong structure for work.

Genetically Modified Horse

Every type of fanaticism when taken to the extreme is dangerous. Nowadays, it’s not strange to see how some people undergo aesthetic surgeries just to improve their appearance and look like their favorite actress or even animated character.  King Magnum, a nine month old horse that was genetically modified by its owners to resemble the animated steeds of Disney like max from tangled, bullseye from Toy Story, and even Pegasus from Hercules. After the Orion Farms described the full as something being just one step away from perfection, the pet experts were longer the fatal effects these living conditions could bring to the animal and recommend it to the population not to commit such acts in any animal.

King magnum has an exceedingly high neck and protruding those within large nostrils and large beady eyes. Tim greets a recognized expert on horses expressed his concern at the event since the new skull and nasal trace of the steed could cause serious respiratory problems in the future.