Abnormally Large Animals That Are Actually Exist

We all love animals and the bigger they are, the more there is to love. The bigger the dog, the more there is to pay. But, these are the abnormally large animals which are really exist.

Mystery Pig

This cute chunky beast is as huge as he is mysterious. I don’t know for sure who this pig is or where he lives but just the size of it proves how big pigs can get if they eat enough. It’s far from average and a good indicator of how adorably huge some of the animals on this list. It’s not the only Pig who’s grown to bigger than average proportions not by a long shot.

Tickle Me Elmo The Third

Big, messy, playful pigs are the rampant toddler’s of the farmyard and if you put aside your preconceived notions of them being sloppy and dirty, they’re one of the cutest animals to exist. For a long time, the Internet had a rampant fascination with micro pigs also known as teacup pigs. These little piglets were small enough to fit inside a teacup, the perfect pocket-sized pet but all bodies are beautiful.

At the other end of the scale Tickle Me Elmo The Third, the world’s largest and most ridiculously named Pig. Based in Indiana and coming in at a whopping 1,100 pounds it won’t be fitting in a teacup any time soon.

Lincoln, The Giant Horse

Lincoln is the largest shire horse in the world, coming in at a record-breaking six feet 11 inches tall. It should come as no surprise that Lincoln is big, shire horses are a particular breed of draft horse that are used for heavy lifting because of their size but Lincoln is still than most. Lincoln’s life took a turn for the better when a British fruit and vegetable farmer adopted him and took Lincoln under his wing.

The most remarkable thing about Lincoln is that he’s arguably not done growing yet, still relatively young. Lincoln has time to keep pushing that record higher and higher. In an attempt to achieve his lofty goals, Lincoln has a daily diet of 24 apples, 20 carrots, 11 pounds of spinach, and 5 cabbages.

Darius, The Rabbit

At 4 feet 4 inches long, you’d need a specialized hutch to look after this rabbit. At 15 pounds, Darius has been officially declared the world’s largest rabbit. Darius’s size comes down to diet. The yearly budget for feeding Darius is substantial eating habit comes in at six thousand dollars that includes two thousand carrots and seven hundred apples yearly. When you’re consuming that many calories, no wonder he got so big.

Blossom, The Cow

At 6 foot 4 inches tall, blossom the cow was one inch taller than Thor himself chris hemsworth. This made her no ordinary cow despite her dainty delicate name, she is one curvy mistress. Weighing roughly 500 pounds more than the average cow, she was the Guinness world record holder for world’s largest cow until her sad death just a few short years ago.

Until her passing, blossom received a lot of attention with people traveling from around the world to meet her. Her milk shake brought all the tourists to the yard but her owners say “blossom remained grounded, not letting the admiration for her literally big head to give her a metaphorically big one she enjoyed a peaceful life of grazing on grass and nibbling on oats like any other cow”.

Chilli, The Cow

Chilli, the cow was 6 feet 6 inches long. At last weigh in before, she joined blossom in the clouds came in at well over a ton, that’s roughly the same size as a small elephant.

The Biggest Catfish

It’s not just the mammals growing to abnormal sizes. The largest catfish ever caught also, the largest freshwater fish ever caught overall is roughly as large as a wild bear. At 646 pounds in weight and over 9 feet long, caught by the local fishermen of Thailand in 2005.

Biggest Stingray

It’s not the only colossal creature hiding in the depths of the waters. The world’s largest stingray on record is so huge that when they finally got it on a scale, it comes in at 55 stone that’s 770 pounds or 350 kilograms. This flat feller was so heavy that it took the team who caught him over an hour to get him out of the water. The fishermen who caught him are extremely lucky the hour they spent handling him and didn’t upset the Stingray because at 8 feet wide and 14-feet long they 100% would have lost that fight.

Medusa, The Snake

Medusa, the snake is at a 25 feet and 2 inches long or 7.67 meters. This reticulated python slithered her way into the Guinness Book of Records. Life as the world’s longest known snake isn’t easy. She can’t handle the load alone, at all times Medusa requires twenty strong handlers to take care of her. She needs her very own entourage, her very own staff.

Going against the stereotypes of snakes being lazy and lounging around all day, Medusa even has a job. She working as one of the attractions at the edge of hell haunted house, one of the creepiest and most renowned haunted houses in the world. There, she earns her dollar hissing at passers-by if only jobs for humans were that easy.

Gibson, The Dog

It is holding the Guinness world record for tallest dog, knocking former holder Harvey off his pedestal. There’s no lost ball this beefy boy could not reach. This dog was a record shaking 42.2 inches tall that makes him over 7 feet that means he was incredibly 5 inches taller than the average NBA player and who wouldn’t want to see a seven-foot dog dunking a few baskets. A certified therapy dog, Gibson made guest appearances on The Tonight Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Samson, The Cat

At 4 feet long in 28 pounds, Samson is just a little bit chunkier than your average kitty. This fluffy cat is capable of some pretty serious snuggling, dubbed the largest cat in New York. His owner though given his size I’d say they’re equals. Jonathan Zurbel said, to kitty cat themed publication love meow. Samson is a very sweet but tough cat who fits the term gentle giant well. He is not fat or overweight but a strong husky sturdy cat.

Stewie, The Cat

Samson may be one big cat but he’s not the biggest. Its name Stewart Gilligan, named after the tyrannical baby from family guys. Stewie, the cat had a very different approach to taking over the world. Stewie, the cat had his eyes on stardom, got the title of world’s longest cat away from Samson in 2011 at 123 centimetres, he is just a tiny bit longer than Samson.

Like Medusa the snake, Stewie puts his fame to good use and was a working cat, serving as a certified therapy animal. Stewie would routinely visit a local senior center, offering the residents very large hugs. His owner Robin Hendrickson told The Associated Press “he has touched many lives and for that I am grateful. Sadly, Stewie the world’s longest cat has hugged his last hug.” In February 2014, he passed away from cancer. He left the world surrounded by his family just a few days after his eighth birthday.

Malaysian Snake

The above mentioned Medusa was the longest Python record until someone else lived there onto the scene, killed on capture this snake was never given a name. It’s found on a construction site in Malaysia, this nameless snake just beats Medusa in size by 1 foot and 24 inches. Sadly, the handling of this snake was not the most humane and this gorgeous record breaker passed away a mere three days after capture.