Add a Luxury Touch to your Bathroom

The bathroom is a part of the home that serves a unique purpose. It’s a space where you should, ideally, be able to unwind and relax, and truly feel refreshed when you leave. This is a series of functions that can be supported by a few specific interior design decisions. Specifically, you might aim to create a sense of luxury with the help of the occasional flourish.

In some cases, this will involve paying a premium. But you might be surprised at just how much opulence you can create on a fairly modest budget. So, what touches might we add for maximum effect?


A good bathroom should include at least one mirror. It can be polished so that it doesn’t steam up after you leave the shower. If you want your mirror to scream luxury, then you might choose a gold or silver frame. It can be as elaborate and showy as the surrounding décor allows.

Bathroom Lighting

The state of the lighting in your bathroom will also make a considerable difference. You might pick up lights that can be dimmed and brightened, according to the time of day. Not only will this allow you to create a sense of luxury and glamour, it will also help you to get to sleep. If you’re brushing your teeth in a brightly-lit environment, then you might struggle to wind down effectively. If you want to be super plush, then you might have your lighting change automatically, as part of a smart-home setup.

Upgrade the shower

If you want a truly luxurious bathroom experience, then it pays to specialise. A slim freestanding bathtub or a wet room equipped with an overhead power shower will help create a unique experience. If you’re renovating a secondary bathroom, then you might specialise even further. Imagine stepping straight from the garage into a wet room after a morning run, or luxuriating for an hour in the tub, without fear of being interrupted by other members of the household.


Before investing, think about the way that you’re going to be actually using the space, and what it will look like in practice. Is the tiling going to be difficult to clean, and what will the edge of the tub look like when it’s litered with shampoo and conditioner bottles? Here’s where the investment in storage can help. Just a few soap holders, toothbrush holders and baskets can make it easy to declutter.