Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Which Is Best?

I currently own the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Galaxy Watch 4, loaded with features and choices. Check out the top camera for fitness, sleep tracking, and other fun stuff.

Apple Watch Series 7Galaxy Watch 4
✔️Square display
✔️Wider panel
✔️LTPO technology
✔️32 GB of internal storage
✔️Elegant design
✔️More compact
✔️Blood pressure monitor
✔️Rotating bezel
❌Price❌Smaller display

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Specs

CategoriesApple Watch Series 7Galaxy Watch 4
DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT45 x 38 x 10.7 mm,
42.3 grams
44.4 x 43.3 x 9.8 mm,
30.3 grams
DISPLAY1.9 inches square, 484 x 396p, 326 ppi, Retina LTPO OLED1.4 inches square, 450 x 450p, 321 ppi, Super AMOLED
PROCESSORApple S7, dual-coreSamsung Exynos W920, dual-core 1.18 GHz
CONNECTIVITYWi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 5Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 5.0
BATTERY309 mAh with wireless charging361 mAh with Qi wireless charging
ADDITIONAL FEATURESGPS, accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, compass, barometer, altimeter, SpO2, VO2max, IP6X certified, 50m water resistant, ECG, eSIMGPS, accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, barometer, waterproof IP68, SpO2 sensor, military certification, ECG, blood pressure monitor, rotating bezel, eSIM

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Gestures

So did you know that with the Apple Watch, if you clench your fist twice, you can activate something called assistive touch, which uses clenches and pinches to navigate the entire watch, and it’s actually kind of amazing? I’m not going to lie, the Galaxy Watch 4 doesn’t have anything close to this, but they do have some pretty cool gestures, so if you’re busy getting a phone call, all you do to answer it is lift your arm up and down.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4

You need to enable these settings, located under accessibility on the Apple Watch and gestures on the Samsung Watch. Hand gestures are surprisingly useful, and you’ll find yourself using them frequently, but because you can control the entire watch with Apple’s assistive touch, this one goes to Apple.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Camera Controls

Okay, now consider this. I can use my watches to operate both of my phone’s cameras, but there are some differences.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4

They both do a fantastic job of displaying what your phone’s cameras are seeing, and fortunately, turning on this feature on both watches is very simple. Find the Camera Control application on the Apple watch, and you’re good to go.

It responds quickly and displays what the phone’s camera is seeing. You can snap pictures or use the crown to zoom in and out before taking them, and if you click on those three tiny dots, you can access a tonne of other settings.

I would say that the Galaxy watch is less responsive and lags just a little bit, but you can still take pictures with it and add a timer if you want to. However, there is really no way to zoom in or even access settings, so once again Apple wins this round simply because it has a few more features.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Keyboard

Despite the small size of both watches, responding to messages is incredibly simple, thanks to their cool keyboards.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4

So on the apple watch, when you get a message, you can swipe down a little and see the option for the reply. Of course, there are some quick replies if you want them, but when you click on reply, the keyboard opens up so you can type or even swipe your message, and overall, it’s a pretty good feature.

However, Samsung’s is a little different because when you receive a message, you can reply using the built-in keyboard, which is pretty terrible. Fortunately, you can download Gboard, which is what this is, and with Gboard, you get haptics, and it’s bigger and much easier to type out messages, so Samsung wins because it’s hard to beat that Gboard keyboard.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Features

Galaxy Watch 4 VS Apple Watch Series 7

Okay, so even though these two smartwatches are very different, they share many similar features. For example, you can make NFC payments using both Samsung Pay and Apple Pay on the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch, respectively.

Several different fitness tracking exercises on both of these watches also track your heart rate and all that jazz. They also have galleries linked to your phone, so whenever you take a new picture, they will appear on your watch. You can do that if you need to set an alarm timer or use a stopwatch. These watches have the find my phone feature, so you can instantly ping your phone and find it.

Since both of these watches have app stores where you can download various apps, I’d have to say that both of these watches win this round. If you wear your watch to bed in the morning, you’ll have a bunch of really interesting sleep metrics.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Unique Features

Galaxy Watch 4

Here’s where things get interesting because the Galaxy Watch has a body composition measurer. All you have to do is slide the watch up your wrist a little, press the two buttons with your index and ring fingers, wait a few seconds, and you almost instantly have your body mass index; I’ve also compared it to a professional one, and it’s fairly accurate.

Sleep Metrics app

If you scroll down in the Sleep Metrics app on your phone, you’ll see an option that says “Snoring,” These are all voice recordings of your snoring throughout the night. This one kind of blew my mind.

Walkie-Talkie app

Unique characteristics of the Apple Watch The Walkie-Talkie app is a fantastic feature that you can use to chat with anyone who owns an apple watch; it doesn’t matter where your friend is in the world. As long as their Walkie-Talkie app is active, you can chat away through your watch; that’s epic, but to weigh it up, both have very different unique, useful features, so again both win this one.

Media & Gifs

Now let’s talk about media. With the Galaxy Watch, you can see an image from a message that contains an image, but not with the Apple Watch.

The same thing also applies to gifs, so if you visit the gallery on either of these watches with Apple, the gif won’t appear; however, Samsung will play it.

Spotify & Play videos

Fortunately, both of these watches come with Spotify, have almost identical features and are incredibly easy to use. You can control all of your music from your wrist.

But what if you wanted to watch videos on your watch? With Samsung, you can download the Wear Videos app, which connects to your phone so you can access any videos therein and watch them from your watch on your wrist. I mean, this is so cool.

The galaxy watch 4 can handle more media and even play videos from your phone, so it wins this round. In contrast, the apple watch lacks features like these, and the only way you can view a video on your watch is if someone sends it to you via iMessage.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Straps

Apple Watch Series 7

It’s time to talk about straps, and with the Apple Watch you can change straps quickly and easily by simply clicking and holding down on the button on the back, sliding out the strap, and then sliding it back in. I honestly don’t think it could be any simpler, so switching up your watch strap with Apple is a breeze.

Galaxy Watch 4

On the other hand, Samsung is a little trickier on the back; you really need to get in there and pull this tiny lever, which, I’ll admit, is a mission, before shimmying out the strap. Works much like traditional watches; it’s not as simple as pressing a button, but at least you have the option to change things up.

Although both watches have interchangeable straps, Apple wins because it is much simpler.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Voice Assistance

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4

Okay, both bad boys have voice assistants, which is uncommon enough. With the apple watch, Siri activates with a simple click and hold of the crown. You can ask her anything, like how to spell subscribe, and she’s quite helpful 90 percent of the time. The apple watch also has this cool feature whereby Siri will automatically listen to and respond if you lift your wrist and say something.

As you can see, the galaxy watch functions similarly. If you click and hold down on that button, Bixby will activate, and you can ask her anything from there. Samsung has promised that google assistant will be available on the watches soon, but since it isn’t yet, this award must go to Apple.

Apple Watch Series 7 VS Galaxy Watch 4: Battery Life

Regarding the battery, both of these watches have over 300 milliamp hours, though the Galaxy has slightly more capacity. What’s cool is that both watches have a power-saving mode that is incredibly easy to switch on and off.

When I tested these watches and compared the battery life, they were essentially the same, so both of these watches won this round. They both have wireless charging and can charge fairly quickly, which is awesome.


The 41mm GPS-only Apple Watch 7 starts at $399, the same price as the 40-millimeter Apple Watch 6 with GPS.

There is also the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The 40mm Bluetooth model costs $199, while the 40mm LTE model costs $227.00.

Apple Watch 7
  • 41mm GPS
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4
  • 40mm Bluetooth


Finally, the Apple watch series 7 is superior to the Galaxy watch 4. The Apple watch series 7 is simply the best option for users of iPhones, and the Galaxy watch 4 is simply the best option for users of Samsung devices. Either way, both watches are incredibly amazing, and you’d be thrilled with either one of them, for sure.