Beats EP Vs Solo 2: Which is More Worth to Buy?

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Both the headphones are from the same company which is Apple Beats. But, there are some differences in sound quality and also on features. You can get a clear decision after you look out a detailed review of both these headsets.

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Beats EPBeats Solo 2
Minimal design.
Not as bass heavy as other Beats products.
Playback controls work nicely (on iOS).
Powerful, distortion-free audio with boosted bass and bright highs.
Lightweight, comfortable fit.
Inline remote control and microphone for mobile devices.
Still clearly skewed towards emphasizing the low end.
Build quality is questionable.
3.5mm cable is not removable.
Can not skip between tracks on Android.
No folding hinges or swiveling ear cups.
Uncomfortable headband.
Big bass sound isn’t for purists or anyone seeking flat response.
Slightly overpriced.


ModelEPSolo 2
Headphones Form FactorOn-earOn-ear
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output Modestereostereo
In-Cord Volume ControlYesYes
TypeheadphonesUSB 2.0, headphones
Connector Typemini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-polemini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
Audio Controlsvolume
ControlsRemote Talkvolume
Weight6.56 oz7.58 oz
Run Time12 hour(s)
FeaturesFine-tuned acoustics for the clarity and depth you expect from Beats.

Durable, lightweight design reinforced with stainless steel.

Battery free for unlimited playback.

Adjustable vertical sliders for a personalized fit.

Take calls and control music on your iOS devices with RemoteTalk cable.
Updated acoustics enhance clarity.

Streamlined lightweight design for improved comfort.

Durable and compact folding design for easy portability.

Take calls and control music on your iOS devices with RemoteTalk cable.

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Detail Review:


Beats EP

This the base model of Beats by Dre and also the least expensive one out of all the Beats headphones. Even though it’s least expensive, the sound and the comfort and everything is just nice as the name and popularity of Apple Beats.

Beats Solo 2

This is currently the replacement for the Beats Solo HD. Beats claims these have updated and improved acoustics. This one now comes under mid-range which is $150 and it also features wireless, so it will be worth buying at this price range.

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Beats EP

This is an amazing headphone with a very nice structured design and very comfortable and very stretchy. This one is available in four colors, blue, black, white, and red.

They are made of stainless steel and plastic and are very durable and believe me they are very well made. Instantly, you can tell how high quality they are. Beats say they are made for life.

The frame that attaches to ear cups is made out of steel and from each side there’s the beats logo firmly designed. One thing I would change all these beats would be the cable. The cable is flat and is attachable to the headphones. So, if you accidentally tear out the cable somehow you’ll need to replace your headphones with a new path. I would love the cable to be much thicker and maybe be wrapped by a material that doesn’t stack on skin or clothes.

In aspects of design, these Beats are remarkable except the cable. If you get this one, just pay attention and keep them with a lot of care.

Beats Solo 2

It gives an almost identical look to the new Beats Studio while of course retaining the Solo HD smaller footprint. It is slightly larger than the Solo HD however and like most of the Beats, they come in quite a few colors. You have black, red, white, blue, pink, and silver and it should be noted that black is the only color that features the red accents. It shares many of the same design cues from the larger Studio such as a more curved look, a high-gloss finish which is quite the fingerprint magnet. This has larger and more padded ear cups and not to mention the overall design of the ear cups with nice red accents.

Much like the new Beats Studio, it offers improved build quality and mini C build quality as beats weakest point but that shouldn’t be a concern with the new design.


Beats EP

The first thing I noticed is how adjustable they are, no matter what head size you have, they will fit. They don’t only bend and flex wide but also have adjustable vertical sliders which allow for personalized comfort. Earcup pivots are also flexible to a less degree. They are wrapped in leather and are well cushioned. On top, there’s a plastic material used and there are the name Beats on it. Inside is a nice feeling rubber out a soft and very comfortable.

I found them very comfortable using for a long time which is like three to six hours while editing and I usually keep my glasses on when I stay in front of my computer and they fit extremely well.

Beats Solo 2

The curved headband won’t allow for snapping as easily as the original flat version. I’m honestly not too confident in the quality of the hinges found on beats, however, as I’ve noticed over time they usually become pretty loose. I’m afraid that this may be an issue here as not much has changed with the hinges but it’s still far too early to determine whether or not that will happen.

Solo 2 has everything needed to be comfortable headphones. The curved and adjustable headband should be a good fit for anyone with a normal-sized head and even those with a Jimmy Neutron thing going on. The ear cups offer a great amount of padding for the ear and actually has a really great seal around the ear even though these are considered on the ear headphones. Although all of this sounds great, I found these to be pretty tight on my ears. While this definitely helps the headphone to feel secure and with sound isolation but after a while, it became a bit unbearable especially since these ear cups are pressing down on them just about all of your ear, it’s a similar discomfort to that of the mixers but these have much better ear cups.

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Beats EP

The packaging is what really sells, Beats by Dre stands out when it comes to packaging. In the box, you get together with the headphones and a carrying pouch, you’ll also get a quick start guide and warranty card.

Beats EP stands for entering premium sound. This model is the introduction to beats by Dre, the base model, the cheapest of all the budget headphones you can get from Beats. These are wired and don’t work wirelessly. These retail from beats for $130 and now it’s $80.

Along the cable, you’ll find the remote control as well which works perfectly. On androids, the only thing that won’t work would be the volume up and down, anything else will like answering, declining calls, bringing up Google assistant, changing tracks with two quick presses which go forward the track or three quick presses which go back a track and pause the music. On the end of the cable, there’s the 3.5-millimeter jack which also marks the signature of Beats.

Beats Solo 2

Included with the Solo 2 is a single cable with remote talk controls, volume controls as well as the play and pause feature work with most Apple products and just play and pause for Android. The cable features an L-shaped input which is great as it won’t bend in your pocket and it’s high enough to work with mobile device cases.

This comes with a dumbed-down version of the Solo HD travel pouch. There’s no longer a handle on the case to hold it by, the case itself does offer some decent protection but you still have to be weary of impact damage and putting too much pressure on it. I also wish they didn’t remove the inside pouch, so cables would have a spot inside of the case. Beats definitely took a step backward with the accessories as they only include one cable, a dumbed-down version of the travel pouch, and not even a microfiber cloth.

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Beats EP

The audio quality is the topic that concerns the most. They sound good with every genre of music especially rock, pop, and rap. The bass is still strong but not overwhelming and the highs though with very little details don’t distort which is good and still sound crisp and clarity is very improved to their previous generation. They cancel noise better than most earphones even though they are not actually noise-canceling.

Beats Solo 2

Beats took a similar approach to what they did with the new Studios and focus a bit more on clarity. Bass is more controlled and doesn’t cause the music to sound muddy or drowned out. The sound is definitely more polished without sacrificing too much bass and it doesn’t offer the clarity to the levels of the new Beats studios or the V-Moda XS.

I think these are great for genres like rap, hip hop, dubstep, pretty much anything bassy but I do wish vocals had a bit more presence but these still sound good nonetheless. Overall, Beats is definitely headed in the right direction with these tweaks and upgrades and I’ll definitely take overall better sound quality with a slight hit to the bass any day but don’t misunderstand just because they’ve controlled the bass a bit more doesn’t mean you won’t feel it.

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In these two, one is wired and the other is wireless. I think both sound great and features well. You can enjoy both headphones. I think you can get Solo 2 if you have a budget because it’s also wireless and the sound is also way better than the Beats EP.

I think as a package, Solo 2 is worth it. You’re getting good build and sound quality and a very nice-looking headphone. I don’t think it’s for everyone but I think the average music listeners should definitely enjoy these and they’re worth the try.