Beats EP Vs Solo 3: Which is Better For You?

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You all know that Beats are one of the premium and popular headphones in the headphone world. Also, both these are popular and most selling headphones. Beats Ep is least expensive in Beats and Solo 3 is a premium headset and before make a decision which is better for you, take a look at a detailed review of both the headsets.

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Beats EPBeats Solo 3
Minimal design.
Not as bass heavy as other Beats products.
Playback controls work nicely (on iOS).
40-hour battery life.
Light and comfortable.
Ridiculously simple pairing.
Still clearly skewed towards emphasizing the low end.
Build quality is questionable.
3.5mm cable is not removable.
Can not skip between tracks on Android.
No folding hinges or swiveling ear cups.
Uncomfortable headband.
Sound not to everyone’s taste.
Quite expensive.


ModelEPSolo 3
Headphones Form FactorOn-ear
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output Modestereostereo
In-Cord Volume ControlYes
Connector Typemini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-polemini-phone stereo 3.5 mm 4-pole
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, volume
ControlsRemote TalkVolume, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous track
Height7.8 in
Weight6.56 oz7.58 oz
Run Time40 hour(s)
FeaturesFine-tuned acoustics for the clarity and depth you expect from Beats.

Durable, lightweight design reinforced with stainless steel.

Battery free for unlimited playback.

Adjustable vertical sliders for a personalized fit.

Take calls and control music on your iOS devices with RemoteTalk cable.
Apple W1 Chip: Beats and Apple are changing the way you listen to music with the introduction of Apple W1 technology in Beats Solo3 Wireless. Incorporating the incredible W1 chip brings seamless setup and switching for your Apple devices, amazing battery life, and 5-minute Fast Fuel charging.

Up To 40 Hours Of Battery Life: Put it on repeat and stay unplugged all day thanks to the new Apple W1 technology, which brings 40 hours of battery life, 5-minute Fast Fuel and seamless setup and switching for your Apple devices to the new Beats Solo3 Wireless.

Award-Winning Sound: This headphone delivers premium playback with fine-tuned acoustics that maximize clarity, breadth, and balance. The comfort-cushion ear cups buffer outside noise for immersive sound so you can experience music the way it was meant to be heard.

5 Minute Charge = 3 Hours of Playback: With Fast Fuel, 5 minutes of charging gets you 3 hours of playback when battery is low.

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Detail Review:


Beats EP

These are the least expensive pair of headphones you can get from beats right now. They almost seem old-fashioned compared to most headphones that are being released. You won’t find active noise cancellation here, they’re not wireless, and they don’t have a lightning connector if you’ve got the new iPhone either.

Beats actually claim that being battery-free as a feature almost as if they invented the first pair of Wired headphones. You can pick up the EP headphones for one $80 and while they’re not cheap, they do feel really well made and they sound great.

Beats Solo 3

This one is expensive and also has the premium features for the price and worth the price to buy. The design is as same as the Solo and Solo 2 and also we can say the sound is almost the same as Solo 2. The features make the difference from Solo 2.

beats ep 1 (1)


Beats EP

The headphones are available in four colors blue, red, white, and black. The body is a mix of matte plastic and metal. My first impression of these was how well-made they felt. They have a nice and solid feel and they have some heft to them as well. They won’t fold up as the solo 2 do. The headband is a mix of plastic and rubber, there’s the beats name on the top and inside is a nice feeling rubber that has just a bit of padding on the top. The headband is a firm but smooth glide when you adjust them, there aren’t any clicks. It gives it a nice premium feel.

The frame that attaches to the ear cups is actually made out of steel which gives us headphones a much nicer look and feels than if they were made out of glossy plastic. They do a good job of flexing and since they aren’t all plastic, they don’t creak. The rest of the design is subtle matte plastic with the beats logo on each side.

My only real complaint with the beats EP is the cheap feeling cable I wish they went with a sturdier fatter cable, otherwise, I think beats did a great job. The build quality and feel are top-notch and they’re extremely comfortable for on your headphones.

Beats Solo 3

I got the special edition black which without all the marketing fluff is just a regular matte black color option. Anyway, it matches the iPhone 7 in black perfectly which is obviously why this color was made and they also have a more traditional glossy black to match the jet-black iPhone. So, the headphones are mostly plastic but still feel really high-quality with a good weight.

These headphones feel a little bit plasticky. But, all the materials they used are premium quality material and feels durable. For this much of price, you can expect durability and that’s what they give us.


Beats EP

The ear cups pivot which gives them a comfortable fit and makes a nice seal over your ear. They’re wrapped in leather and have a good amount of cushion.

The ear cups do a good job at making a nice seal over your ear to block some of the outside noise and the cushions feel very comfortable on your ear but they do get a little warm. They don’t really allow your ears to breathe, so you might find your ears getting sweaty after long use.

Overall, the headphones fit great and they feel comfortable. They don’t clamp down on your ears as much as some other headphones do. For the most part, they sit securely in your head but they don’t stay in place as well as over the ear headphones. I feel that I could shake them off my head when you move your head side to side, they wiggle around a bit but you don’t have to worry about them actually falling off, they’ll stay on even if you go for a run. Even though I prefer over the ear headphones when it comes to comfort, I found using these to be very comfortable for long periods of time and they’ll also fit well if you wear glasses.

Beats Solo 3

The top of the headsets is fully covered by synthetic leather or fake leather which is not that much convincing considering the price. The headset can be foldable like Solo 2 which will be great for travel and carry. The headband is fully padded and balanced in padding, so it will not give you the pressure if you use these even for long gaming sessions.

If you are glass wearer, you will discomfort after a few hours of use but this will be on all on-ear headphones generally. Overall, this is fairly comfortable.

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Beats EP

In the box, you’ll find the headphones inside of a soft pouch. They don’t come with a hard case or a zippered pouch but the soft case is nice even if it doesn’t provide much protection for the headphones. Even though the headphones are very durable they still seem vulnerable if you’re going to throw these into a bag or travel with them.

When it comes to the cable, this is the only thing that feels a little disappointing. First off, it’s not detachable, Beats call this a hassle-free fixed cable. So, you can focus on the music but it’s very thin. I like the flat design of the cable but I would be worried that it would get and damaged. It’s reinforced at the earcup but even that doesn’t feel as substantial as it could be. I’m sure it’ll still be fine but it would have been nicer to see them use a more solid feeling cable.

There’s an inline control that is designed to work with iOS. There’s the volume up and down as well as a multi-function button to play or pause, you can answer or end a call and a long press will bring up Siri. Two quick presses will skip forward a track and three quick presses will go back a track, all of the controls except the volume work on Android devices. So, you can play, pause, skip tracks, and answer calls even long press to bring up Google Voice Search but the volume buttons don’t work which is androids fault by the way, not Beats.

Beats Solo 3

This has forty hours of battery life, great sound, and Apple’s new w1 chip for seamless pairing. You’re gonna pay a lot for these headphones which are around $200 now. They’re quite expensive.

The left ear cup has volume controls on the top and bottom and a play/pause button in the middle. If you press the middle button one time, it’s going to pause your music and if you press it down twice, it’s going to skip to the next song and if three times, it’s going to repeat the same song you’re listening to and if you want to get instructions from Siri or Google, you can hold down this button and it’s going to bring up.

If you look on the right ear cup on the bottom, you’ll see something quite odd, you’ll see a MicroUSB cable to charge. This is kind of odd considering that these headphones are marketed towards iPhone users and Beats has another line of headphones coming out the Beats X which actually use a lightning cable to charge. So, it’s kind of weird and kind of inconvenient that you have to carry around a MicroUSB cable to charge and pretty much what this tells me is Beats took the Solo 2 from last year and all they changed was the inside because if they’re going to make any changes to the outside, they would definitely have gotten rid of MicroUSB.

On the other ear cup on the bottom, there is an auxiliary input. So, if you’re an iPhone 7 user again you’ll have to use the adapter that came with your iPhone 7 because you don’t have a headphone jack. So, the button on the bottom of the right ear cup will show you your battery life and turn on and off the headphones. So, the fewer dots that are illuminated that means the less battery life you have and I never get less than three dots. So, the alleged 40 hours of battery life really does stand true.

I love seamlessly switching between my iPhone and my Mac for audio and not having to charge them every night because the battery life is fantastic. When you’re charging these in less time for you to get back to use. So, if you charge these headphones for five minutes, you get three hours of playback which is insane. The audio quality is just fine for me and because they’re wireless, you can walk throughout your entire house.

There’s a w1 chip in here, it provides functionality for iOS devices that basically allow it to pair to iOS devices very easily pretty much automatically but for Android is the same go to your settings pull out the Bluetooth connect your device and that’s a little bit tedious for us.

beats ep 2 (1)


Beats EP

There’s also a mic to make voice calls which works really well. You can hear the caller on the other end loud and clear, the caller on the other end was able to hear my voice perfectly as well but they were able to tell that I was on some sort of other device and not using my cell phone but the call quality is well better than most and it didn’t seem like I was off in the distance or on speakerphone.

Beats Solo 3

This Solo 3 wireless headset has a hidden mic on the right earcup which lets you take calls. Even though this one doesn’t have noise cancellation, it works well enough in the noisy public areas. This one passive isolation instead of noise cancellation and that works well enough. 


Beats EP

When it comes to sound quality, I think Beats did a great job here. There is definitely an emphasis on the low end but I think it sounds great for all types of music. For the most part, they’re very well balanced but the bass is thicker, the bass guitar feels fatter and the kick drum hits harder. Bass is responsive and tight and it won’t distort even at full blast.

The bass sounds great even at low levels too, mids are clear and vocals come through clean. These headphones have a very warm sound, there’s a little bit less detail in the highs but cymbals still sound crisp. The highs can get a bit harsh at full blast but they don’t distort. These headphones can get louder than average as well.

When it comes to soundstage, it isn’t all that wide but there is a good amount of stereo separation. You can easily pick out individual instruments in each speaker. The beats EP just lack a bit of presence they don’t have that open airy sound but if you prefer headphones with punchier bass, I think that trade-off is worth it.

Beats Solo 3

It’s really hard to explain sound quality since you can’t actually hear the headphones. The sound quality is crisp and clear with punchy mids and highs. The bass isn’t too intense like you’d expect from older Beats products and overall just very satisfied with the sound and it’s a nice step up from the solo 2.

When it comes to the headphones, there is no noise-canceling built-in within them. So, I can still hear outside noises and the only good thing is it’s very bassy. So, these work well for me in my music but there is no noise canceling on headphones.

I’ve tried out both the Beats Solo wireless 2 and the wireless 3. Now, when I tried both of them on, I don’t find that much of a sound difference. They both sound exactly the same.

beats_solo_3_ 2 (1)


You all know that the Apple Beats will definitely expensive, so that’s not new in this case. Both these sound great and great in the bass for their prices. There are some feature differences in these headphones for their price ranges. I think the Beats EP will be good to buy if you want a good sound and you will not get wireless technology and some additional features. If you have a budget of $200 and wireless technology with some premium features then you can buy Solo 3.