Google Pixel Buds vs Sony WF-1000XM3: Which One Has Better Features?

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This is the review of the comparison between the earbuds of two popular brands. When both are from popular brands the decision to choose the right one becomes difficult. Both the earbuds have some similar features and they lack some of each other’s features. To choose the right one you must know all the features they hold. So, go to the detailed review.

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Google Pixel BudsSony WF-1000XM3
Auto-pairing on Android is great.
Bluetooth 5.0.
Well-built and minimal design.
Charging case is easy to use and charges wirelessly.
Easy to use and sounds good.
IPX4 sweatproof.
Active noise cancellation works exceptionally well.
Audio quality is great.
EQ adjustment allows for musical tweaking.
Battery life is excellent.
Battery life is average.
They don’t isolate well against outside noise.
Get uncomfortable after about an hour of using them.
Only has AAC.
No waterproofing.
Frequent fliers may miss a cable option.
No wireless charging.
No on-earbud volume controls.


ModelPixel Buds
Headphones Form FactorEar-budEar-bud
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereo
TypeUSB (power only)Bluetooth, USB (Power only)
Connector TypeUSB Type-cUSB Type-C
Audio ControlsVoice assistantNoise-cancellation suspend button
ControlsVoice assistantNoise-cancellation suspend button
Width0.8 in
Depth0.7 in
Height0.7 in
Weight0.18 oz0.6 oz
Battery Life5 hour(s)8 hour(s)
Recharge Time1 hour(s)1.5 hour(s)
FeaturesVery comfortable

Solid audio

Hands-free Google Assistant

Long range

Excellent call quality

IPX4 sweat-resistant(splashproof)

Easy paring on Android phones

Superb case design and size

Case provides 3-4 recharges

Seamless translation technology

Affordable price
Voice assistant function (Google Assistant)

Industry-leading Digital Noise Cancellation

Touch controls

Sony I Headphones Connect for Android and iOS

Expert Reviews of Google Pixel Buds:

By HotHardware
Google’s done a really nice job with the new Pixel Buds. They offer good design, great sound quality, and seamless Google Assistant integration, plus easy setup and decent noise isolation. Comfort and battery life could be improved, and they lack active noise canceling. Still, like Google’s other devices, the Pixel Buds 2 blend the company’s hardware, software, and services in an effortless, delightful, and uniquely Google-y way. That’s no small feat. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then there’s nothing quite like the new Pixel Buds.

By Wired
I like the Pixel Buds for a different reason. One that’s not really quantifiable when looking at a spec sheet. These are made for the traditional AirPod buyer: someone who wants a pair of headphones that work exactly as expected, every time you use them. For that, they’re the best you’ll find for Android phones. Given the unmitigated disaster that was the first Pixel Buds, I’m thoroughly impressed.

By Mashable
Google’s new wireless earbuds beat the standard AirPods in a few key ways, but there’s still plenty of room for them to grow in future versions.

By Engadget
Google’s updated Pixel Buds are a revelation compared to the previous model. Not only are they true wireless now, but the smart features are reliable, the touch controls are easy to master and comfort is top-notch. Battery life is on par with Apple’s AirPods, but it’s well below average in 2020. Still, at $179, Google has a powerful set of earbuds for the Android faithful that really shine when paired with a Pixel phone.

By The Verge
At $179, the Pixel Buds are priced the same as Jabra’s Elite 75t earbuds, which I’d still personally pick over these for their more dynamic sound and because you don’t miss out on features depending on what phone you have. But if Google Assistant has a decent-sized presence in your life, you might be willing to make do with the downsides of Google’s new earbuds — lacking bass and the occasional swell in outside noise — for the convenience of being able to call upon it anytime, anywhere.

Expert Reviews of Sony WF-1000XM3:

I’ll get straight to the point. At RM 949, these earbuds are not cheap. For the most part, however, you get what you pay for. Of course, we have to take its price into account, so. Are the WF-1000XM3s good all-round true wireless earbuds? Sort of.Are…

The Sony WF-1000XM3 is a pretty solid offering and is definitely one of the best ones around among truly wireless…

By MobileSyrup
I’ve been using Sony’s latest wireless earbuds, the ‘WF-1000XM3s’, for more than a month and they’re fantastic. While I’ve experienced struggles with the earbuds, there’s one phrase that thoroughly explains my feelings about them: “Sony, take my money.”…

While these wireless headphones are expensive, if you’re looking for incredible sound quality, they’re well worth investing in. They offer an ideal balance between treble and bass, and the audio and noise-canceling tech can be tweaked to suit your…

By Andriod Central
I wouldn’t say reviewing phones is easy, but there’s a sameness to it. You unbox it, put your SIM in, set it up, and start using it as the phone before it. You do some tests — call quality, photos, maybe a drop test if you’re feeling bold — and…

Detail Review:


Google Pixel Buds

The pixel buds are not the total package, but a perfectly solid standalone set of earbuds that would make any Google ecosystem user extremely happy. We have to consider the $180 price tag, is it worth. I think for someone who uses Android and especially if they’re already using Google home devices, this is a no brainer.

Sony WF-1000XM3

The Sony WF-1000 X3 is one of the highly anticipated earbuds because the over-the-air version has done so well. In fact, it came in and gave Bose competition as far as noise-canceling goes, and even by the third version, some people will even say that at dethrone Bose as like the top noise-canceling headphone. These new inner versions are sharing the same HD noise-canceling processor. A lot of people have high hopes for these. They come for 230 dollars.


Google Pixel Buds

With design in mind, you can tell that Google has actually spent a lot of time here. They’ve done a great job creating a seemingly simple design blended with heavy functionality. The case itself is minimalistic. Resembling the style that Apple has been known for, but a little added flair with the matte black rim and the interior of the case helps Google to keep a distance from their popular competitors.

This design style extends to the earbuds themselves. The matte black and white keep the theme with a very low profile G to brand them. I’m very happy with the minimalist approach with the muted matte finishes even from what we’ve seen from other color options that will be coming soon. They went with a very toned-down color palette overall, it’s pretty clean.

google pixel buds 18

Sony WF-1000XM3

Here, the earbuds are made of silicone and foam both. The actual material used here is plastic. The first thing you’re gonna see inside the box are some of the manuals and paperwork. You also have plenty of ear tips to choose from. In fact, they included a small medium and large silicone ear tip, but also small medium and large foam ear tips as well. I found that the ones that came on the earbuds already fit me and I didn’t have to go through any of the others.


Google Pixel Buds

Google also got the touch controls, right with volume controls, with a simple forward or backward, swipe to go up or down. The touch controls are very sensitive and very easy to use. I found every time I clicked them, touch them to play-pause, skip tracks, activate hey Google anything like that, it all worked flawlessly and very easily super intuitive and well-executed.

In addition, the in-ear sensors performed great with autoplay and pause, when you pulled your earbuds out and put them back in. It was great for listening to audiobooks and podcasts and music over a long extended period of time, while still getting active with conversations and other business.

Last but certainly not least was the deep integration with Google services. This feature or set of features really I didn’t honestly know that I needed or wanted so badly. I’ve had earbuds and headphones that have the ability to activate my Google services but being able to just say hey Google or press and hold down the button to know that she’s listening to be able to give her a command was very simple and felt supernatural and very intuitive.

I’ll be honest, it did take me some time to figure out how I could implement this pair of earbuds. Once I learned the commands for reading notifications, controlling my music, starting phone calls, checking my daily schedule, and adding reminders, I quickly found out that I was able to interact with my phone without actually having to interact with my phone. This allowed me to stay more focused throughout the day.

With regard to function, Google added what they needed to sit them well in the field of competition. But, before testing the pixel buds I would have listed a ton of features I would have liked to have seen. However, after spending a week with them I’ve been very satisfied with what they have to offer.

Sony WF-1000XM3

You definitely want to make sure to download their app because the app is giving you controls over your ambient sound because these have the ability to allow sound in. It also has an auto mode just like the over there version, that will kind of sense what you’re doing and then kind of choose how much noise it wants to cancel out. You can also program what each of the buttons does on both sides. They don’t have a volume control, but you are able to play-pause, skip your tracks, forward, go backward.

You’re also able to control your smart assistant if you decide you don’t want to control your smart assistant, and you want to have it control your ambient mode, you’re able to do that within the app. Also within the app, you’re able to control your EQ, just like most of the Sony products going into the EQ, and setting it to excited mode is exactly where I want the music to be.

The buttons here are touch-responsive. So, it’s not an actual physical button right there, it’s a huge plus. They also advertise the HD microphones on here for clear phone calls. Seeing how these are priced, where they are and if they follow the route of the over the years, a lot of people that travel and that are on the go are going to be buying these, not only for just canceling out noise but also for being able to take calls as far as business calls and stuff like that.

Some of the things that I did expect and some of the things they didn’t put in there kind of confuse me. One of the things that are really confusing about these earbuds is Sony didn’t make the aptX capable. Although these do have something new called DSEE HX. Basically,  that is a digital enhancer. So, it’s gonna take like your music files and upscale it to as close to high-res as possible, and it is a very noticeable difference. But I still would have liked to have seen apt X and L Dec added to this.

Another odd thing that Sony left out is there’s no IPX rating on these. That’s not completely out of the norm, because I know like Apple doesn’t announce theirs. So, I’m not sure if these are water-resistant or waterproof, I would go ahead and say these aren’t waterproof or that’s probably something Sony would have been tried away. Outside of that, the technology is incredible.

I feel like it would have been nice to have you know another notch or two to be able to go up and I don’t know if Sony’s limiting that. So, that there’s no distortion but there are times where I wanted to turn these up a little bit more, but overall $230 is really steep. Although, I’m just confused about why Sony didn’t allow these to be compatible with some of the other Bluetooth codecs. I’m really confused as to why this case is not Qi wireless capable and I’m also confused as to what the IPX rating is on these.

sony wf1000 xm3 2


Google Pixel Buds

Battery life did pose a slight challenge for me. The 5 hours of battery life while listening to music or podcasts were spot-on and worked well enough for my needs. I don’t usually listen to anything over 5 hours straight anyway so, it worked.

Where I ran into some trouble however, it was when I was making phone calls and consuming media shortly after. The battery life dips quite a bit when you’re making phone calls and leaves little left over to continue directly playing music or podcast right after. So, keep in mind that if you’re mixing your audio with listening to or making phone calls you might have a problem with battery life for the long.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Thankfully, Sony decided to include USB-C. I’m glad they didn’t go the route of micro-USB so, this is a huge plus. Speaking of the charging cable, the battery life on these kinds of varies depending on how you use them. If you used them with noise canceling on, you’re gonna get about 6 hours, but if you decide to use these with noise canceling turned off, you’re gonna get about 8 hours.

Again that even varies depending on the volume level you’re gonna choose to use. The case itself is gonna give you an additional 18 hours. To be honest, I think the case itself is rather large, and I think that Sony probably could have even squeezed a little more battery life out of the case. One of the weird things is the case doesn’t support wireless charging.

google pixel buds 19


Google Pixel Buds

The sound quality has been fantastic with a clean overall sound signature. The blend of highs, mids, and lows was spot-on in almost every genre that I tested. If you’re a bass head, you might want to look elsewhere the pixel buds deliver enough bass to cover your music well, even hitting into some of the deep bass ranges, but are the brighter set of earbuds. So, if you’re looking for a brain-rattling bass you may be disappointed with these. When it comes to making phone calls, once again the pixel buds absolutely deliver. I was impressed with its mic.

Sony WF-1000XM3

The features are nice, the build is nice, the look is very clean looking earbud, but none of that matters if the sound is just crappy. I had high expectations going into this and usually, when I go that route I’m usually let down. I can say that these didn’t let me down at all. Two hundred and thirty dollars is a very steep price for earbuds especially, truly wireless earbuds.

The power beats sell for two hundred and fifty dollars and Sony’s just destroy the power beats as far as sound goes. To me, it’s not even close, but the way to explain the audio on this is it’s very crisp and clear. It’s not trying to just overpower you with bass, even though the bass is definitely prominent. It’s punchy but it has a very just overall balanced sound. To be honest, it’s really close to the Sennheiser momentum truly wireless earbuds.

Although, I feel the sony has a little more air in their sound, and what I mean by that is it just adding a little more depth in the sound. It feels like you’re in a bigger room. I’m not meaning that as far as to echo or anything like that, it just doesn’t feel like it’s as close in your face as a lot of the other ones. It is again really impressive because that allows you to have better sound imaging basically, where you can tell where sounds are coming from everything.

They just sounded great like vocals had no problem coming through on metal anything that just has a lot of stuff going on. A lot of earbuds that’s where they have problems like they can sound fun until they come across a genre where a lot of stuff starting to go on and then a lot of earbuds just can’t handle that.

One thing I do want to point out as far as the volume goes through is I honestly thought that it could stand to have a little more volume. Most of the time that I was listening to this, when I go back to look at my phone, I notice that it’s already like the volumes turned up as loud as it can. The microphone on these is not that’s special. I mean I guess you could take calls of these, but I expected something a little bit clearer.

sony wf1000 xm3 3


I’m going to say that there are some amazing earbuds between the $50 to $100 range, but if you want additional features, if you’re wanting excellent noise-canceling and a pair that is competing with basically the best of the best-sounding truly wireless earbuds, then the Sony’s are probably gonna be for you. But if you want IPX4 water-resistant and more comfort and if you want a pair of earbuds under $200 then you can definitely choose the Google Pixel Buds.