The Best Meat Grinders in 2022 [Buying Guide]

Best Meat Grinders

Would you like to purchase a meat grinder? In that case, this analysis will assist you in selecting a model with good performance and at a reasonable cost.

This article compares the top meat grinders available, allowing you to pick the model that best suits your requirements and price range.

I experienced the following: I used to purchase ground beef from the grocery store, but I thought it was very fatty.

For this reason, I decided to buy a meat grinder and take control of what I ate after reading a number of comments on various websites and blogs.

This appliance won me over because it not only lets me chop the meat to my preferences, but also because it can chop other foods like vegetables and seeds, making it a very complete and adaptable piece of equipment.

This article is for you if you experience the same thing as I did or if you already have a curiosity about one of these devices.

5 Best Meat Grinders

If you want the conclusion of my research into the top meat grinders, I’ll get right to it. Here is a comparison table of the traits of the top 5 machines available for purchase.

Chopper TypePowerCutting TimeWarranty
Geedel Meat GrinderManual🚫🚫1 Year
Edihome Meat GrinderElectrical2200W2 Year
Bosch ProPower MFW67440Electrical700 – 2000W3.5kg per min2 Year
Bosch MFW68660 1Electrical800 – 2200W4.3kg per min2 Year
OSTBA Meat GrinderElectrical500 – 2000W4.5kg per min2 Year

I recommend the OSTBA chopper to small-business owners who prepare food for sale. With its ability to chop 4.5 kg of meat per minute, it is the fastest of the five, reducing the time needed to prepare your meals.

The Edihome and the Bosch MFW68660 1 are the most potent. Both of them have a maximum power of 2200 W, so you can use them to grind even small bones without worrying about breaking them.

The OSTBA and the Bosch MFW68660 1 are the most comprehensive meat grinders due to their versatility. This refers to the fact that they come with a wide range of accessories to perform additional cooking tasks in addition to simply mincing meat, such as stuffing sausages, grating cheese or vegetables, chopping slices, and pressing fruits, among other things.

The Geedel is a good option if you’re looking for a meat grinder for occasional use. This manual model is simple to use, has a small size, and can be easily stored away when not in use.

Additionally, the Geedel meat grinder is the best if you frequently make donuts or churros. It is the only one of the five to have a unique accessory that allows the sweet dough to emerge in various shapes.

Best Manual Meat Grinders

I will start by showing you 3 manual choppers since they are the most economical and classic.

The Fastest Manual Chopper

Materials: stainless steel blades, cutting discs and handle, marble base, and glass funnel.
Accessories: sausage stuffer, accessory for cakes, cookies, churros, and donuts.
Fixing System: Base with suction.

The Geedel meat grinder’s mechanism appealed to me because it combines the actions of a multilevel auger and a cutting blade.

Compared to other manual choppers, this produces a spiral extrusion that is much faster. By doing this, you can chop the meat more quickly.

Depending on how you want your meat to turn out, you can choose between the thick or thin blade by lengthening the handle to make turning it easier.

Yes, any type of meat that is going to be ground needs to be free of nerves and fat because, in the opinion of many, if it has either of those things, the machine will jam.

And because its tank is made of glass, you must handle it carefully to avoid bumps and falls.

Additionally, I liked that it could be washed in the dishwasher and that all the parts were simple to assemble and disassemble. Not to mention that it can do more than just mince meat because it has various types of heads.

The Most Economical Mincer

Materials: Aluminum
Accessories: mortar and accessories for baking cookies.
Table fixing system: Threaded

This GSW manual meat grinder caught my eye in a meat grinders advertisement as the best deal.

Since its base can accommodate surfaces up to 6 cm thick, it is a small chopper that I suggest using if you plan to install it on a thick table.

Of course, you have to wash it by hand because if you wash it in the dishwasher, it turns black.

Buyers praise its effectiveness for mincing meat and the fact that it remains stationary while in use.

The Most Resistant Manual Meat Grinder

Materials: Stainless steel.
Accessories: 2 cutting discs of 4.5 and 8mm, sausage stuffer, stick.
Fixing method to the table: Threaded with fixing clip.

Because it is made of 304 grade stainless steel, I think this Hanchen Professional Manual Meat Grinder is of higher material quality than others.

Its cross blade and cutting disc are also made of stainless steel, but they are grade 420 stainless steel.

In other words, because they do not leave metal traces in the meat, they are stronger, more durable, and safer. This steel is also used in surgical instruments.

Furthermore, assembling it won’t be a problem for you because a video tutorial on Amazon demonstrates how to put the machine together step by step.

Just keep in mind that it is slightly more expensive than the other manual models and that you must cut the meat pieces into 2 cm pieces for it to grind properly.

Customers value that it is dishwasher safe and that it is securely fastened to the table by turning the fixing clip.

Best Meat and Other Food Grinders

We pass to the electric mincers. There are models that will allow you to chop meat and other foods .

In this function they are somewhat similar to kitchen robots but the mincers are simpler and cheaper. Do you want one of these? Here are 2 recommendations.

The Mincer with 2 Cutting Speeds

Material: Stainless steel
Power: 600W
Security System: Not specified

The almost professional cuts that this multipurpose Cecotec meat grinder offers for both meat and vegetables are one of its strongest points.

Additionally, the titanium coating on its blade, which is adaptable and removable, lengthens sharpening, boosts hardness, and extends its useful life.

In addition, you can use these blades with 4 or 2 blades and change the height of them to get different effects.

I must inform you as a hit that it does not come with accessories and that the plastic component connecting the motor to the blades is a hit.

Therefore, avoid grinding food that is too hard because it may break. And even though the manufacturer says it can crush ice, I wouldn’t risk damaging the blades by trying.

Its 1.5L capacity bowl, which can hold a substantial amount of meat, and the fact that you can wash it in the dishwasher are additional benefits.

Customers appreciate that it chops in both small and large amounts, has two speeds, and produces a variety of textures.

The Compact Mincer

Materials: stainless steel
Power: 350W
Security System: overheat protection function.

Because it has a 2L tank, which is larger than other models, I suggest this HOMEASY multifunctional electric meat grinder if you need to chop a significant amount of meat.

As it only reaches 350W, it is a little less potent than the previous one. However, you won’t experience any issues as long as you use it to chop meats, herbs, onions, tomatoes, ham, etc.

Additionally, it is quick because cutting vegetables takes six seconds and eight seconds for meat.

Of course, to prevent wear and tear and overheating, the manufacturer advises pausing for 2 minutes after 30 seconds of use.

Although buyers prefer a non-slip base, a sausage stuffer is missed due to the machine’s increased safety.

Additionally, I liked that it is dishwasher safe and takes up little counter space for storage.

Best Electric Meat Grinders

Now I am going to show you the most professional electric meat grinders in case you prefer a more powerful mincer.

The Most Powerful Electric Meat Grinder

Materials: Plastic base, stainless steel blade and accessories.
Power: 2200W.
Security system: not specified.

Thanks to the power of this Edihome meat grinder, you can mince more meat in less time and with professional-quality results.

Additionally, due to the reinforced chassis and trapezoidal design, it maintains stability while being ground.

It is one of the few products that has three different cutting blades, including coarse, fine, and medium, which is another reason I liked it. Additionally, because its motor has a forward and backward rotation.

Additionally, it includes a tool for making Kubbe and a stuffer with a 22mm diameter so you can make sausages that are the same size as those you buy at the store.

In spite of complaints from customers that it isn’t dishwasher safe, they claim it is simple to clean.

The Ideal Electric Meat Grinder

Materials: plastic base, stainless steel blades and grids.
Power: 1300W.
Security system: not specified.

One kilogram of meat can be minced every minute by this Moulinex ME205131 Saratov meat grinder. Therefore, it is ideal for families with 4 or 5 members.

However, keep in mind that because it lacks a bowl, you will have to pour the minced meat, which means you must continue to watch it, and that it lacks a sausage stuffer.

Additionally, the manufacturer makes no mention of whether it can be put in the dishwasher, so it is best to wash it by hand out of an abundance of caution.

Customers also mention that it works well for grinding bones, chicken necks, and carcasses and that it does not overheat even after being used for a long time.

The Safest Chopper

Materials: stainless steel.
Power: 2000W.
Security system: not specified.

The most flexible option is this Nictemaw electric meat grinder, which chops, grates cheese, vegetables, fruits, and even allows you to make cookies using its stuffer.

Due to the inclusion of 3 cutting plates and 4 different types of drum blades—thick, thin, and fine—you can also achieve various textures in the cuts.

The fact that all the components that come into contact with food are made of food-grade stainless steel is what I appreciate the most.

I must mention the manual’s shortcomings: it is only available in German; it weighs 4kg; placing it on flimsy countertops is not recommended; and you must wash all of its components by hand.

The purchasers assert that using this machine to make sausages is very simple, and they have even done so.

The Electric Meat Grinder with Extra Accessories

Materials: stainless steel.
Power: 2000W.
Security system: not specified.

This Klarstein Kraftprotz electric meat grinder is unique in that it has a copper motor, which is advantageous because it manages energy more effectively and helps to reduce electricity use.

Kibbe, a pusher, a worm, and a large tray for you to pour the meat to be minced or already minced are included as sausage-making accessories.

Furthermore, its blade enables a fine minced. Because of this, many consumers agree that it is ideal for making sausages and other cold cuts in general by mincing meat.

However, I find it annoying that there are only English and German instructions, and that the pieces turn black when placed in the dishwasher.

Other than that, I appreciate that its interior has rounded edges because it makes cleaning easier.

The Safest and Most Professional Electric Mincer

Materials: stainless steel body, blade and plates and copper motor.
Power: 500W.
Security system: thermostat and circuit breaker against overheating.

This OSTBA meat mincer performs five tasks: it minces meat, stuffs sausages, makes kubbe, chops and grinds fruits and vegetables, and strains tomatoes.

It has three plates and four blades so that the cuts of your food can have various textures and finishes.

Of course, you have to wash it by hand rather than in the dishwasher, and I should also warn you that it makes some noise.

Due to its three-circle extrusion technology, which processes the meat without destroying the fiber, it also sets itself apart from the competition and ensures high consistency.

Customers also adore it because they can choose between slow and fast speed.

The Best Meat Grinder for Large families

Materials: stainless steel base and parts, copper motor.
Power: 700W.
Security system: not specified.

Because it grinds 4.3kg of meat per minute, I suggest the Bosch Hogar MFW68660 meat grinder if you prepare food for sale or meals for family and friends at home.

So, once that minute is up, you’ll have enough meat to make up to 20 dishes.

Additionally, it has 20 functions that you can use to stuff sausages and process various types of meat, fish, cheese, and vegetables.

Because the disc and the cable are kept in an integrated compartment, it has a system that enables fastening and doesn’t require as much storage space.

However, you cannot put its parts in a dishwasher; as a result, you must wash them by hand.

Additionally, consumers appreciate that it falls under energy efficiency class A, which means it uses little electricity.

Best for Grinding Chicken or Rabbit bones

Materials: metal.
Power: 1600W.
Security system: not specified.

I appreciate that the Kenwood MG510 meat grinder has a switch that can be turned backwards in case of a blockage or to obtain a finer grind.

It comes with 2 nozzles for sausages and other cold cuts and has a button to turn it on and off. includes three cutting discs as well.

It is also heavier (weighs 5.33kg) and more robust and resistant than the others due to the material used, making it unsuitable for the dishwasher.

Additionally, buyers are thrilled that it can grind bones and grind up to 2kg per minute, making it a favorite among people who feed their pets a BARF diet.

Which Meat Grinder You Should Buy? My Recommendations

Now I am going to leave you with a series of recommendations, a little more specific, so that you can choose which grinder is best for you.

Which is the Cheap and Best Meat Grinder?

The GSW meat grinder is the best option for those on a tight budget because it performs well and costs less than $25.

It is manual, so you will need to turn a crank to grind the meat. It is lightweight because it is made of aluminum, and it doesn’t take up much room in your kitchen.

Which is the Best Professional Electric Meat Grinder?

I believe that the OSTBA meat mincer is the best option for getting professional results. This mincer has a 500W copper motor that is energy-efficient, a great extrusion system to grind the meat without losing consistency, and 74 percent positive Amazon reviews.

Which Grinder is Best for Making Sausages?

I suggest the Edihome sausage-making machine. Since the stuffer has a 22mm diameter, you can make sausages that are the same size as those you can buy at the store.

Which is the Most Complete Grinder?

The Bosch Hogar MFW68660 mincer, which offers 20 functions to chop meat and other foods, is the one I think is the most comprehensive. Additionally, this can grind up to 4.3kg per minute, making it perfect for big families.

Don’t miss this guide where I go into great detail about how to mince meat at home both with and without a machine if you still have questions about the process.

Which is the Safest Meat Grinder?

The OSTBA meat grinder, which has a built-in thermostat and a circuit breaker to prevent overheating, is the one I believe to be the safest.

Which is the Best Manual Meat Grinder?

The Geedel mincer, out of all of them, is the one I think is best because it has a multi-level auger that, when used with the cutting blade, speeds up the meat-chopping process.

In order to prepare the best meat dishes for yourself, your family, and friends, I hope I have assisted you in choosing the kitchen tool you require to mince meat. Enjoy your shopping!