Blue baby bottle vs Shure SM7B

Blue Baby Bottle vs Shure SM7B: Which to Buy?

This is the review comparison between two microphones i.e. Blue Baby Bottle and Shure SM7B. Both are successful microphones and they are from well-known brands. With different features and designs, both the microphones are great sounding mics. The price of both the microphones is almost the same. To know the difference and which one suitable for you, do refer to this comparison.

blue-baby-bottleShure SM7B
Blue Baby BottleShure SM7B
Gives Vintage look.
The output is high.
It’s Well-balanced.
Different and attractive styling.
The clarity for a variety of sound sources.
A Number of applications are more.
Great on electric instruments.
Quite and Reasonable.
Excellent vocal reproduction.
Works without external shock mount and pop filters.
Cheap for a broadcast-quality mic.
Off-axis and internal noise rejection.
The pop filter included not enough for louder vocal use.Expensive.
Requires a decent mixer or preamp.
Cannot be used as a handheld microphone.


BrandBlue MicrophonesShure
Product LineBlue Microphones Baby BottleShure
ManufacturerLogitechShure Inc.
Recommended UseProfessional audio
Microphone Technologycondenserdynamic
Microphone Operation Mode cardioidcardioid
Sensitivity39.8 mV/Pascal
Microphone Power Source Voultage (DC)48 V
Frequency Response20 Hz50 Hz
Signal-To-Noise Ratio83.2 dBA
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Max Sound Pressure134 dB
Audio Input DetailsCardioid – 20 – 20000 Hz – Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Recommended UseProfessional audio
Specific ApplicationsInstrument , vocalvocal
Additional Functions
Diameter2 in
Width3.78 in
Depth5.81 in
Height8.8 in7.47 in
Weight14.46 oz27 oz
FeaturesWarm, classic sonic signature that flatters an array of voices and instruments.

High output with richly detailed frequency response.

High-pass filter and -20dB pad for ultimate versatility.

Works great with home studio USB audio interfaces.
Flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural reproduction of both music and speech.

Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display of response setting.

Improved rejection of electromagnetic hum, optimized for shielding against broadband interference emitted by computer monitors.

Internal “air suspension” shock isolation virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission.

Highly effective pop filter eliminates need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds, even for close-up vocals or narration.

Detail Review:


Blue Baby Bottle 

About the blue baby bottle, you may think it’s an odd name but it’s a bottle-style microphone and it doesn’t look like much of a baby but it’s the baby version of it, the real bottle microphone from blue is about $5000. So, this one is a less expensive version. This microphone is suitable for users who like to recording vocals, drums, and acoustic instruments. It is a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone that captures warm vocals and lends a presence to electric guitars. It gives classic sound and amazing versatility.

Shure SM7B

The Shure SM7B is one of the most popular microphones for pretty much all purposes. People love it for broadcasting, podcasting, streaming, filming youtube videos, singing, and, so much more and its worth is around $400. The SM7B is built to capture smooth and warm vocals that connect the speaker to the listener. It includes bass roll-off,  wide-range frequency response, and, mid-range control. This microphone is especially liked by professional musicians as gives clear recordings and it has a premium construction.



Blue Baby Bottle 

The blue baby bottle is beautiful and pristine looking. The microphone definitely has vintage look inspiration in the design. There is XLR on the bottom for your nice analog interface. The microphone really feels nice, it will feel nice in your hands. It has a metal body which is definitely vintage-inspired in the design. For those who don’t know, this microphone has the weirdest-looking USB part you’ll ever see. You cannot plug this into your computer instead you have to plug it into a mixing board or into an audio interface, and that can be really annoying sometimes.

Shure SM7B

The exterior design consists of metal and this microphone is pretty hefty as it feels sturdy in hand, but it’s actually not really that hefty, there are other microphones that feel denser than this one. The build is so very good on this one and it already has the best pop filter slash one screen, you will actually come across. However, one complaint about the build is that pesky little wire that hangs off the microphone, no one really talks about it at least not from what I’ve heard and it’s probably because it doesn’t matter but some people may not like the seemingly vulnerable cable is so exposed like on the microphone. It will make me much more afraid of handling it for sure unintended. This microphone also comes with a great shock mount that is made out of metal just as the entire microphone is already constructed of that exact same material. Also, you are going to find some switches on the bottom.



Blue Baby Bottle 

The Blue Baby bottle comes in a wooden box that is really amazing. When you will open the normal box there is a blue sticker, then you get a monolith which has the shock mount that holds the microphone so, you know if there’s any vibrations or movements in the room or if something bumps the stand the mic stand you know this stuff, the shock mount or cradle has the bungee cords in it to absorb said vibrations to keep the sound cleaner. So, that’s another thing that helps. The pop filter is missing so you will need to buy a new pop filter. The good part about this is the wooden box which is amazing and is red in color. In the wooden box, you get the Blue Baby bottle.

The blue baby bottle looks pretty blue and it is a large-diaphragm studio condenser microphone and it actually has a high-pass filter and a -20 decibel pad. So, we can do things like, let’s say there was a little bit of background noise like an air conditioner or something flip a switch and you can remove that sound without any post-processing. However, you can absolutely do post-processing with this microphone or you can run it into a mixing board like a Behringer x32 or something else. The volume knobs actually blink when a signal is being picked up on the right focus. So, that’s really nice feature.

Shure SM7B

The unboxing part is pretty cool, the first slide off the cover to find the white box then cut through the tape to open up the lid and on top, you’re going to find a bunch of documentation and a layer of foam. When you will lift that up, you will find the Shure SM7B and a cover for the switches on the back. You will also find an additional windscreen for it but it won’t be used for these purposes at all, we won’t be needing it.

Whether you want enhanced mids or if you want especially less low end or if you just want to keep this completely flat you got a ton of options there, since you’ve got two switches on the bottom of the microphone to play around with the frequencies, that you can actually alternate between and change how the frequency graph is going to look when you speak back into this microphone which is actually super cool and it’s a pretty unique feature of this microphone in particular.

The last thing is its mounting system which is going to be on the bottom and the XLR port right next to it. This is a cardioid dynamic microphone with a frequency response of 50 hertz to 20 000 hertz and an impedance of 150 ohms. This microphone is going to be incredibly quiet as it can take up to 180 decibels of gain which is insanely high actually.



Blue Baby Bottle 

For using this microphone you will definitely need a good stand as you will not feel comfortable in the shock mount. To connect this microphone to the computer you will need XLR cable and from XLR cable to interface and from the interface to the computer like that your analog connection will be done. After that you will see the USB light in the interface then you have to configure it with Audition. Then you will see the name of the interface you are using in the options on your computer, you have to just detect it in the right way. Then you have to turn on the phantom power, turn up the gain. There are 2 inputs, input 1 and input 2 so, you can actually spill over the USB. Then you will get the signal, if you gonna turn that down all the way or turn it up all the way that won’t do anything because that monitor dial must actually be monitoring somewhere else. The actual signal we’re sending in the computer just must be dependent on our gain fader. If the gain fader is turned all the way down, it will still get a signal. So, you can’t go all the way down on that thing and that’s interesting. And if it’s not touching the red you got to reset that warning and check it properly.

This microphone sounds good and once you put some processing on there to give it a little more texture and a little more punch then it’s gonna sound even better. Don’t listen to this microphone directly through any type of input monitoring because it will really sound good after recording it properly. The Baby Bottle definitely has that warmer sound and if you will listen to it from even closer you would be able to notice there’s less of a noise floor less background noise with this because we have the filters built-in on the microphone i.e. low-pass filter and high-pass filter.

Generally, if you don’t have the pop-filter you need to be careful by going close to the microphone but in this, as you will move closer to the capsule you will definitely get way better results without a pop-filter. This microphone sounds really freaking good without post-processing and even without a pop filter. The warmth of this microphone really sounds amazing.

Shure SM7B

This is just going to be incredible, you will be very happy with the results overall. But it won’t suit everyone really all that well however, you can try for your satisfaction. You can also try that how this microphone sounds like with the bass roll-off switch on, I’m not a fan of this config not necessarily because it will specifically work against your own voice from what you will be hearing back even though not entirely, but it doesn’t really do that many favors but how it sounds natural is more preferable for me. It will also sound good if you do a little bit of EQ on the flat setting without increasing the compression at all and left it as it is, just raises the lows a little bit as well as the mids, this would be a more flattering sound at least for me. But you will definitely like how the microphone sounds by default.

It handles plosives incredibly well and to the point where you won’t even hear any either which is incredibly impressive. This microphone does a very good job at rejecting other noises like you can test with a super loud Ac in the room and this microphone does that more solo than virtually any other microphone tested so far. With the presence boost, it will make you sound brighter for sure.

When you will listen to this microphone completely unfiltered with your voice with its flat setting what it microphone sounds like, you will absolutely love the sound of this microphone and this is still going to be a very quiet microphone by default so, you will have to increase the gain and boost but this microphone offers a very natural and clear sound that still sounds so ideal for podcasting and things of the like. You will be very impressed with this microphone and just one listen will show you that what separates this microphone from the rest of the competition.

Some things that might bother you about this microphone is the fact that the cable on the microphone is completely exposed, not because it will ruin your shot because it doesn’t, but because you have to be especially careful with it so, that it doesn’t tear by accident or anything like that. This is a $400 microphone after all so we cannot let this microphone get damaged. This microphone is very gain hungry as well and very much more than any microphone you will test. while 200 Yamaha mg10x2 mixer can power it enough for you to be fine and when it comes to recordings and just being able to raise it in boost while you’re working with this microphone in a live streaming scenario, it might not be totally ideal because you may not have that much control out of the box and in that case, you would strongly benefit from a cloud lifter or something like that.

Shure SM7B


The price of both the microphone is the same but both have a different sound quality and both are amazing microphones. So, if you’re looking for a good analog microphone solution to do pristine warm sound and you want to treat sound very seriously then the Blue Baby Bottle sounds like the way to go all right. Overall, I just think it’s awesome. Shure SM7B is great, due to the way it handles the plosives which it does a better job at, and sound rejection as well which it also does a better job at, in my opinion, this is why everyone loves this microphone and I will definitely recommend it. Both are amazing it totally depends on you that what kind of features are you looking for in a microphone.

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