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Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 vs JBL Reflect Flow: Which to Buy?

This is the review of the comparison between the Cambridge Audio Melomania and the JBL Reflect Flow. Both of these earbuds are budget-friendly. To know which one is good to buy at their price range, go to the detailed review.

9.1 Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 19.2 JBL Reflect Flow 1
Cambridge Audio Melomania 1JBL Reflect Flow
Excellent battery life.
Audio quality is among the best among wireless earbuds.
Excellent build quality.
Reasonably priced.
Flawless wireless performance.
Powerful audio performance with intense bass depth.
IPX7 waterproof rating.
Fit to secure ears.
Good detail.
Good for sports.
Great battery life.
Bullet-shape doesn’t fit that well in my ear.
Supplied ear tips don’t seal enough to get decent bass.
Not great phone call quality.
Micro USB charging.
Bass-boosted sound signature not for purists.
No app support for customization. MicroUSB charging.
No volume control.
Lacks EQ.
The carrying case is a bit big.


BrandCambridge AudioJBL
Headphones Form FactorIn-EarIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
TypeBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth
Audio ControlsControl Volume, Track Skip, Play/Pause, Voice Control & Calls
Width2.3 in
Depth2.0 in
Height0.9 in
Weight0.16 oz
Battery Life 9 hour(s)10 hour(s)
FeaturesUP TO 45 HOURS PLAYTIME – Up to 9 hours playback without recharging these Melomania ear buds. Case battery can fully recharge the earbuds 4 more times. 30 minutes to charge earbuds; 2 hours to charge the case via micro-USB (cable included)

ADVANCED CONNECTIVITY – Melomania 1 connects with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This true wireless headset has a superior connection with no drops in signal and a long reach with your device up to 90 feet. Supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP

WIRELESS EARBUDS FOR IPHONE, IPAD AND ANDROID – Easily pair with smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Voice Assistant Compatible with Siri (iOS) and Google Assistant (Android)

WIRELESS EARBUDS FOR IPHONE, IPAD AND ANDROID – Easily pair with smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Voice Assistant Compatible with Siri (iOS) and Google Assistant (Android).

POWERFUL PERFORMANCE IN A COMPACT PACKAGE – Each ear bud weighs just 4.6g. Carrying charging case weighs 37g. Case dimensions (closed) 2.3-inches x 2.0-inches x 0.9-inches.
Powers a week’s worth of workouts or a full day of fun with up to 10 hours in the earbuds plus an additional 20 (max) in the charging case. A 10 min rapid charge gets you back in the game for up to another full hour.

Better comfort and customization with ergonomic silicone tips and patented Freebit™ enhancers, available in 3 sizes.

The IPX7 Waterproof rating enables you to get through the toughest workout in any weather.

Detail Review:


Cambridge Audio Melomania

The Cambridge Audio Melomania is currently retailing for around a hundred dollars. The sound, the build quality, and the battery life are really impressive in these. These are one of the budget-friendly earbuds available in the market.

JBL Reflect Flow

The JBL Reflect is from one of the larger audio companies. These earbuds are retailing for a hundred and fifty dollars. It’s available in a bunch of different colors.

9.2 Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 1


Cambridge Audio Melomania

You get a nice charging case, it’s got quite a good snap and solid hinge. Outside the case, there is a little LED light indicator, it means twenty percent charge for each one, so it shows how much life it’s got. Once you place the earbuds in the case, it will start charging. The case is small and fit straight in the pocket. It’s not bulky or bold, it will literally just slide straight in like you don’t even know it’s there which is always nice. It does come in two different colors one is like a half white creamy gray color and the black ones. There is a micro USB port on the case for charging the case.

JBL Reflect Flow

On the back of the case, you have the micro USB input. Below that there is a little bar that has lights that lets you know the battery level of the case. This case is amazing and the whole build quality of it is brushed like aluminum and it’s trimmed in maybe like a silicone type rubber, where if you drop it and it hits the ground, this is not gonna be something that shows a lot of scratches. Also, the way the earbuds go in there is really satisfying like a quick click, when the earbuds go into the case.

The earbuds also match up with the case having that same look. It has that very clean aluminum look, trimmed in black. The earbuds themselves have actual buttons instead of touch responsive. For some people, that’s not a huge deal but the button is actually easy to push. You just have to fund like the right location, it’s not one of those where the button kind of covers that whole circle.


Cambridge Audio Melomania

The earbuds here are nice and little with the silicon ear tips. As these are small they give a perfect fit. These give a good seal which is also useful in not letting in the outside noise. There are also some additional ear tips of different sizes. If the one which comes with earbuds doesn’t fit you, you can use any of the other additional ear tips that come with it.

JBL Reflect Flow

The ear tips with the ear wings, it’s really hard to find a set that is comfortable at first. These were very uncomfortable in my opinion at first. But I found out the perfect fit from the additional ear tips and ear wings coming with the box at the same time, that might not work for everybody.

9.2 JBL Reflect Flow 2


Cambridge Audio Melomania

The earphones come in a little and impressive packaging. Inside the box, there will be your charging case, your earbuds, charging cable, some manual instructions, and it also has extra little silicon ear tips. With the Bluetooth on the earbuds, they can work with a slave. If you use only one earbud, that using one will be connected to your phone or device and the other earbud will cling to the other.

As far as connections go, these take only a few seconds to get connected. The paring process is very simple. Open up the case, take out the earbuds, keep the Bluetooth on in your device and it will get connected. When you use one earbud only, it will take a couple of seconds and then your phone will then automatically connect to the earbud that you using while the other one is in the case.

JBL Reflect Flow

This pair has some pretty impressive features. It does have Bluetooth 5.0. It is IPX7 waterproof, so if you are sweating more this is one of those pairs, you don’t have to worry about it. Inside the box, the first thing I can’t figure out because this is a brand new pair that came out in 2019 is somehow it comes with a micro USB cable. That’s not a problem for a lot of other people I just wish them to be USB-C.

As far as your controls, the button on the earbuds themselves pretty much controls everything except for your volume. You have track control, you have the ability to answer or refuse calls, you can summons your smart assistant, and it also has an ambient aware mode. So, if you are out running and you get into a busier part of town, where you’re gonna be crossing the streets and you want to be able to hear things around you or maybe somebody’s coming up to talk to you, instead of actually having to pull the earbuds out you can simply put it in an aware mode and carry on a conversation while leaving your earbuds in and that comes in handy and pretty much several different situations.

There are mics on both sides so that you’re able to do the stereo calling. You can use that obviously with both earbuds but if you’re wanting to use this independently, you can only do it with the right earbud. The microphone quality on the JBL reflects picks up very well, extremely clean, especially considering these are waterproof which usually affects the microphone quality this one is pretty good.

9.2 feature image


Cambridge Audio Melomania

With the case, itself these holds 36 hours worth of battery in it. With the earbuds, you get nine hours of playtime. You can save the battery by using only one earbud while the other one is charging in the case. This way you can save your battery life and extend it to so long. Charging on these is done through the micro-USB.

JBL Reflect Flow

The battery life on these is really impressive. The earbuds themself get about 10 hours, where the case will give it an additional 20, so you’re looking at 30 hours total. The fact that you can get around 10 hours on a single-use before having to put them back in the case is really nice. If you do happen to pick the earbuds up and they are dead, it does have the quick charge feature, where you can charge it for 10 minutes and get an hour’s worth of use and that always comes in handy.


Cambridge Audio Melomania

The sound on these things is amazing. There’s a very plain crisp sound above, and great highs, mids, and the lows. The bass is very bassy. The Beats Solo Wireless one was a bit more bassy than these. But these have the cleanest of the sound, but the crispness just wasn’t there compared to these claims. Still, it sounds pretty good at this price range.

JBL Reflect Flow

The sound on these definitely reflects JBL’s signature sound, which is really full and dynamic. It sounds a whole lot like JBL’s over the ear headphones. They have that same similar sound but what’s impressive is, they have that same bass impact without them actually having to be around your ears. A lot of earbuds can give you bass but to give you that full bass, that you most of the time require over-ear headphones, but in these, that’s what makes these stand out to me.

It also stands out because, with the JBL signature sound, the treble is also boosted as well. As far as the mid-range and this kind of plays into with the sound imaging, mids come through very well, they have a nice presence, female and male vocals are really clean. The one thing about these earbuds like if I had anything to be able to describe them in one word, it’s just clean, like the bass is powerful but it’s clean and it doesn’t roll over into everything. The treble is bright but it’s clean, it doesn’t distort, and it’s not earing fatiguing.

The mids are very solid, it comes through has a lot of presence but it’s clean. Even with it having that dynamic sound, these also have the ability to let you hear where things are coming from. One thing I found with other earbuds is when earbuds have that dynamic sound, a lot of time you lose that ability to hear where sounds are coming from. To have an open sound but also have a dynamic sound, it is really nice and it’s also just unique with these earbuds.

9.2 JBL 4


If you are looking for a pair of earbuds for daily use, then you should buy the Cambridge Audio Melomania because these are more comfortable than the JBL Reflect Flow. But if you are looking for a pair of earbuds with great sound quality, then you should buy the JBL Reflect Flow because these sound better than the Cambridge audio Melomania.

Expert Review of Cambridge Audio Melomania:

By SoundsGuys
The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 true wireless earbuds are a great alternative for listeners who stylish earbuds with solid battery life. Bluetooth 5.0 firmware paired with AptX and AAC codec support results in reliable connection strength and high-quality audio. If you can overlook the micro-USB charging and dubious fit, they’re a solid truly wireless contender.

By TechAdvisor
There’s really very little to complain about with these amazing true wireless earbuds from Cambridge Audio. Not only are they cheaper than most big-name rivals, but they also offer longer battery life, some neat features, and overall excellent sound quality too.

By TechRadar
The Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 wireless earbuds simply blew us away, with a sound performance to rival even the best over-ear headphones. Cheaper than the Apple Airpods, they’re a fantastic option for anyone who wants audiophile sound quality without the wires.

By Pocket-lint
It’s rare to find such a complete pair of earphones at such a low price point, especially in the wire-free category. With Cambridge Audio’s first untethered in-ears you get superb sound, convenience, reliability, and stupid long battery life, for less than the price of any big-name rival.

By Trusted Reviews
While they’re not the most attractive pair of in-ears, the Melomania 1 boast better battery life than Apple’s Airpods and are far less expensive than Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless. This puts them in the sweet spot for anyone looking for an affordable pair of true wireless in-ears. Considering what they do, the Cambridge Melomania 1 are talented beyond their price

Expert Reviews of JBL Reflect Flow:

By goodhousekeeping.co.uk
These wireless headphones were comfortable to wear, simple to use, and sounded great, with a good balance of treble and punchy bass. They’re also good value for money. The hooked-ear design ensured they stayed secure, even during vigorous movement. This,…

By PCMag
The exercise-focused JBL Reflect Flow true wireless earphones deliver deep bass and long battery life insecure, waterproof design.

By Best Gadget Guides
For a fair price, JBL’s Reflect flow earphones offer boosted bass and crisp highs in a waterproof in-ear design. That leads to better battery life than most of the competition. We would have been more enthusiastic if we had an app with EQ to adjust it to a bit less, but otherwise, there is no big grip here. Aside from the excellent sound, for any athlete-worthy fit, the JBL reflective flow is similar to the five-star Jaybird Vista and less expensive.

By Tech Jio
JBL comes with really great features – 10-hour battery life, IPX7, secure fit, and great bass boosted dynamic sound, all in a package that costs S$239. It might seem a little expensive but if you’re looking for a solid pair of workout wireless earbuds, I think this is a pretty good choice for you to consider. They really fit so securely in your ears it takes some effort to get them out of your ears.

By HeadphoneCheck
JBL’s Reflect Flow is a convincing powerhouse with a round, rich bass tuning that delivers powerful sound both while playing sports and in everyday life. While volume control and the support of high-quality audio codecs have to be dispensed with, the completely wireless in-ears score points with a very stable fit and successful Ambient Aware and TalkThrough modes.

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