Corsair HS60 Vs HyperX Cloud 2: Which To Buy?

This is the comparison between the Corsair HS60 and the HyperX Cloud 2 headsets. Both are good headsets but the price and the features are very different. Check out which one you want to buy.

Corsair-HS60- 2(1)Hyperx cloud 2
Corsair HS60HyperX Cloud 2
Good audio.
Solid and sturdy build.
Surprisingly good microphone.
Plush memory foam.
Great sound quality.
Luxurious finish.
Thoughtful extras.
Big price increase compared to the HS50.
Headphone cord doesn’t detach.
Flimsy carry case.


ModelHS60Cloud II
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
Sound Output Modestereo
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz15Hz–25,000 Hz
Sensitivity111dB +/- 3dB98 dB
Impedance32 ohm60 Ohm
Diaphragm2 in2.1 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz50Hz-18KHz
Width6.3 in
Depth3.9 in
Height8.1 in
Weight11.25 oz11.29 oz
FeaturesUltimate Comfort: Plush memory foam and adjustable ear cups provide exceptional comfort.

Premium Build Quality: Legendary CORSAIR build quality featuring rugged metal structural components ensure long term durability.

Precision Gaming Audio: Specially tuned 50mm neodymium speaker drivers bring superior sound quality with wide range and accuracy.

Crystal Clear Microphone: Optimized unidirectional microphone reduces ambient noise for enhanced voice quality and is easily detached for use on the go.

Epic Surround Sound: The included USB adapter unlocks virtual 7.1 surround sound on PC delivering immersive multi-channel positional audio that puts you in the middle of the action.

On-Ear Control: Easy access on ear volume and mute controls for adjustments on the fly. Multi-Platform.

Compatibility: Use on PC, Xbox One*, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Discord Certified: Play with the confidence that your microphone and audio drivers have been tested and evaluated for crystal clear communication and outstanding sound.

CUE Control: CORSAIR Utility Engine (CUE) software gives you full control over your headset’s features through an intuitive and simple to use interface.
Advanced USB audio control box with built-in DSP sound card.

Hi-Fi capable with 53mm drivers for supreme audio quality.

Hardware-driven virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Comfortable, 100% memory foam on headband and leatherette cushions.

Intuitive volume control on headset ear cup.

Compatible – USB connectivity for PC & Mac. Stereo compatible with PS4, Xbox One and mobile.

Xbox One stereo adapter required; not included.

Expert Reviews of Corsair HS60:

By Guruof3D
The big question, then, must be whether the extra 25-30 USD on the HS60’s over the HS50’s, and are they cheap enough to warrant a look over the Void series? Well, to my mind, it’s a very easy ‘yes.’ Admittedly, the extra money spent on gaming…

By Gear Diary
Over the past week, I began and finished my first custom PC build (look for my upcoming article detailing my experience and insights). Intended for everyday use, yet powerful enough to handle the major AAA game releases for the foreseeable future, I…

By Nikktech 
Although we never got our hands on the HS50 we know that it’s basically the same headset as the HS60 minus the USB 7.1 surround sound card/adapter and so we know for a fact that CORSAIR released both models as more “affordable” alternatives to their…

By LanOC Reviews
So overall what do I think of the Corsair HS60? Well, I’m really digging the classic styling, this is a lot more like the Corsair audio products that I know like their original speakers. Dropping the focus on being flashy looking and just focusing…

Where could you go wrong with this purchase? The HS60 is a nice upgrade over the HS50 “With an MSRP of just $49.99 (at the time of this review), the HS60 STEREO redefines what is possible in an entry level gaming headset by offering comfort, audio…

Expert Reviews of HyperX Cloud 2: 

By Techspot 
For me, it’s between the Kingston HyperX Cloud II and Polk Striker P1 Multiplatform. The HyperX Cloud II looks and feels better in my opinion, but you have to use USB audio instead of your sound card if you want the inline control box. When spending this much on a headset we’d rather not have to choose between having less features or lower quality audio.

The HyperX Cloud II is attractive for many reasons, including its modular and comfortable design, premium build quality, great 7.1 surround and stereo sound, and affordable price. It’s also great for laptop gamers since it obviates the need for a dedicated sound card, and overall is one of the best headsets I’ve ever used.

By Enos Tech 
When all is said and done, the HyperX Cloud II headset offers the full package. As mentioned, they only thing that tops their quality looks is the quality of the performance which comes at a very fair price when considering other options currently on the market. The Cloud II is a well worthy headset and its versatility only helps to make sure you get the most from them possible.

By WCCFtech 
Then it struck me. That comic book I bought so long ago, it was so cheap and yet I got so much enjoyment out of it. I don’t want to use the word cheap because that has some negative connotations to it, but the value it provided for the price was genuinely amazing. The Cloud II’s are the same and at this moment in time, they are without a doubt my favorite headphones for gaming and general PC usage.

By TheStraitsTimes
The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is one of the most well-rounded gaming headsets on the market.It is a very comfortable and understated headset, backed by solid construction and performance. It is also pitched at a price that will not break the…

Detail Review:


Corsair HS60

The design and the comfort and also the build quality is very good in the headset. The sound of the headset is also good enough and good to use for gaming but the mic quality is not as much as expected for this price. 

HyperX Cloud 2  

The design and the comfort is the same as the other cloud series headsets but it’s also good. The sound of the headset and the mic is also good and there are more flexible features to use the headset.

corsair-hs60- 3 (1)


Corsair HS60

In my opinion, I think that these headphones are some of the best looking gaming headphones to come out in a long way. The previous series of Corsair are void headphone, they’re like triangle and it just looked kind of funny. I know that many people like that kind of design but I just didn’t like the look. To these on the other hand, I think these look great.

I think some things are especially good about the Corsair HS60 are they have a solid build and material quality. The headband is soft and stitched in place rather than being glued. They’re quite stylish, the headband is actually made out of metal leading me to expect more life out of these than any other pair of headphones.

HyperX Cloud 2  

This is not only does it feature a metal frame, some have very plastic key arms when it comes to the adjustable arms and the swiveling. The ear cups are billet aluminum, they are tough and they are not going to get damaged. You also have a nice stitched leather and black and red stitched headband on the top.


Corsair HS60

While they don’t swivel, they are a great fit for me and don’t fall off easily at all. Unlike Logitech which will fall off without much time. I haven’t felt a bit of discomfort even when playing for long periods of time. The sound stage is great, getting the full body directional sound any game.

The padding and the material used for the ear cups and headband and everything is fine with the comfort. You can use this one for any long hours of gaming sessions.

HyperX Cloud 2  

This has a nice and soft foam for comfort for long gaming sessions. There are two types material ear pads are coming with the headset. The leatherette and the fabric one, I personally don’t like fabric pads. It kind of makes me get itchy and so I don’t really enjoy that.

hyperx-cloud-ii- 6 (1)


Corsair HS60

These headphones come with a detachable mic, a 3.5 millimeter to USB adapter, impact 7.1 surround sound, great cable implementation, 50 millimeter audio drivers, volume wheel, mic mute button.

Cord is slightly too long for regular out about headphones and is a little too short for gaming headphones at your desk. Also, the mic mute button is pretty crappy and even gets stuck sometimes. You can’t replace the ear pads. From my personal point of view, I really don’t care for the rubber cord. I would much rather it be wrapped in some type of fabric, the rubber on this cord is kind of sticky.

HyperX Cloud 2  

You get an extra set of ear pads. You have got a detachable microphone and included with it is also airplane plugs. The airplanes kind of separated the sound from left and right, so you have to use their headphones almost like a DRM of audio on the airplane, they include that in case you wanted to use.

The headphones do not have a detachable cable at all from the earphone itself but the microphone is detachable. All the prople want to have one set of headphones that’s versatile, can do everything they need, it can play your music or you can do VoIP or chat in your games and it’s gonna go with you wherever you go and you have one set that can do everything.

You’ve got your dongle which does have a clip and it’s a nice long cable there, so you could clip this even to your waists. This terminates into a USB 2.0. To use this headphones something else whether it be with your cell phone or smartphone or mp3 player, this actually plugs in to the dongle and it has the three-way plug on there. So that you could use it with a smartphone and also utilize the mic. I love the modular aspect to this headset.

Now one of the things I like about the inline control system is it does have a slider mute on the side but it also has not only volume up and down for the headphones but it also has volume up and down for the mic. In this, you also have a 7.1 surround button which turns this into a simulate 7.1 which is actually not that bad, I tried it out in battlefield and the moment you press it, the environment seems to go from very closed to very expand it. The nice thing about this is it’s all plug-and-play, you don’t have to install any sort of HyperX software to make it all work, It works onboard.

corsair hs 60 4 (1)


Corsair HS60

The mic is detachable and the mute button is black on the side of ear cup to mute it. As thgis headset has detachable mic, it will be convenient that whenever it’s not in use we can remove it  and also it can be used as regular headphones without mic. 

The mic sound is no that good, the volume level of the mic is very low. The mic works little bit well in blocking out the background noise but when the volume is very low, the other features for the mic will not impress the people.

HyperX Cloud 2  

This microphone that although not bad, it’s not great either. It does sound a little bit modulated a bit compressed which is kind of normal for gaming headsets. With as much technology as crammed into this headset, it makes sense so that something would have to suffer a little bit and the microphone tends to usually be that thing, that is going to suffer.

I also notice that the audio levels seem a little bit low and even if I turn the microphone up as high as I can, the audio levels came up a little bit which is kind of good.


Corsair HS60

They sound pretty good. They have at stock settings a really flat soundstage, so you don’t get high spikes anywhere in the frequency range but I mean, you can adjust that through software. I even listen to music on these headphones and they actually work really well as regular headphones. Now they still are made for gaming, so I wouldn’t exactly wear them to outside or anything but they make for good headphones to regular headphones.

They have a good balanced sound stage of stock setting and can even be dialed in to suit your preferences using Corsair software. They have pretty good 7.1 surround sound implementation and strong frequency response that makes them a solid performer for gamers.

HyperX Cloud 2  

I found myself using 7.1 quite frequently but I don’t like 7.1 simulate. However, I found this to actually be usable. So, you may like it but if you don’t want the 7.1, you can just turn it off and then you’re in purely in stereo mode. I did find it to be somewhat accurate when it comes to simulating locations of noise and sound when it comes to games which definitely comes in handy and things like twitch shooters or FPS shooters.

When you go into the control panel, you’re actually locked out if any sort of levels control. You can’t change anything in there, it’s all done through software and through the driver for the headphones.

Considering the versatile, it sounds pretty damn good. The audio is good, the bass is pretty clear, the mids and highs are very sharp, and then when you go into 7.1 surround mode, it sounds great in gaming but music sounds terrible as you would expect music to sound in 7.1 but the cool thing is once you plug this into an mp3 device and you get stereo anyway, there’s no 7.1. If you listening to music on your machine, I would highly recommend turning off the 7.1 simulate and going purely with the stereo which is going to sound a whole lot better. Now overall, the sound is pretty warm.

hyperx cloud 2 5 (1)


Which headset to buy is will be as per your prefernce because both the headset are good but the price of the headsets are very different. The HS60 will come around $50 but the mic quality is not that much good and the sound of the headset is kind of fine. The Cloud 2 comes around $80 and the flexibility to use and the sound of the headset and also the mic is good. So, if you have the budget of $80, choose the Cloud 2, otherwise the HS60 is also good but the quality differs as per the price.