Creating a Stylish and Functional Study Space for Students

When creating a functional space for students, most educators, parents, and living space designers face the problem of limited space. Still, it does not mean that you have to live with compromises or keep things cluttered. The best solution would be to pick the most essential elements and determine the most fitting style. While the most important is to keep the study space comfortable, one must learn how to diminish getting bumped into objects and create a private space. The learner must have a distraction-free zone where one can stay organized and avoid academic clutter! 

How to Create a Stylish and Functional Study Space for Students

– Keeping Your Desk Tidy. 

While the desk will always occupy the most important part of the study space for a student, the most important is to keep things tidy. Since an average learner will have numerous lecture notes, textbooks, scanned pages, and USB sticks floating around, it’s easy to feel chaotic. A helpful solution would be to use the under-desk space wisely by hiding all the chargers and cables that often get lost. The same is true for hanging shelves where the books can be stored without getting in the way. Now, if you still cannot find something and complete a task on time, consider checking GrabMyEssay as a solution. This way, you can share all that you can find with an expert and submit your assignment on time.  

– Storing Your Laundry. 

Even though being a bit messy can be considered cool, it’s still critical to keep your dirty laundry away as you study or invite a friend for a movie night. You can use special laundry boxes with covers that can be used as a bench or a chair. When you add a custom cover on top and keep your room tidy, it will help you allocate more free space and always know where to store the clothes that you have to change. 

– A Special Place. 

The study space must be functional by offering a spacey desk and an armchair that fixes your stature. Now, it’s far not everything, as we also have to stay inspired and remain stylish. Think about creating a special place in the room that reflects your inner passions. It can be a rock star corner or a place where you can store precious gifts, favorite books, or postcards. 

– Friends Zone. 

Even if you are extremely limited in terms of free space, you still have to allocate a special zone where you can sit next to another person. Although a party might not be possible, it’s still necessary to keep things away from your study space. A possible solution would be to divide things by using a two-sided wardrobe (shelf) or by using false panels from various materials, including bamboo, papyrus, and wood. 

Adding More Light is Always Essential! 

The golden rule is to provide sufficient daylight in the room, especially for the study space. This way, a learner can avoid fatigue and eliminate the sense of anxiety and depression. While the room may already have an excellent lamp, a useful trick is adding additional LED lights for students by focusing on specific places. It can be the mindmap on the wall, a wallpaper with deadlines, a bookshelf, or anything where we rarely have enough light. Choosing LED light, it’s safe to focus on the white light within the 2700-3000K range to keep things relaxing and use it for the evening times or before going to bed. If you add smart lights, you can also impress your friends while always being stylish and cool! 


Olivia Evans has spent years visiting campus rooms and universities all over the world. As an educator and analyst, she loves to explore all the aspects of modern studies and seek helpful design tips. Follow Olivia to keep your learning inspiring and brainstorm various ideas.