Education on the Go: Tech Tools for Student Lifestyle Enhancement

With the advent of technology, education is no longer confined to a classroom’s four falls, and there are virtually limitless options for learning and entertainment. But this doesn’t mean the educational sector doesn’t face hardships. With the recent pandemic disrupting the education sector in many ways, better coordination is needed to navigate through the chaos and ensure steady progress.

Thankfully, many are taking steps in the right direction. For one, there is no stopping giant corporations from coming up with innovative tech tools designed to enhance our daily lives. To help you better understand where modern education is headed, we look at some top-notch tech tools for student lifestyle enhancement. From innovative tech solutions for a more eco-friendly lifestyle to AI tools that help us form positive habits- we cover it all. The importance of STEAM education for kids cannot be overstated. It helps to foster an interest in science and technology, as well as encourage creativity.

Study Planner Pro

Say goodbye to strewn sticky notes and chaotic schedules. Often hailed as the best virtual assistant, Study Planner Pro empowers students to take charge of their academic lives and make scheduling a breeze. You can easily create individual study programs, set reminders for crucial deadlines, and monitor your progress.

Apps like Study Planner Pro are essential for anyone struggling to make the best use of their time. Not all students are expert multitaskers, and many find it hard to navigate themselves through never-ending assignments. Tech tools can be extremely handy to ensure you never forget your plans, be it consulting the Writing Universe professionals to craft flawless essays or attending an important examination.

Habit Tracker 2.0

Building constructive habits is a crucial component of a healthy student life. But the modern world is filled with instant gratifications and constant allures, making it hard to maintain positive habits. This is why many students opt for tech tools like Habit Tracker 2.0 to help them get motivated, create objectives, keep track of daily progress, and receive individualized advice. 

If you’re also looking to take your habit formation to the next level, Habit Tracker 2.0 can become your dependable partner. Whether you wish to develop a regular workout routine or form a reading habit, this cutting-edge app has a lot of help to offer.


Prior to the Covid-19 epidemic, around four billion people took to the skies each year. Although the effect of commercial travel on the climate is still less than the combined impact of other industries, passenger air travel is the source of the greatest and fastest-growing individual emissions each year. As students often travel a lot, they should be aware of the impact their travel is causing to adopt a more discerning and environment-friendly mindset.

This doesn’t mean all travel has to stop. Thankfully, there are myriad digital tools out there designed to help people reduce their carbon footprint. MyClimate lets users estimate the carbon impact of their flights. The app’s user-friendly interface allows you to enter your trip information, including the airports of departure and destination, and get an estimate of the carbon emissions related to your journey.

Thanks to this understanding, students can feel more motivated to take additional steps to lessen their carbon footprint in other aspects of their lives. MyClimate is undoubtedly among the best tools for students to promote a sense of personal accountability. It can enable them to make more sustainable everyday decisions.

Summing Up

In our fast-paced environment, students are always on the move. Amid hectic schedules, they find it hard to save substantial time for deep research in a library. Constantly on the move, they increasingly rely on educational tech tools to improve their education and lifestyle. Whether waiting in a Starbucks queue or stuck in a traffic jam for hours, tech helps students engage in any learning activity they like.


Olivia Evans is a high school student advisor and blogger. Olivia spends her days researching the best practices in education and personal development to help her students make the most of their college lives. In her free time, Olivia writes educational blog posts on diverse topics that stir her passion.