20 Inspirational Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen has actually come to be of the best trends, and also it’s not surprising because such design makes any kind of space comfortable, warm and inviting. A kitchen is a place where everyone gather to prepare, eat and speak, so it’s often the heart of your home, and creating it in farmhouse style is a fantastic choice.


Contemporary Rustic Farmhouse

The L-shaped kitchens are always awesome and multi-functional. This kitchen is the inspiration for the large farmhouse. Dark wooden floor with open and white cabinets are looking pretty cool. The backsplash is also white. Mostly L-shaped kitchens don’t have islands.

Fairfield Modern Farmhouse

This U-Shaped Kitchen is Huge. The Concept of an open kitchen with a light wood floor which is very cool. The interesting thing in this kitchen is farmhouse styled sink. White cabinets and some steel appliances with white backsplash are giving the feel of the farmhouse kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse 

This modern kitchen is very small. Tiny kitchens are very functional. You will have storage problems also. Farmhouse black floor with white open cabinets and white countertop. This rustic ladder is looking so cool for this kitchen.

Eat-in Style

This eat-in style farmhouse kitchen idea with yellow cabinets, metallic backsplash, and steel appliances. The island is covered with table and chairs, so you can say no island in this kitchen. It’s so cool to eat where you cook.

Island Drive

The Huge farmhouse galley with open concept idea. The mixture of white and wooden cabinets is like two toned kitchen. The backsplash of this kitchen is of white polished bricks.

Modern Barn

This Kitchen is a two-toned, Wooden floor, ceilings and some beams with white cabinets. Wood with white is a very great combination. Giving a touch of black on the countertop, hanging lamps and on chairs is giving the feeling of the luxurious kitchen. In addition, open windows to make your kitchen airy.

Hale Navy

Medium Tone wooden floor with navy blue cabinets is a great combination. The sink is farmhouse styled. White countertop with this matching rug is looking like the expensive kitchen. Window blinds and steel appliances, it will give you feel of the industrial kitchen.

Kitchen Makeover

In this kitchen, shaker cabinets and white cabinets are the main interesting thing. White backsplash and steel appliances with big island is a really cool idea. In addition open windows to feel airier.

U – Shaped

If you are looking for new build or rebuilding your kitchen in a large space, then u-shaped will be best. These kitchens are multifunctional. Dark wooden floor, steel appliances, multicolored backsplash, and these hanging lamps are representing as farmhouse kitchen.

Glass Door and Open Display Cabinets

In this kitchen, mustard color cabinets with copper and teak countertops. This kitchen style is for small space. The yellow backsplash is looking so cool. Opening windows make you attached with nature.

French Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen is styled french. This L-Shaped kitchen with open shelving. It doesn’t have an island. The wooden floor is giving a rustic feel. The backsplash is not in a major role here.

Beach Style Farmhouse

This kitchen idea with open cabinet, white backsplash, stainless steel appliances, and an island. The large kitchen always gives you the beach feel.

Natural features

The interesting thing in this kitchen is the middle table which has a glassy countertop with natural wood. Steel stools giving the industrial feel. The island of this kitchen is not too big, but it’s perfectly working here.

Cottage Farmhouse Kitchen

The reddish table is the eye-catching thing in this kitchen. You can also say that this kitchen is very vibrant and colorful. The structure of this kitchen is like a hut. Green and white chessboard on the floor will make you feel like you should have a game of chess in the kitchen.

Green Farmhouse

Green is connected with nature. This will make you feel that you are cooking in a garden. Using wooden appliances will make you feel like that you are surrounded with trees. Use plants and open the windows, you will get a more natural feeling.

Comfy Farmhouse Kitchen

This kitchen is like traditional meets contemporary with a touch of farmhouse. In this kitchen, there are 2 backsplashes one is blue polished bricks and another side is raw bricked. White cabinets and the sink is giving the feel of farmhouse style.

Red Color Block

This kitchen is mid-sized and the main highlight is the red cabinet. Red with wood is looking really awesome. Steel appliances make you feel like that you are in a modern kitchen.  The backsplash of this kitchen is of white bricks.

Suburban Farmhouse

This is again mid-sized U-shaped kitchen. The Wooden floor color is matching with the ban.  This navy blue backsplash with this color of the wood makes your eyes vibrant. White cabinets and steel appliances make your kitchen modern.

Steel Windows

Black slate floor is looking too classic. Steel glasses make this kitchen luxurious. The backsplash of this kitchen is in the hexagon styled with light brown shade. The island of this kitchen is also big.

All Around Farm

This concept of the kitchen is open. Here, the whole house is farmhouse themed not only the kitchen. Almost all the appliances are made of dark wood. The backsplash of this kitchen is metallic.