Logitech G613 vs G915: Which Should You Buy?

I’m going to review the Logitech G613 wireless keyboard today, so I wanted to share my thoughts about how it works for me and whether or not you should buy it. The G915 is awesome. I’ve been using these small keyboards, like membrane keyboards, for a long time, but the G915 is so pretty, and the colors pop out. The illumination is also bright, and a wireless RGB keyboard’s battery life is excellent.

+ The model provides stunning wireless versatility.
+ The typing experience is fantastic.
+ It is compatible with most platforms.
+ It has remarkably low latency.
+ The Romer-G Tactile switches are precise and perform opulently.
+ The model comes with the exceptional build quality.
+ The unit has customizable RGB backlighting.
+ It offers dedicated macro keys.
+ It has low profile mechanical switches providing immense accuracy and speed.
+ The battery working life is close to 30 hours on a single charge.
The keyboard has no backlighting.The model does not come with a wrist rest.

Logitech G613 vs G915: Specs

NameG613 LIGHTSPEED Full-size Wireless Mechanical Romer-G Tactile Switch Gaming Keyboard with 6 Programmable G-KeysG915 LIGHTSPEED Full-size Wireless Mechanical GL Clicky Switch Gaming Keyboard with RGB Backlighting
Number Of Programmable Keys65
Lighting TypeNoneRGB
Numeric KeypadYesYes
Keyboard TypeGaming, ProgrammableGaming, Programmable
Palm RestYesNo
Spill ResistantYesNo
Keyboard TechnologyMechanicalMechanical
Warranty2 Years2 Years
Key Switch TypeRomer-GGL

Logitech G613 vs G915: Design

For its size, it is quite lightweight and one of the slimmest profile mechanical keyboards that you can get, if not the slimmest profile mechanical keyboard that you can get. I use this interchangeably with MX keys because one is better for typing and is also great for typing and media, but this is better for media and gaming and that is better for typing and I use both because I like them both.

Overall, it appears attractive, but since a large company produced it, I decided to try it. Here are my initial impressions: First, it feels solid and heavy in hand, but when you strike it, you can practically hear the hollow sound of the board’s bottom.

It came with a palm rest, unlike the much more expensive G915, but unlike the much more expensive G915, this was only $100. The palm rest comes together with the board and it is non-detachable. There was tape wrapped all around the sides, which are glossy, the sides are fully glossy, and they were very nice to look at.

Logitech G613 vs G915: Mobile Stand

The G613 includes a smartphone stand, which is very useful. It’s nice and has a nice glossy finish on all four sides, and when you put your phone up on it while working or playing a game, you can switch to Bluetooth and start typing on your phone. If you receive a text message, you can use your phone instead of the awkward, stupid thing.

The G613 has an on/off switch on the panel on the right side, which lets you know when you’re transporting it or not in the office. You can also turn it off to save battery, which is something I like about this keyboard because the media buttons are clicky. Everything is so solid, giving a solid feeling.

Logitech G613 vs G915: Battery Life

There is a battery adapter box in the back, and there is a piece of paper with an arrow that divides the battery connections from the board to preserve battery life. One of the best things about the batteries is that the maker intended for them to be reusable or disposable because they can last up to 18 months.

The G613, in my opinion, is a plus because it will be much more convenient to purchase new batteries and discard the old ones than to wait a few hours, a day, or even overnight for it to recharge.

It is non-eliminated, which I initially thought was a bad thing but it is good because you will find the battery is amazing on the G613; I haven’t used it in obviously for 6 months, but it lasts for up to 18 months and it is just so versatile.

Logitech G613 vs G915: RGB & Lighting

My G613 stands in stark contrast to my G915 because when the lightning is off, lightning automatically turns off to save power. When the battery is off or when you’re not touching it, you see the lettering is very difficult to see on the G915 when the power is off. The lack of backlighting doesn’t bother me as much because I always work in lights and I like the fact that the contrast of the lettering is so easy to see.

Every key is light, and every button is indicated on the G613. This is intended to constantly retype on it to see the benefit of eliminating that RGB lighting on G915, while G613 is always there because when you aren’t actively using it, it is very difficult to see.

Logitech G613 vs G915: Key Features

Media keys are visible, a 2.4 GHz wireless gaming function, a dongle that has an extension to make gaming even more responsive, and a Bluetooth function so you can tuck your phone under the keyboard. It also has a dongle that is visible. The G613 is less expensive and has keys that feel much more solid, full travel, and bulkier. It also has a palm rest and everything is very clearly laid out.

Every key on the G613 feels solid and has a very satisfying sound. Although the keys on the G915 are attractive, finger grease is easily trapped on them.


The G613 is an excellent keyboard; it works well for work and plays. This one is so much better and I will enjoy working on it, so I don’t regret buying it. I bought it for the office, and next week I will be walking in and dumping it on my desk.