Gift for Travelers: 11 Unique Gift Ideas

It’s time to find some good gifts for the traveler in your life. So, you can choose from this list, it may help you to find out a perfect gift for your lovable traveler.

World Travel Tracker Map

The landmass world traveler map, it costs 29 bucks. This is a map that allows you to kind of scratch-off it, if you’ve been to the USA you can just scratch off California so it’s an easy way to keep track of where you’ve been and kind of playing where you want to go.

Toiletry Bag

For guys chose a kit by topo but there is a lot of different options for girls as well this is $29 and it’s just like a good gift if your friend or your loved one doesn’t have a toiletry kit for traveling. Even if they do, honestly getting your toiletries in order is essential.

The topo design toiletry bag is just a good go-to, it can fit all of your stuff in there. It’s washable, really important to have something that you can watch for when like your shampoo bottle breaks.

Travel Cologne

When you travel, you tend to sweat and being honest, sweat stinks. The perfect solution is the Fulton and Rorick travel Cologne. It’s a solid cologne means you can take it on carry-on no problems with liquids. I just love these containers and they are refillable, you can buy refills. It’s amazing; there are perfume equivalents of this 42 bucks and it smells great.

Iconspeak World T-Shirt

This travel T-Shirt is really unique. It’s called the icon speak and that’s because these icons speak. So when you’re traveling, a lot of the time you don’t speak the local language but these emojis really.

There are universal emojis from the camera to water or food and there’s also a bathroom emoji, in case it’s an emergency and Wi-Fi. Emojis are really one of the most universal languages so it’s a really cool way of like if you really don’t speak the language, just point what you need and it can help you communicate.

Travel Book

The best book to give as a gift to the traveler is The Monocle Guide to Better Living. Monocle is a great publication, this is not necessarily a travel publication it’s about just great cities around the world and great neighborhoods, it kind of showcases amazing businesses from around the world like artisan craft makers.

It’s kind of like a very curated Travel Guide, it features businesses and it has everything from restaurant to education to cultural activities. So, it’s just a really nice way to kind of idea and comes up with plans for your next trip.

Packed Towel

Nomadix packed towel, it’s a travel towel. A quick-dry towel and it also functions as a yoga mat. The designs on the towel are beautiful like they have a lot of really beautiful designs with kind of patterns, features from around the world. I believe it was $45 to 60 bucks. You want to have a packed towel regardless because it dries quickly and especially if you’re backpacking it’s great. This is also in a double as a yoga mat like if you go to yoga class this can go well on top of your mat.

Gift Card

The Airbnb gift card, it’s a great service and they’re offering gift cards. So you can give different amounts like for example, if you give a hundred bucks, that’s gonna be at least one night maybe two or three nights tour. So, it’s a great way to kind of give someone a gift and then let them choose what city they want to go.

Lems Boulder Boot

One of the downsides to boots when you’re traveling is that they’re really difficult to pack, so you end up just wearing them all the time. Now, the pro with the Lems boot is that it’s built out of really durable but very flexible material, so you can actually fold these boots up and you can wrap a rubber band or something around it and this will fit pack down in your bag.

Lems is a barefoot running company, they make a lot of barefoot running shoes. The sole is really thin which is actually great for your feet because one of the downsides of wearing boots all time is really bad for your arch. These boots do come in men’s and women’s styles. So, if you’re looking for something durable and that’s going to protect you when you’re traveling, this will be great and easy to pack.

Bellroy All-Conditions Essentials Pocket

This is a really interesting product. It is a water-resistant waterproof but inside it’s a kind of like an updated travel container. It’s just really nice to have all of your travel essentials, documentation cards, phone all in one place. It’s nice and slim, it comes in leather. This comes out at a hundred and thirty-nine dollars. So, it is a little bit more expensive than other things out there.

UE Boom 2 Speaker

One of the most important things about travel is sharing music and speaker technology has gotten so good that I want to recommend the speaker. It is the UE Boom 2, the medium size comes out for 200 bucks and there’s a bigger version for 250 bucks. There’s a smaller version called UE Volcano that comes out at 100 bucks. The last one’s also water-resistant so you could hang this in the shower if you feel to listen some music in the morning. It also has a little floating pack is a great thing to be like floating in the ocean next to you as you’re chilling or in the pool.

Eurail Pass

If you’re feeling really generous this holiday season, I would recommend that you give a Eurail pass. It is an essential element on any Europe trip. It’s really going to facilitate you getting around from country to country and in my opinion, is one of the most affordable and fun ways to see Europe. There’s a bunch of different options and the passes range from like 280 bucks up to about 1000.

I recommend the 10 days of travel within two months that one comes out to about 420 dollars given the current discount. I use it last winter and did an incredible winter trip across Europe. There’s nothing better than the ease of travel with Europe Pass because you can just hop on a train and you don’t have to go and buy tickets beforehand. A pretty radical way to see Europe and definitely a gift that whoever you give it to will be eternally grateful for.