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Glorious Model O Vs Razer Viper Mouse: Which is Best Light Gaming Mouse?

The mouse of Glorious Model O and Razer Viper are compared here. Both are the lightest gaming mouse and here, you can decide which one will be good for you.

glorious model o
Glorious Model ORazer Viper
Extremely lightweight design.
Good build quality.
Flawless optical sensor.
Super flexible cable.
Value for money.
Excellent performance.
Truly ambidextrous.
Some lighting transitions could be smoother.
Honeycomb design may lead to dust buildup inside.
Kind of expensive.


Connectivity TechnologyWiredWired
InterfaceUSB 2.0USB
Movement Detection TechnologyPixart PMW-3360 SensorOptical
Movement Resolution12000 dpi16000 dpi
Buttons Qty68
OS RequiredWindows, Mac, and LinuxApple MacOS, Microsoft Windows
Width2.6 in2.27 in
Depth5 in4.99 in
Height2.3 in1.49 in
Weight2.39 oz2.43 oz
FeaturesHoneyComb Shell: Model O’s Honeycomb Shell is the key to achieving a feather-light weight while maintaining its ultra-durable strength. You’ll barely feel the holes during gameplay, but they provide ventilation to keep your palms cool & fresh.

Ascended Cord: Stock cables suck. Say goodbye to 3rd party mods, and say hello to the Ascended Cord. Our proprietary braided cable is ultra-flexible and super lightweight, giving your mouse an almost wireless feel.

G-Skate Feet: No more shoddy stock mouse feet or buying 3rd party add-ons. Model O comes included with our premium G-Skates – 100% pure Virgin PTFE, rounded edges that don’t snag on your pad so your mouse will glide like blades on ice. Comes in 0.81mm thickness for maximum lifespan.

DPI Indicator The dedicated DPI indicator can be set to any value and colors you choose (requires software), so you always know your value when adjusting on the fly.

Pixart 3360 Sensor: The competitive E-Sports industry standard. Pixel perfect tracking, zero mouse acceleration, no more spinouts, 1000 Hz polling rate, less than 0.7mm lift-off distance.

20 Million Clicks: Don’t let competitors fool you with inflated stats on low-quality switches. Model O comes with state-of-the-art Omron switches, with the highest durability rating and quality control standards. The Model O will outlive other inferior gaming mice.
Control the outcome of any battle with a gaming mouse that combines high precision, a cutting-edge lightweight body, and the fastest actuation in gaming. Meet the Razer Viper—featuring industry-leading mice technology that’s designed with and tested by Team Razer athletes, bringing you a mouse that’s bred to tear up the pro scene.

Every click you make actuates at the speed of light. The Razer™ Optical Mouse Switch utilizes an infrared light beam to register a click, resulting in an industry-leading response time of 0.2 milliseconds. Its instant actuation eliminates debounce and unintended clicks, giving you complete control in execution.

Engineered with 99.4% tracking accuracy and up to 16,000 DPI, the Razer 5G Optical Sensor offers deadly precision. When combined with your physical dexterity and skill, the Razer Viper represents a mouse that achieves a true extension of yourself in the game.

During competition, even the tiniest advantage can make a difference. The Razer Viper weighs in at just 69g without any compromise on its build strength. A lighter mouse allows swifter, more controlled swipes, augmenting the speed of your reaction in battle.

In our pursuit of giving you every ounce of competitive edge, we’ve designed a mouse cable that enables smoother swipes. The Razer Viper features the highly flexible Razer™ Speedflex Cable, bringing you unhindered control with minimal drag.

Detail Review


Glorious Model O

This one quickly becomes the talk of the town. The reason is this mouse comes with the honeycomb shell design which was actually we saw it in the Final Mouse but it was not as popular and it was not as mainstream as the glorious right now. So, this is the best option to lose weight on the mouse.

Razer Viper

This is very lightweight and it’s a gaming mouse. For gaming, a lightweight mouse like this will be a great benefit to play with. It has a high DPI, customizable buttons, and many more for great gaming.



Glorious Model O

This design is being copied by other brands like Coolermaster and even other brands. First of all, Model O comes in two different variants, the first is actually the glossy one and the second is the matte finish. So, the glossy one actually weighs at 768 grams and the matte finish is coming at 67 grams, both of them are available in two colors that are black and white. The design of the honeycomb shell continues down as well. So, below the mouse, you can also see that there is a honeycomb shell design.

When you hold it, you actually feel that it is actually one of the lightest mice and in different mice, you cannot actually tell the difference while playing but you can actually tell it when you’re keeping them side by side or weighing them but in this case, I can actually feel the difference between other mice and this one. This one actually felt really light and comfortable. So, the overall design of the mouse apart from the honeycomb shell design is actually pretty standard which is a good thing by the way. This design actually gives a lot of comfort in your hand. If you’re having big hands, you can actually go for any kind of grip it’d be the palm grip or the claw grip but if you’re actually having small, you can use this mouse for a palm grip, and if you will go for a claw grip, make sure to buy the model o – like that is a different variant of the Glorious Model series.

Razer Viper

The designer of this mouse was to make as lightest Mouse possible but still keeps a premium look and at a high grade a sensor. We have seen a lot of other very light mice come to the market but most of them have like holes drilled into them to reduce weight and it kinda looks really flimsy. As instead of drilling holes in their mouse, Razer just opted to go for as light as possible and run a 69 grams with the Viper but still keeps that premium look and that high-grade a sensor.

Viper’s body is made out of plastic with a nice smooth surface and even though it does use a lightweight plastic, it doesn’t feel like a cheap Mouse. The Viper does have an ambidextrous shape for both left and right-handed users. The body is a tad bit lower than the Mamba Elite and does have a much lower curve towards at the front. For the sides, the Viper above the left and right sides, it does a feature two buttons that sit flush with at the body. This doesn’t feel as nice as something like the Mambo or the Deathadder side buttons but they do you definitely get the job done. There is something worth mentioning for those side buttons was that even though my finger was placed prominently on them on the right side, I never actually dentally priced them. The reason for that is because the hand sits so flush against the body.

As for comfort, the Viper did feel good in my hand, especially on the left side that didn’t have any problems but it wasn’t as comfortable for me on the right side. The problem that I had was for my ring finger where the tip of my ring finger was a bit more on the edge at the front instead of on the side of the mouse, and the reason for that is because the front side does a curve downwards a lot more. You do still have a space along the side of the mouse to raise your finger and not push it back where it’s uncomfortable. For the grip styles, honestly, it worked well with all three palms, claw, and fingertip. No problems using it between all those three.



Glorious Model O

This one has the best sensor in the market which is the Pixart 3360 and this sensor is actually one of the best-rated sensors in the market like Logitech sensors, razer sensors. This sensor gives you the precise performance, so it has a polling rate of 1000 Hertz and a liftoff distance of just two millimeters. So, when your liftoff really between two millimeters, it actually reacts which is a really good thing and other sensors are actually three to four millimeters even five. So, when you’re actually just lifting it off a little bit, you’re not actually gonna move it.

The switches are Omron mechanical switches with twenty million clicks of a lifetime and 20 million clicks are not that much which comparatively to other Mouse which claims to have 50 million but 20 million is enough if you want to use it for like two years or three years. So that will be enough. The switches are really loud. These are pretty loud but that’s not a bad thing because loud mice have that immense gaming experience.

It has six programmable buttons and all of them can program via their software. Under the scroll wheel, there is a DPI button is actually one of the things that I don’t like about this mouse because it has just one and if you want to change a dpi in a cyclic manner, it has six DPI modes that you can actually control and you can actually put six different DPI is in different modes. The LED indicator is below the mouse which actually makes very difficult, so you have to remember which color depicts which dpi. The cable is actually their proprietary ascended cable which is actually ultra-flexible. It is actually like just fabric and this actually gives very good freedom of playing games or using the mouse overall. So, it allows you to have that freedom of gaming without even using a bungee.

Performance-wise, this mouse is really good. Shifting from a heavy Mouse to a light Mouse, I actually thought that it might create a difference in the performance and I might not be able to play that well or maybe not even play at all but it was not like that and this actually felt really natural in the hand.

Razer Viper

The Viper uses Razer’s optical switches with over 70 million click life cycle and has a low travel distance and a nice and snappy response. For the scroll wheel, it does have a bunch of small rubber studs for a grip and is not illuminated around the side like most other Razer mice but it does have a pretty standard scroll to it with not too long steps and also not being too loud. Underneath the mouse, you get three Teflon glide pads with a one being around the sensor that it does deliver a very smooth glide. You also get Razer’s 5G optical sensor with a max DPI of 16,000, an IPS of 450, and a max polling rate of a thousand Hertz.

Also, underneath you do get the DPI selection button that is not on most others. You can switch between the two to five dpi levels each assigned with their own a dedicated LED color to let you know on what dpi level you are on. Having it underneath the mouse is not the most convenient but it is definitely better than nothing. As for that 5G Optical sensor, it’s really good. If you have used any of Razer’s other mice with their 5G’s sensor, you know how good these sensors are. They’re very accurate, they don’t have any tittering and they do not have any sensor rollouts. Also, for lift-off distance, it was extremely low with only a single DVD of fitting underneath the mouse and still being able to track well.

For the cable, you do get a 2.1 meter or 6.9 feet braided fiber USB cable. It’s super flexible and light, so moving it around is really easy and it doesn’t get caught on the edges of your desk. Whereas for gaming, the Viper was extremely fun. The lightweights made of flicking the mouse around, feel like nothing. It’s pretty much just going to be up to the end-user at the end of the day who wants such a lightweight Mouse.

For the software, you can go download the synapse 3 program from Razer’s a website which allows doing some of the basics like a sign at different commands to each of the buttons on the mouse. You do have Razer’s a hyper shift a feature that allows you to pretty much get double the number of commands out of the mouse and then also, you can select whether you’re gonna use the mouse in your left or a right hand. It’s pretty much is going to change the commands depending on what hand you’re going to use. Then, for the DPI you do have that two to five dpi levels that you can switch between, and they’re ranging from 100 to 16,000 dpi with increments of 50. For the lighting, you do have these same effects and controls you get with most other Razer Mouse. You kind of sync them with something for your other Razer products.

glorious- model-o


Both the mouse is lightweight and good in gaming. In my opinion, the Glorious Model O is better because it’s cheap and also lightweight and the performance is also nice. It’s just going to depend on your preference that if you want a really light Mouse or if you want to go for something a bit heavier.

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