Jaybird X4

Jaybird X4 vs Tarah: Which to Buy?

This is the review of the comparison between the earphones of the same brand the Jaybird X4 and Jaybird Tarah. There is not much difference in their price range, but there is much difference in their quality of performance. To know which one is better than the other to buy for you, go to the detailed review.

Jaybird X4Jaybird Tarah
Jaybird X4Jaybird Tarah
Excellent, customizable sound. Fully water-resistant.
Better fit than previous versions. Powerful audio performance that is completely customizable using the app’s EQ.
The audio quality is great after having saved my favorite preset to the headphones.
Comfortable to wear for long periods.
A great value.
A 6-hour battery is good enough for even the longest runs.
Jaybird app is actually useful. Google Assistant support.
Battery life.
A bit pricey at $130.
Proprietary charging clip.
Buggy performance.
No carrying case provided.
The included charger is made for the Tarah and nothing else.
Lops off the beginnings of tracks when you skip forward or backward.


Headphones Form FactorIn-EarIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Sensitivity99 dB99 dB
Frequency Response20 Hz
Impedance16 Ohm16 Ohm
Diaphragm0.2 in0.2 in
Connector TypeBluetooth 4.1Bluetooth 5.0
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, volume control
ControlsVolume control, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous track
Width2.1 in20.8 in
Depth7.2 in0.5 in
Height5 in0.9 in
Weight6.7 oz0.5 oz
Battery Life8 hour(s)6 hour(s)
Recharge Time2 hour(s)1.5 hour(s)
Features8 hours of play time a single charge provides 8 full hours of wireless play time.

Sweat & waterproof Fully waterproof (IPX7) protection for running in any weather conditions.

Sport fit Plus comfortable, versatile design runs over your ears for a secure, sport-specific fit or under for more relaxed situations.
A crisp, clear and uncompromising soundtrack for your adventure, with fully adjustable EQ in the Jaybird app.

Fully weatherproof (IPX7) to keep the music flowing through adverse conditions and unexpected weather.

Streamlined design with soft silicone ear gels offer a secure, ultra-comfy fit.

Fast-charging, 6-hour battery powers daily runs, training workouts and weekend adventures.

Detail Review:


Jaybird X4

The Jaybird X4 cost about one hundred and thirty dollars unless they are on sale. These are over the neck sporty Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are really good for sporty activities.

Jaybird Tarah

The Tarah is a Wireless sports headphones up from Jaybird. Hopefully, pretty much all the information you need is right there in the title. They are fully wireless Bluetooth earphones and they are designed for a more active lifestyle.

Jaybird X4


Jaybird X4

The headphones themselves have a cinch that will help us to shorten the length of the wire so that it will not jump on you while you are doing our gym workouts and while jogging. The remote or the inline controller is fine because we have volume up, volume down, play and pause, and microphone. The build quality of the earphones is actually fine and lightweight and they are built well so they don’t feel cheap. I don’t like this cable it’s super sticky. It’s nice that you can kind of make it short but when I move to the sides it always got stuck.

Jaybird Tarah

The ear tips snap off nice and easy just basically give them a bit of a tug off. There the inner bits exposed then all you need to do is find another one and snap it on there. There’s a nice little sticky a bit to help keep it in place, so just slip that over there and that will hold it nice and firm. There is a cord that can actually be adjusted so you can make it shorter or longer whatever you want to get a nice comfortable fit. You also get a bit of clip action as well if you just want to clip it to your clothing just to make sure it’s not lying about the place.

You’ve got a little control panel actually attached to the Tarah wireless sport headphones as well. So you’ve got control over the volume, you can also pause and play your media, apparently can be used to answer calls, and there’s also full support for Google assistant in there too. The charging dock is actually connected pretty damn tight as well so they certainly shouldn’t slip off by accident or anything. It’s not a magnetic connection unfortunately it is basically just clips in there and that’s held tight at least.


Jaybird X4

I was concerned about the fact that the medium size which is the smallest sized silicon tips were just too big for my ear. I had a lot of pressure in my ear so I did not like that much. But this foam is absolutely so good and is absolutely great. If it’s cold it’s a little bit hard but once it’s in your ear it gets a little bit warm. It’s actually so nice and soft. When I have them in, the foam isolates surroundings very well, everything is muffled quite a lot but you can still hear people talking which is not a big deal. The comfort for hours and hours is actually superb.

Jaybird Tarah

The Tarah does have a soft silicone in the earbud and you actually get a spare set right in the box as well. So no matter what your ear size is you can get a different set connected and hopefully provide a nice comfortable fit.

The silicone gels provide a nice comfortable fit. The fact you’ve got different sizes as well means you can find the ones that are just right for your ear canal and then when you slip them in there. It’s getting nice and easy to slide straight in and it’s a nice snug fit. They will stay in there, there’s no sign of slippage or anything even when you’re getting away bit sweaty.

Jaybird Tarah


Jaybird X4

Battery life is about eight hours, the Bluetooth version is 4.1, they are IPX rates I think Ipx5 which is good for sweating on, connectivity was fine even though you shouldn’t be too far away from the phone keep it close in so that the connection should be stable enough and some very rare cutouts.

What do we get in the packaging it’s actually quite a lot in terms of accessories a small pouch, the cable clip, for the silicon tips we get medium and large, for foam tips we get large and medium, large, medium, and small ear hooks, and the charging cable but this cable is so short.

In the app, we have a lot of presets, you can see here some presets that people have done which works a little bit odd. You can drag the curve around and it’s a little bit odd to kind of get what you exactly want. But once you spend enough time with it you can get the sound as you want. I took out quite a lot of bass, added mids and some highs, and then I was at a point where I was fine. I think you need to adjust the sound a little bit.

Jaybird Tarah

When we open up the box, there will be our Wireless sport headphones, accessories inside, and Quick Start Guide. You also get a proprietary charging dock as well. Designs are pretty straightforward by the looks of it nor particular frills or anything like that,t it’s all about obviously the comfort. The fact that is fully water-resistant as well it’s ipx7 so it’s pretty sweat resistant as well. You can grab it in black and gray or blue. From an initial test it seems to be pretty durable, that nice flexible rubber cable, shouldn’t get all tied up or twisted or anything like that.

There is actually a Jaybird app available to sync up with your headphones as well and that’s available for either iOS or Android. For the pairing process dive into the Bluetooth in your device and then if we hold down the power button on the Jaybird Tarah a little light will be flashing on and it just pops straight up in the devices and then pair it up to its nice and easy.

The app basically customizes the audio output from the Jaybird Tarah. You can choose from various presets as well if you’re feeling a bit lazier. You also have the music section and also you can just use your standard Spotify playlists. You could also share your presets and everything with the world if you want to and then you can check out a little bit more about your headphones. There’s also a find my buds option as well and this will actually show you where your buds are currently looking at it presumably only if they’re actually turned on.

I’ve got to admit I did miss the magnetic connection because when you’re not using them these things can just slip off quite easily. The controls work absolutely fine. They’re nice and easy to locate and you’ve got usual volume controls and nice and intuitive volume up at the top volume down below and you can also skip tracks as well.

Jaybird X4


Jaybird X4

The battery life on these is eight hours as the company claims and I was able to get them till the time they mentioned with 50% volume. These also support fast charging so 10 minutes of charging will give you around one hour worth of playback. It takes almost two and a half hours to get fully charge from dead.

Jaybird Tarah

You need to connect the Tarah to the dock by just push it in there. It’s nice and firm, once that’s connected then you just basically plug in the USB either into a laptop, a USB adapter, whatever you have lying around and that should power back up again. You get six hours of battery life with these. You can also get a full hour of use from just ten minutes of charge. At times, they are pretty handy if you forget to plug them in.


Jaybird X4

The sound stage is not big which is okay for very isolating sporty closed earphones. The sound signature out of the box was a little bit too much because it’s not like that the bass was drowning into them or bleeding into the mids and highs. It was just overshadowing the whole rest because these were very bass-heavy.

Everyone who likes a lot of basses will enjoy these but for example, if you just push down on the mids a little bit at the bass add a little bit mids and the highs in the app where it gets noticeably more balanced even though I’m not expecting to be super neutral or accurate.

The bass is pretty clean it’s not really boomy which is nice but it’s definitely overly emphasized. When it expands quite okay to the mid-bass, it’s not super high detailed or super-resolution. The mids are spectacular and the vocals are pretty good and clean.

Jaybird Tarah

The sound quality in the Tarah is pretty respectable on that front as well. Probably quite similar I guess to the One-Plus Bullets. The vocals come across nice and crisp and it’s only the sort of heavier rock tracks things like that where things get a little bit muddled especially on higher volume. But in terms of the volume as well absolutely no problem. They’re strong power output when you bump them right up.

Jaybird Tarah


In my opinion, you should buy the Jaybird X4 because it has better sound quality, better comfort and fit, and better battery life than the Jaybird Tarah for the price.

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