Glorious Model O Vs Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse: Which One is Best Light Gaming Mouse?

Glorious Model O Vs Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse (1)

The Glorious Model O and Logitech G Pro Wireless Mouse is compared here. Before making the decision on which one is best, consider the price, features, and what type of mouse you want. Both these mouse are very light in weight which is mainly for gaming purposes.

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Glorious Model OLogitech G Pro Wireless
Extremely lightweight design.
Good build quality.
Flawless optical sensor.
Super flexible cable.
Value for money.
Sleek design.
Swappable parts.
Useful software.
Some lighting transitions could be smoother.
Honeycomb design may lead to dust buildup inside.
Divisive DPI button placement.


Connectivity TechnologyWiredWireless
InterfaceUSB 2.0
Movement Detection TechnologyPixart PMW-3360 SensorOptical
Movement Resolution12000 dpi16000 dpi
Buttons Qty67
OS RequiredWindows, Mac, and LinuxWindows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OS
Width2.6 in2.5 in
Depth5 in4.92 in
Height2.3 in1.57 in
Weight2.39 oz2.82 oz
FeaturesHoneyComb Shell: Model O’s Honeycomb Shell is the key to achieving a feather-light weight while maintaining its ultra-durable strength. You’ll barely feel the holes during gameplay, but they provide ventilation to keep your palms cool & fresh.

Ascended Cord: Stock cables suck. Say goodbye to 3rd party mods, and say hello to the Ascended Cord. Our proprietary braided cable is ultra-flexible and super lightweight, giving your mouse an almost wireless feel.

G-Skate Feet: No more shoddy stock mouse feet or buying 3rd party add-ons. Model O comes included with our premium G-Skates – 100% pure Virgin PTFE, rounded edges that don’t snag on your pad so your mouse will glide like blades on ice. Comes in 0.81mm thickness for maximum lifespan.

DPI Indicator The dedicated DPI indicator can be set to any value and colors you choose (requires software), so you always know your value when adjusting on the fly.

Pixart 3360 Sensor: The competitive E-Sports industry standard. Pixel perfect tracking, zero mouse acceleration, no more spinouts, 1000 Hz polling rate, less than 0.7mm lift-off distance.

20 Million Clicks: Don’t let competitors fool you with inflated stats on low-quality switches. Model O comes with state-of-the-art Omron switches, with the highest durability rating and quality control standards. The Model O will outlive other inferior gaming mice.
Made with and for Pro Gamers: G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse is the result of two years of work with professional esports gamers, combing advanced technologies in an ultra-lightweight design.

LIGHTSPEED Wireless: Pro-grade performance overcomes the traditional limitations of wireless latency, connectivity and power to deliver a rock-solid, super-fast 1 millisecond report rate connection.

HERO 16K Sensor: Logitech’s most accurate sensor yet with up to 16,000 DPI and 10X the power efficiency of previous generation for the ultimate in wireless gaming speed, accuracy and responsiveness.

Ultra Lightweight: Innovative endoskeleton design creates a super thin yet incredibly strong outer shell, enabling the body to weigh in at a remarkably light and maneuverable 80 grams.

Ergonomic Ambidextrous Design: Tournament ready mouse developed with esports pros for maximum comfort, control and 50 million click durability. Four removable side buttons for supreme customization.

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Glorious Model O

The Glorious Model O mouse is the lightest gaming mouse that comes at an affordable price. It made the design in such a way which reduce the weight automatically. 

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The search for the perfect Gaming Mouse can be a never-ending pursuit. G Pro Wireless is the best gaming mouse with great features and customizable functions. 

glorious model o


Glorious Model O

The body is riddled with these hexagonal holes, obviously drawing immediate comparisons to the Final Mouse design. Final Mouse was the first one to the table with this but this is not a Final mouse shape and these are not final Mouse holes. These are smaller and grouped tighter and what this does outside of obviously cutting weight makes the surface of the shell feels smoother overall. With the final Mouse, you’re aware of the mouse you’re holding as holes in it. This effect is greatly reduced on the Model O.

The glass has a good grip on it. The official dimensions are 128 millimeters long, 37.5 millimeters high at the peak, and 26 millimeters high at the scroll. Shape wise, this is about as safe as it gets. It nails for a palm grip, in a claw grip, it’s got a little support there on the top. It’s probably gonna fit for the majority of users out there.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The G Pro Wireless is significantly wider than other competing wireless mice which are commonly around 100 grams or more even the Razer Mamba Hyperflux which runs on a capacitor, not even a battery, it’s still 16 grams heavier. So, 80 grams for a gaming mouse is impressive but eighty grams for a wireless gaming mouse is seriously next level. There are no other wireless mice that can compete at this weight. Generally, lighter mice are going to be a lot better for your aim. Quicker mouse movements are going to be a lot easier to initiate and easier to stop and it also allows you to be a lot more precise, especially at longer ranges.

Now, you’d assume that to get to that weight, they’d have to use a tiny battery and that battery life would be quite bad but battery life here is over twice that of the larger and heavier G703. The G Pro Wireless can give a full week out of just on a single charge and that’s with the RGB on and it helps that the charge time is quite fast as well.

The G Pro Wireless is an ambidextrous Mouse too, so both left and right-handed users should be able to adapt to it quite comfortably. It does have a fairly relaxed design when compared to something like the wide G Pro. In fact for a gaming mouse at this level, the design is incredibly understated. The sides are tapered in general for a bit of grip and the texture on the mouse is consistent throughout which is a nice smooth matte plastic.

Keep in mind, a gaming mouse is not a one-size-fits-all piece of hardware, not everyone is going to enjoy the G Pro Wireless. This is a personal preference so keep in mind, they may not directly apply to you as well. The G Pro wireless mouse is a medium-sized Mouse, it’s a bit longer than the standard G pro but not as tall as the G 703. I do prefer the smaller size of the G Pro and the G Pro Wireless though for gaming as they forced me to use a bit more of a claw grip which I find a bit more accurate when aiming. One issue that I’ve experienced with the G Pro Wireless though is due to the side taper where your ring finger and pinky finger sit underneath and basically I found this to be tapered too low for my hand size. If your hands are a bit smaller, I’d say that the G Pro Wireless would probably be perfect. I do enjoy the freedom of the wireless nature of the G Pro Wireless.

logitech g pro wireless mouse


Glorious Model O

The sensor is a PMW Pixart 3360, everybody should be pretty familiar with this sensor by now, the implementation here is solid. Switches are Omron, these are ready to twenty million, not the 50 million version.

The button one and two are classic Omron which is light, fast, tackle, maybe a little lighter but pretty similar to a G Pro Wireless. Side buttons are positioned perfectly for me in a palm grip, they’re really snappy and little more travel and little less travel than the Final mouse. The scroll is light and tactile, mostly silent with the little shell noise but the scroll itself is audible. Pretty high profile in the shell, no side to side tilt, rubberized coating, clicks are much lighter than Final mouse.

The cable here is called the Ascended cord and it’s different. It’s kind of got the floppy shoelace thing, it’s not as slim as you would normally expect from a mouse cable but form follows function here. It means it’s the most flexible Mouse cable outside of an aftermarket paracord and it’s pretty damn close to an aftermarket paracord. In terms of flex, it’s better than any stock paracord on the market. They also nailed the angled cable exit as well.

The feet of the mouse what they call G skates and they have a lot of the same features that you’d find in a hyper glide seems to be a very similar material. They exhibit slightly more drag than the hyper glides.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

The secret source for the battery life and everything is Logitech’s new hero sensor which claims ten times the power efficiency when compared to 3366 while retaining identical tracking performance and accuracy.

Left and right clicks feel great, they’re nice and quiet. The scroll wheel feels noticeably lighter and quieter compared to the G Pro and no problems with the scroll wheel either well suited for gaming and everyday use. You’ve got two side buttons on each side which can also be completely removed, so you can choose to map these to your desire or swap them out with a place holder if you don’t want to use them at all. The front button shows the battery level which illuminates at the top and the back button I’ve got mapped to controls in-game. You can cycle through your dpi levels now with a button at the bottom of the mouse. Overall, I think this was a pretty good choice, so you don’t accidentally press it in-game and mess up your sensitivity.

The USB receiver can also be stored inside the mouse if you’re traveling with it and you can remove this bottom cover to reduce the weight further by a couple of grams. The included cable is quite lightweight and is non-braided and although I do appreciate the freedom of wireless, I’ve found gaming with these cables to be absolutely no problem at all. It’s the same cable that comes with the G Pro although the connection is a little bit stiffer, it’s still super flexible with almost no weight at all.

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Glorious Model O

There is software and it is entirely optional. The only reason it exists is so you can go in and really dial in some of the settings that you can’t access the hardware. The changes you make would be safe than a mouse and will travel with you. So after you get everything set up the way you want it, technically you no longer need the software installed. This is how peripheral software should be handled.

The RGB is on the scroll wheel and you’ve got two strips along the sides similar to like a Mamba Elite. There are eight modes and off, these modes can be changed directly from the mouse. You can change the color mode, change speed, rotate through all the single color modes, and turn all the RGB off directly from the mouse without installing the software. Inside the software, you can dial in more specific colors but what you can’t do at least at this point is assigned individual custom zone RGB. So for instance, if you want your scroll wheel to be one color and the strips down the sides of the mouse to be a different color, that’s gonna be impossible at least for now. The quality of the RGB in diffusion in the side panels is very good. On some colors that require RGB blending, you may get an occasional weird effect.

The DPI adjustment is a single button toggle that runs through four levels by default with an LED indicator on the underside of the mouse. By default, you get 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 but you can go into the software and change the number of dpi steps as high as 6 to as low as 1, you can adjust X&Y values independently and they move in steps of 100. The lowest DPI level is 400, you can actually reassign the colors for each of the individual steps. If you have another mouse that you use often, you can match them up to make things feel more consistent.

It has all the basic remap stuff, it does support DPI clutching or sniper button functionality here too if you want to use the forward side button. The lowest DPI for the clutching is 400 as well, in case you regularly snipe at 200, you need to be aware of that. There’s macro support, you have adjustments for sensitivity, scroll speed, double click speed, and liftoff distance, you get polling rate adjustment and they also give you access to deep bounce time. Deep bounce actually controls the adjustment for click latency, it comes set to 10 milliseconds by default but if you’re a super high-level player, you can reduce this latency. 10 milliseconds is what they consider as a safe value for the majority of players but you can play with this. Their own testing showed that you may be able to get this down as low as 4 milliseconds before you see double clicks but your mileage may vary. You can save each set up to one of 3 different profiles in the software and you can save the current profile directly to the mouse.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech has the software called Logitech Options which will used for all the customizations of this G Pro Wireless Mouse. This software is just the option for some more customizations but all the basic things can be easily customized from the mouse hardware directly. The scroll speed, click speed, and many other things can be set through this software. The mouse does have RGB in just one area in which the G logo exists where your palm rests. You can change the RGB lighting as per your preference. 

You do have 7 buttons in the mouse, you can customize all the programmable buttons as per your choice and convenience. Not just you can customize the buttons, you can set many more things like DPI, RGB light, pointer speed, etc,. 

logitech g pro wireless mouse


The only people who might not like the Glorious Model O mouse if people that like a little hump to their mouse. This is gonna be a flexible and comfortable shape for the majority of users. While the G Pro Wireless in terms of specs is pretty much perfect. It really does all come down to your hand size and grip preference in the end. In my opinion, Glorious Model O is the cheapest light gaming mouse and if you want some premium quality with the same lightness then the G Pro Wireless mouse will be great.

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