Jaybird X4

Jaybird X4 vs Bose SoundSport: Which One is Better?

This is the review of the comparison between the Jaybird X4 and Bose Soundsport. Both of these headphones come under the price range of under a hundred and fifty dollars. To know which one is better than the other, you need to know about their features so go to the detailed review.

Jaybird X4Bose SoundSport
Jaybird X4Bose SoundSport
Excellent, customizable sound. Fully water-resistant.
Better fit than previous versions. Powerful audio performance that is completely customizable using the app’s EQ.
Very comfortable.
Bluetooth connectivity.
Works with Siri and Google Now. Sweat-resistant Sounds great.
Battery life.
A bit pricey at $130.
Proprietary charging clip.
Buggy performance.
Battery life tops out at 6 hours.
The app doesn’t add much value. The remote box drags cable around your neck to the right.
High price.


Headphones Form FactorIn-EarIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Sensitivity99 dB
Impedance16 Ohm
Diaphragm0.2 in
Connector TypeBluetooth 4.1
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, volume controlanswer/end, volume
ControlsVolume control, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous trackVolume, answer/end
Width2.1 in
Depth7.2 in
Height5 in
Weight6.7 oz0.81 oz
Battery Life8 hour(s)6 hour(s)
Recharge Time2 hour(s)2 hour(s)
Features8 hours of play time a single charge provides 8 full hours of wireless play time.

Sweat & waterproof Fully waterproof (IPX7) protection for running in any weather conditions.

Sport fit Plus comfortable, versatile design runs over your ears for a secure, sport-specific fit or under for more relaxed situations.
StayHear+ Sport tips are designed for the utmost comfort and stability, with a soft silicone material and a unique shape that sits gently in your ear.

Bluetooth and NFC pairing so you can connect to your devices wirelessly.

Volume-optimized EQ gives you balanced audio performance at any volume.

Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 6 hours per charge.

Bose Connect app helps manage paired devices and gives you a personalized experienceions.

Detail Review:


Jaybird X4

These are one of the best pairs of headphones on the market the Jaybird X4. These are a perfect pair of headphones that can be versatile as well. These earphones are currently retailing for around a hundred and thirty dollars.

Bose SoundSport

The Bose Soundsport wireless headphones are the in-ear Bluetooth headphones and also they are sweat and weather resistant. These earphones are currently retailing for around a hundred and thirty dollars.

Jaybird X4


Jaybird X4

When you first take a look at them they come in a dark grey color but there is some hidden color on the ear tips and in the particular model I had has a yellowish color but they are available in blue and green also. The X4 has a really rugged design, they’re really meant to be used in any weather condition. They not only are fully sweatproof but they’re also fully waterproof.

During the time that I was using them I actually really liked how they were designed. The controls are a little bit larger and the actual your phones are a little bit larger. The control panel allows you to be able to precisely control your volume, take calls, and it just works out to be really nice.

Bose SoundSport

The headphones are a mix of glossy and matte plastic. On the right earpiece, you’ll find the battery indicator as well as a Bluetooth status light. You’ll find the power button as well one press to turn on and a long press to turn off. There’s also an auto-off feature to save battery life. Lastly, you’ll find the USB charging port hidden behind a rubber door.

The rubber wire is thick and durable and it’s also tangle-free which is great. There’s an inline control that sits just to the right of your cheek. It has a volume up and down as well as a multi-function button one press to play or pause, two presses to skip forward a track, and three presses to get back a track. You can also press it to answer or end a call. The inline control allows the NFC as well as a mic for making calls.


Jaybird X4

In terms of fitment for my particular comfort level, I think that the ear tips were a little too big. The smallest earphone tips have been a little bit smaller I think for me it would have been absolutely perfect but unfortunately, they weren’t as comfortable as they were designed to be for most people.

Bose SoundSport

The headphones come with three different sizes of tips which Bose calls stay here plus sport tips. They are made of silicone and come in a small, medium, and large size which should cover everyone. They are very comfortable and really do an amazing job keeping them in place. These don’t work as they’re way loose in a long run. You can twist and turn and they won’t need adjusting.

In fact, even when you tug on them they stay right in place which is impressive and exactly what you need if you’re being active with these things. These phones do seem big and bulky but they are light and feel extremely comfortable. These feel great to wear for long periods of time and don’t need to constantly be readjusted like some other earbuds. There’s also a clip that attaches to your clothing to keep the cord in place which works great.

Bose SoundSport


Jaybird X4

They have an ipx7 rating that allows them to really work in wet or damp conditions without the fear of them breaking or not working after a while. They also come with a pretty good warranty so in the event that you have a bad unit Jaybird will take care of you.

The design and the fact that they’re all integrated have a charger that makes sense. I think overall these are much more well-thought-out than some of the other pairs that Jaybird offers. These are really good for the value also so in my opinion. It’s overall a very nice package comes with the carrying case. You can change the fit to shorten the length of the cord so it fits around your neck a little bit better with the wire management.

It has foam tips if you don’t like the silicone tips of them or you just want to switch them out, it comes with extra your fins so you can find the most comfortable fit. Overall I think they are a great package, a great high-performing set of earphones and if your someone who has an active lifestyle goes to the gym, or does a lot of activity in nature, these are good for you.

Bose SoundSport

The Bose packaging is very simple and clean but it has a premium feel. In the box, you’ll find the headphones themself as well as a USB charging cable, three sizes of tips, and you also get a nice soft zippered carrying case. You also find a warranty card as well as a Quick Start Guide. The Soundsport wireless is currently available in aqua, black, and citron.

These headphones are also water and sweat resistant I’m not a heavy sweater but these held up just fine when I tested them. The headphones pair easily through Bluetooth and if you have an NFC-enabled phone you could just tap your phone to the inline control to connect. Bluetooth range was great, I was able to walk her on my entire home and not lose connection with my phone. I haven’t experienced any issues with the connection, performance has been solid with no drops or skips in playback.

You can also pair these between multiple devices and they will allow you to jump between two devices at the same time. So if you are watching a movie on your iPad, and a call came through on your phone the music would pause for the incoming call, and you could use the multifunction button to answer the call. When the call ends it would resume playing from the iPad. Using these to make calls work great, no issues there, my voice came through nice and clear on the other end.

These are also compatible with the Bose Connect app which is available on both Android and iOS. It’s pretty basic but will allow you to change some settings. It’ll let you manage paired devices, adjust the Auto power-down, and disable voice prompts. It’s not the most feature-packed app at the moment but hopefully will add some functionality in the future.

Jaybird X4


Jaybird X4

The battery life on these is rated for eight hours and they do a great job lasting approximately eight hours. Mine was a little bit less than that during testing. From a battery perspective, I think they’re absolutely fantastic much better than the Jaybird Freedoms.

Bose SoundSport

The SoundSport wireless is rated at up to 6 hours of playback and will take a full charge in just 2 hours. I was able to get right around 6 hours of playback listening at normal levels around 60 to 80% volume. Each time you power them on, they will read aloud the remaining battery life. Bose also sells a hardcover charging case for $50 that is a built-in battery. It will give you enough for another 3 charges.


Jaybird X4

The best things about these earphones are sound quality. They’re absolutely amazing when you listen to music on these things they will basically not want to stop for the whole day. They have a really good sound quality and they have great defined mids and lows. I absolutely love the bass on these headphones and for songs that are like a little bit more of the mids and highs and a little bit less bass.

They’re actually versatile there so you can use the app to go in and change your sound profile and it gives you control over the audio and what you’re listening to and it makes it sound really good. So in terms of the customized ability for the audio and the sound quality overall I think these are some of the best on the market.

Bose SoundSport

These sounds impressive for in-ear headphones. It’s important to point out that these do not noise isolating though, the silicone tips do not form a tight seal so they will allow in some outside noise. So these aren’t the best choice to use in noisy environments but if you’re running or cycling they will allow you to hear traffic.

These sound great at low levels and full blast, the base is deep and well defined, they sound full but not overly heavy. The kick drum will sound fast and responsive and when the deep bass kicks in, these don’t struggle, bass is smooth and weighted. The mids are clear and open, the vocals sound fantastic although a little forward, when you approach uncomfortable volume the vocals can seem slightly overpowered.

The highs are crisp and bright, and higher volume trouble seems to be pulled back just there maybe to keep from distorting. I prefer brighter headphones but these are lacking, there isn’t much of a soundstage. They sound open enough and are on par with other in-ear headphones but there is a good amount of dynamic range. Overall, these are clear and well balanced and very easy to listen to for hours and time.

Bose SoundSport


The Jaybird X4 is a solid performing headphone to use while exercising and it delivers excellent sound quality and exceptional comfort for hours while staying in and they snug in your ears no matter what activity you’re doing. The Jaybird also has better battery life than the Bose so in my opinion, the Jaybird X4 is better than the Bose Soundsport.

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