Google Pixel Buds vs Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus: Which one is better?

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This is the comparison between the Google Pixel Buds and the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. Both the earbuds are good at their price. There are differences not only in their price but also in their features. To know more about these earbuds, and to know which one is better go to the detailed review.

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Google Pixel BudsSamsung Galaxy Buds Plus
Auto-pairing on Android is great.
Bluetooth 5.0.
Well-built and minimal design.
Charging case is easy to use and charges wirelessly.
Easy to use and sounds good.
IPX4 sweatproof.
Bluetooth 5.0.
Scalable Samsung codec and AAC.
Qi Wireless charging.
Deeper iOS integration. Better call quality.
Impressive sound.
Rated 11-hour battery life.
Battery life is average.
They don’t isolate well against outside noise.
Get uncomfortable after about an hour of using them.
Only has AAC.
Lacks aptX.
No auto-resume playback. Limited multipoint.
Touch controls can be sensitive.
Still only IPX2 rated


ModelPixel BudsSM-R175NZBALTA
Headphones Form FactorEar budIn-Ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
TypeUSB (power only)Bluetooth, USB(power only)
Connector TypeUSB Type-c24 pin USB-C
Audio ControlsVoice assistant
ControlsVoice assistant
Width0.8 in0.7 in
Depth0.7 in0.9 in
Height0.7 in0.8 in
Weight0.18 oz0.22 oz
Capacity85 mAh
Battery Life5 hour(s)11 hour(s)
Recharge Time1 hour(s)
FeaturesVery comfortable

Solid audio

Hands-free Google Assistant

Long range

Excellent call quality

IPX4 sweat-resistant(splashproof)

Easy paring on Android phones

Superb case design and size

Case provides 3-4 recharges

Seamless translation technology

Affordable price
Premium sound by AKG – Delivers a superb dynamic range and exceptional sound accuracy thanks to the woofer and tweeter inside each tiny bud. You’ll feel the thundering bass and hear nuanced, studio-quality sound no matter what you’re listening to.

Let you listen to your favorite tracks, so you won’t be held back by wires.

Enjoy up to 11 hours of nonstop music on a single charge, and get nearly 11 more from the charging case. Three minutes of charging gives you one hour of play time, so you have enough juice for your commute or workout.

Thanks to IPX2 splash-resistant technology, Galaxy Buds+ can handle a light drizzle, a little sweat, and even accidental spills.

Pair with smart devices via Bluetooth. Use the Galaxy Wearable app on Android and Galaxy Buds+ app on iOS to make the most of your earbuds.

Built to pair seamlessly with Galaxy Note 10, control Galaxy Buds+ from your Galaxy smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, or even with voice assistants, such as Bixby or Alexa.

Expert Reviews of Google Pixel Buds:

By HotHardware
Google’s done a really nice job with the new Pixel Buds. They offer good design, great sound quality, and seamless Google Assistant integration, plus easy setup and decent noise isolation. Comfort and battery life could be improved, and they lack active noise canceling. Still, like Google’s other devices, the Pixel Buds 2 blend the company’s hardware, software, and services in an effortless, delightful, and uniquely Google-y way. That’s no small feat. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then there’s nothing quite like the new Pixel Buds.

By Wired
I like the Pixel Buds for a different reason. One that’s not really quantifiable when looking at a spec sheet. These are made for the traditional AirPod buyer: someone who wants a pair of headphones that work exactly as expected, every time you use them. For that, they’re the best you’ll find for Android phones. Given the unmitigated disaster that was the first Pixel Buds, I’m thoroughly impressed.

By Mashable
Google’s new wireless earbuds beat the standard AirPods in a few key ways, but there’s still plenty of room for them to grow in future versions.

By Engadget
Google’s updated Pixel Buds are a revelation compared to the previous model. Not only are they true wireless now, but the smart features are reliable, the touch controls are easy to master and comfort is top-notch. Battery life is on par with Apple’s AirPods, but it’s well below average in 2020. Still, at $179, Google has a powerful set of earbuds for the Android faithful that really shine when paired with a Pixel phone.

By The Verge
At $179, the Pixel Buds are priced the same as Jabra’s Elite 75t earbuds, which I’d still personally pick over these for their more dynamic sound and because you don’t miss out on features depending on what phone you have. But if Google Assistant has a decent-sized presence in your life, you might be willing to make do with the downsides of Google’s new earbuds — lacking bass and the occasional swell in outside noise — for the convenience of being able to call upon it anytime, anywhere.

Expert Review of Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus:

By Good Gear Guide
The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ aren’t earbuds that you’re likely to be disappointed by but I’m not exactly recommending you rush out and buy them…

By TheStraitsTimes
Launched together with the Samsung Galaxy S20-series smartphones – resulting in their flying under the radar – the Galaxy Buds+ true wireless in-ear headphones are the successors to last year’s Buds. With the “plus” in the name, you can probably guess…

By Pocket-line
The Samsung Galaxy Buds+ is a solid pair of wireless in-ears. Sound and battery life is improved compared to the generation-old Buds model. And with features like the easy-to-control app for managing settings and features, Samsung certainly has its…

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Buds+ strike the right balance of comfort, battery life, pocketability, and sound to make some of the very best day-to-day wireless earbuds. The controls are good, connectivity is rock solid, call quality is greatly improved, and…

By Stuff
Last year’s Galaxy Buds were a bit of an also-ran, but a series of improvements have transformed these second-generation versions into a front-runner, at least within their price bracket. The Galaxy Buds+ have few rivals under £160 that combine design,…

Detail Review:


Google Pixel Buds

They worth one hundred and seventy-nine dollar price tags. I think it’s an excellent package for the price. I think you’re getting excellent sound with a little bit lack of bass and volume, but you’re getting incredible features that a lot of other earbuds don’t offer. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is really great. They checked all of the fundamental boxes, that makes them incredibly easy to recommend and enjoy. They’re pretty great. This Earbud costs $150. Under this price limit its pretty good. 


Google Pixel Buds

They are using a custom twelve-millimeter dynamic driver, which is doing a very impressive job especially, fitting them into an earbud.

Speaking of the charging case, this is going to be the one thing that grabs a lot of people’s attention. It has that similar Apple look to them, but it is very sleek, and it looks like a pebble or a stone and it even feels like that because of its matte finish.

On the bottom of the case, you can see the USB-C input for charging, and then on the back, you have your little pairing button to be able to just put it in pairing mode, if you’re gonna switch from one device to the other.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

They are built small, lightweight, and fit in the ears comfortably. They have rubber tips unlike air pods, and they actually create a sort of a passive seal. They’re not active noise-canceling but at this price, you don’t really see that much but the seal is actually enough. Everyone’s ears size is different so, different people will have slightly different fits but I was really impressed with the fit of these earbuds. If they have an active noise cancellation version of these like if they made that like a pro version, it’d be super cool.

The case is really small and slim, it’s pocketable and lightweight as Airpods. It even has a nice hinge weight, and magnets for the lid to open and close with a satisfying click. It’s maybe not quite as satisfying as pixel buds but that’s a pretty good click. The buds are built well, they have the sort of a rubber fin around the outside.

google pixel buds 5


Google Pixel Buds

You’re getting the usual small medium and large silicone ear tips but, one thing that I want to point out is the pixel buds also have the wing tip as well. It’s actually built-in on the earbud and you don’t have the ability to switch this out. This is a huge problem because everybody’s ears are not the same size.

The earbuds are tiny. I do like the way they fit in my ear, they are very comfortable. In fact, I’m able to wear them for long periods of time, but not having that larger ear fin it’s not pushing the earbuds in, as far as I’d like them to go. What problem that causes is, if you’re going to listen to these in public or wherever, they are going to hear everything that you’re listening to and it was even at lower volumes, and that’s simply because these earbuds no matter what ear tip you try, it’s not giving a really good seal because they’re not going far into your ear canal. That little wingtip is not helping because it’s sitting so far back. So, the earbud at times can feel a little loose. I didn’t have any issues with these falling out, but if you’re running, or jogging, or if you’re playing basketball or doing whatever, you can notice that there is a slight wiggle while they’re in your ear. They’re not gonna fall out, but they do move around a little bit because they don’t fit that far into the ear canal.

There are also some of the cons. The first thing I want to point out is I think these should have a higher IP rating. When you’re spending a hundred and seventy-nine dollars, you must feel a little bit more comfortable using them out and about. On top of that, I would have liked to have seen at least some EQ controls within Google’s app, and then I also would like to see a little bit more volume.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Just putting these in my ear, I feel like I’m talking louder because they create that seal and dim down the environment. By the time you start playing music, you don’t really hear much else. For flying, mass transit, construction, and loud stuff maybe this isn’t the way to go, but generally for everyday use pretty good. They’re really comfortable.

The buds fit in your ear very easily instead of like one little piece poking out that can get kind of painful, and I found that this is enough to stay in the ears really well, not quite as locked in as like the Jaybirds with the full-on wingtips on those things, but locked in enough. The buds here are really pretty good. I felt comfortable working out in them it had no problems they stay in my ears. Speaking of working out these are IPX2 rated so, some sweat is fine. Still, I would say they shouldn’t be dedicated workout headphones like maybe power beats or anything IPX7 certified, but if you wear them every day and you like happen to step out, and sweat while wearing them or do a quick workout they are fine.

galaxy buds plus 3


Google Pixel Buds

On the front of the case, it has an indicator light to let you know how much battery life is left on the case. When you open up the lid, it also has an indicator light on the inside to let you know how much battery life is left on the earbud. The lid also has the Quick Connect feature, basically, like Apple ear pods do within the Apple ecosystem. So, as soon as I popped open the lid, I saw it pop up on the screen to pair these, and then every time that I’ve opened up the lid ever since, it shows me the battery life of the case and also both earbuds. I really enjoy this feature.

As far as the controls, these do utilize touch controls and I’m happy to say they control everything you have your play- pause, skipping your tracks, forward going, backward, and even for volume control you can slide your finger forward on the earbuds to turn the volume up, and then you slide it back to turn it down. The other controls that these have are, you’re able to just press and hold the earbud to be able to ask Google basically like Google’s assistant to tell you the weather, ask it questions, or do anything like that. You don’t even have to push the button, you can just say and then ask it whatever you need it to. I really like this feature.

Another huge plus about these is Google also has the translation. So, if you’re speaking to somebody that doesn’t speak your language, you can have it where Google in real-time will translate what they’re saying into your language into the earbuds so that, you can understand them. I really like this feature. Also within Google’s app, you can also control some other things. It has an adaptive sound which basically means that Google will balance your sound depending on whatever the situation is around you. So, if I’m in a quiet room it’ll be at a certain level, or if I decide to go outside where there’s a lot more noise Google will balance that out.

Another thing they do have is it does have the find my buds feature. It basically means if you want Google to try to pinpoint where is the last place you use your buds to be able to find them. It’s nice to have that feature built-in.

It has the sensors on the earbuds, where it will auto-pause and autoplay if you take your earbuds out and then when you put them back in, especially considering these don’t have an awareness mode, to be able to pull in your surroundings. So, it’s nice to be able to just pull the earbud out and have it auto-pause where you can carry on a conversation.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The battery life I think is their best feature, and that’s a nice relaxing comfortable feature to have been really good, the sound is really good, they fit in my ears is really good, the microphones are pretty good, and then the case is just good.

The touch controls are also really simple. Both the earbuds have that pretty large touchpad surface and that’s where you can play pause, that’s where you can fast-forward, accept calls, long press for the Google assistant, and all that stuff. I’ve been using them with One Plus 8 Pro so, they call Google assistant, not Bixby but they worked fine with any Android phone or iPhone, but they do work a little bit better with a Samsung phone because then you can get the galaxy Buds app and that gives you a little more control over customizing media controls and ambient sound pastor. Generally, even without that app, they’ve been rock-solid, no connection issues even walking across leaving my phone over somewhere nearby, having them in my backpack no problem.

I think these are the best sounding, non-noise canceling, wireless earbuds I’ve tried. I don’t really have anything bad to say about the Galaxy Buds Plus, but I feel like they could do with a little bit better of a design. I mean almost none really look that great, but to me, pixel buds do look really good. It looks like cheap plastic to me. I think maybe a matte finish that the more premium ones got going on looks better and I think that could have saved these a bit too.


Google Pixel Buds

They’re using Bluetooth, and they have AAC and SBC playback. I really would have liked to have seen Apdex playback, but the one thing that’s impressive about these is the Bluetooth range. If you’re outside, it says that you can get to the length of a football field, and then if you’re inside, you can have a three-room separation and a lot of earbuds can’t do that. As soon as you leave the room one wall in between will block the signal as to where we are getting 3 rooms is really impressive.

It was also impressive that I didn’t experience any kind of lag with watching movies, videos, and games. This will depend on the device that you’re using, because some people that are using an Apple device may experience some lag especially when it comes to using the YouTube app.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is the company’s first product having multi-device connection capabilities with the support of Bluetooth 5.0. But now recently they removed this feature from it. They can be connected with any device easily like the iPhone or any Android phone, but they do connect more easily and work better with the Samsung device with the help of the galaxy buds app.

google pixel buds 3


Google Pixel Buds

The charging cable does come with a USB-C cable. The battery life is just okay. The earbuds themself you’re gonna get around five hours, or with the charging case, you’re gonna get around twenty-four. But if the earbuds are dead, a quick 10-minute charge will get you two hours of use. So, I really like that these have the fast charge feature and I also like that the case is a wireless charging case. You can just come in drop it on any wireless charger and they will start charging.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

They have a legitimate best-in-class 11-hour battery life for music listening, that’s great, and fast charging. Being able to go a full week of casual listening, and not having any battery anxiety till like the last day of the week is awesome.

The case has USB type-c for charging, and it’s also capable of wireless charging if you want to put it on the back of your phone, or on any wireless charger, it’ll do that too. It’s really easy to charge this case.


Google Pixel Buds

Before we get right into the sound, let’s see about the volume. They do get loud, they just don’t get as loud as a lot of the other earbuds that I’ve tried. So, if you are somebody that likes to listen to your earbuds like very high volumes, this is not gonna be the pair to do that. But as far as the sound goes, the sound in my opinion is excellent, but not completely perfect. If you are somebody that likes a lot of bass or likes to be able to feel a lot of basses, that’s one thing that I think these kinds of fall somewhat flat. I’m not saying it’s flat as and it doesn’t have bass, but I have heard some earbuds that have bass you can feel in.

These are not capable of that these have a more true to what the sound is supposed to be. It’s a lot more accurate bass, it’s a lot tighter than a lot of the other bass, but I think a lot of the reason to that is again it falls back on the seal that you’re not able to get with the ear tips and with the wingtips. That plays a huge part in being able to feel the base impact. So, not being able to get that is definitely affecting the bass but the mids and the highs are absolutely excellent. They’re very clear, they’re very detailed, definitely upfront without the treble sounding. Harsh vocalists always sound like they’re right there in front of you but the instrument separation and the instrument detail here is also done very well, it’s very easy to tell where everything’s coming from, it’s very easy to tell that there’s some distance. These do have somewhat a feeling of being open. They don’t feel as closed in like a lot of earbuds do.

As far as the IP rating, they do only come in the rate it at IPX4. I would have liked to have seen them rated a little bit higher especially, feel a little bit more protected when you’re spending this much money. I think they went with the IPX4 ratings. So, they’re able to keep the mics being able to pick up as well as they do.

The microphones on here are excellent and they have to be, because the pixel buds are so reliant on the smart assistant, and having those types of features, then the mic needs to be able to pick you up at all times no matter what your surroundings. So, the mics are doing an excellent job of focusing on your voice and blocking out your surroundings.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

The sound from the Galaxy Buds Plus was really quite good. I was very impressed and happy with the sound of these. Even with a very full sound, they have a big rich full bass crisp clean mids and highs, no background hiss, these are tuned by AKG.

The only complaint I could see coming from a different pair of earbuds or headphones is these may actually feel a bit bass-heavy if you’re not used to all this, but they can turn that down in the EQ quite easily. The way they sound out the box is great. It’s really great for music.

galaxy buds plus 4


If you’re simply just looking for a pair of truly wireless earbuds for sound, then you can choose Galaxy Buds Plus. But if you are looking for an excellent sounding pair of earbuds with some incredible features, then you should select the Google Pixel Buds. In my opinion, the Google Pixel Buds is better than the Galaxy Buds Plus, because you can’t get the features like active noise cancellation, sweatproof and matte finish look in the Galaxy Buds Plus.