Google Pixel Buds vs Apple Airpods Pro: Which To Buy?

google pixel buds vs airpods pro

“Earpods” – A gadget which is popular in the last few years. People are excited to own this, especially, youngsters. There are so many companies, that manufacture earpods. We get more options to choose the right one. As the option increases, the decision of choice becomes tough. When the number of options comes to two, but both the brands are popular like the Google Pixel Buds and the Apple Airpods Pro, then again the question of  “which to buy?” becomes tough. to choose your right one as per your needs and budget, go to the detailed review.

google pixel buds (1)apple airpods (1)
Google Pixel BudsApple Airpods Pro
Auto-pairing on Android is great.
Bluetooth 5.0.
Well-built and minimal design.
Charging case is easy to use and charges wirelessly.
Easy to use and sounds good.
IPX4 sweatproof.
Great audio quality.
Long battery life.
Modern design.
Comes with a portable charging case.
Have an excellent noise cancellation technology.
Battery life is average.
They don’t isolate well against outside noise.
Get uncomfortable after about an hour of using them.
Only has AAC.
Quite costly.
Lack of companion app.


ModelPixel BudsMWP22AM/A-0130
Headphones Form FactorEar bud
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
TypeUSB (power only)Bluetooth
Connector TypeUSB Type-cBluetooth 5.0
Audio ControlsVoice assistantanswer/end, audio transparency, next/previous track, play/pause
ControlsVoice assistantAnswer/end, play/pause, next/previous track, audio transparency, ANC on/off
Width0.8 in0.9 in
Depth0.7 in0.9 in
Height0.7 in1.2 in
Weight0.18 oz0.19 oz
Battery Life5 hour(s)4.5 hour(s)
Recharge Time1 hour(s)
FeaturesVery comfortable.

Solid audio.

Hands-free Google Assistant.

Long range.

Excellent call quality.

IPX4 sweat-resistant(splashproof).

Easy paring on Android phones.

Superb case design and size.

Case provides 3-4 recharges.

Seamless translation technology.

Affordable price.
Audio Technology: Active Noise Cancellation.
Transparency mode.
Adaptive EQ.
Vent system for pressure equalization. Custom high-excursion Apple driver.
Custom high dynamic range amplifier.

Dual beamforming microphones. Inward-facing microphone.
Dual optical sensors.
Motion-detecting accelerometer. Speech-detecting accelerometer. Force sensor.

H1-based System in Package Sweat and water resistant (IPX4)

Expert Reviews of Google Pixel Buds:

By HotHardware
Google’s done a really nice job with the new Pixel Buds. They offer good design, great sound quality, and seamless Google Assistant integration, plus easy setup and decent noise isolation. Comfort and battery life could be improved, and they lack active noise canceling. Still, like Google’s other devices, the Pixel Buds 2 blend the company’s hardware, software, and services in an effortless, delightful, and uniquely Google-y way. That’s no small feat. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then there’s nothing quite like the new Pixel Buds.

By Wired
I like the Pixel Buds for a different reason. One that’s not really quantifiable when looking at a spec sheet. These are made for the traditional AirPod buyer: someone who wants a pair of headphones that work exactly as expected, every time you use them. For that, they’re the best you’ll find for Android phones. Given the unmitigated disaster that was the first Pixel Buds, I’m thoroughly impressed.

By Mashable
Google’s new wireless earbuds beat the standard AirPods in a few key ways, but there’s still plenty of room for them to grow in future versions.

By Engadget
Google’s updated Pixel Buds are a revelation compared to the previous model. Not only are they true wireless now, but the smart features are reliable, the touch controls are easy to master and comfort is top-notch. Battery life is on par with Apple’s AirPods, but it’s well below average in 2020. Still, at $179, Google has a powerful set of earbuds for the Android faithful that really shine when paired with a Pixel phone.

By The Verge
At $179, the Pixel Buds are priced the same as Jabra’s Elite 75t earbuds, which I’d still personally pick over these for their more dynamic sound and because you don’t miss out on features depending on what phone you have. But if Google Assistant has a decent-sized presence in your life, you might be willing to make do with the downsides of Google’s new earbuds — lacking bass and the occasional swell in outside noise — for the convenience of being able to call upon it anytime, anywhere.

Expert Reviews of  Apple Airpods Pro:

In our opinion the best true wireless headphones you can buy today. They’re the most comfortable smart buds, with excellent active noise cancellation features and finally, we have AirPods can handle a sweaty workout too. The price is a major downside,…

If you are looking for wireless earbuds that can block out outside noise, deliver great sound quality, and aren’t very bulky, the AirPods Pro is the best ANC device you can get right now. It may not be perfect but it sure comes close. If you are an…

By IndiaToday
AirPods. Apple launched its first set of wireless earphones in late 2016. I never liked them. The design, even if it soon became part of our pop culture, was weird with its long stalk, and a rather bulbous and broad earpiece meant that for many people…

Love them or hate them, the AirPods are Apple’s biggest success stories of recent times. The AirPods Pro will only add to the growing coffers of Apple as they offer everything one is looking for in wireless headphones. They are sleek, easy-to-carry…

By VR-Zone
We stress-test the AirPods Pro in our ultimate review: including a 34-hour return flight & long-distance running in tropical weather about a month ago, we published our Day 1 Review of the AirPods Pro, where we established that they’re one of the best…

Detail Review:


Google Pixel Buds

Google’s first truly wireless pair of earbuds following the company’s first version released in 2017. They have active noise cancellation and sensors. They are really comfortable. It sounds really pretty nice. Even though the price is much, it worth the quality it contains.

Apple Airpods Pro

The ear pods became the most popular headphones on planet Earth pretty quickly within about two or three years of them coming out and so smartly apples decided to follow up with and capitalize on that with a professional version of them with noise cancellation, and a couple of extra new features they’re pretty good. They’re for $250 and are not actually replacing Airpods to as much as they’re living on the site alongside them and so they’re not just the new AirPods but they’re also the best of air pods.

google-pixel-buds 1


Google Pixel Buds

The design is what really sets the things apart overall. When you first open up the case you get a great click. You can see the subtle, but striking looking two-toned design colors and matte finish. It’s very different from the approach that Google took with their first-generation Pixel Buds which featured a fabric cover. I can’t emphasize enough how good the case feels when holding it. It’s got a bit of weight to it and it just looks and feels fantastic. The hinge is solid and I think this is some of the best hardware design I’ve ever seen from Google. They weren’t kidding when they said they said the design was inspired by a river stone, that’s exactly how it feels when holding it. Plus this is a great case to fidget with when on a long conference call.

They don’t protrude out of your ears like the AirPods Pro or Sony’s do, which I think makes them look better and are less likely to get knocked out of your ear. The stabilizer arc so far has been pretty solid for me and keeps the buds in place they’re not going anywhere which is super important for day-to-day activities and especially workouts. 

I love that Google kept a button on the case for Bluetooth pairing, just like the AirPods. The hands-free Google Assistant feature is awesome and works really well. I like that the touch controls are the same for each earbud and work great. If you’re used to the way they work on the original pixel buds, they’re basically exactly the same on the new version of the pixel buds. I thought the resealable ear tip plastic packaging was a smart idea. Having volume controls on the earbuds themselves is awesome.

Apple Airpods Pro

The new design is fine. The improvement from air pods is good to see. The stems here are shorter, which is good. It technically brings the microphone further from your mouth, but they sound just as good for phone calls. At the bottom of the stem, you have a force sensor, instead of a touch sensor now. So, you have to squeeze to play-pause, double squeeze to move to the next track, long squeeze to turn on noise cancellation.

It was annoying at first because the shorter stem is a bit closer to the side of your head the way they fit, but then I got used to just squeezing the sides normally. The only negative point is there’s no volume control from the buds at all. I honestly think that might be my least favorite thing about the design. Many people may not like to have to ask Siri to change the volume every time.

The Airpods Pro nails so many things about everyday use like the case size for one, that’s a pretty dramatic difference, and also as dumb as these might look, there are some other designs that are way dumber and you do get used to the stock thing and it just ends up being natural.


Google Pixel Buds

For me personally, these are the most comfortable, in-ear earbuds I have ever worn thus far. The Google Pixel Buds, by comparison, are light and fit very snug in my ears. Nothing hurts and they’re light enough they almost feel like nothing is in your ear at all. Your ears may get a little sore after wearing these for hours on end.

I do have a couple of comfort tips to keep the pixel buds feeling comfortable in your ears. The first one is to make sure that you do try on each ear tip size for each earbud, that is super important. I found that for whatever reason my right ear is just more sensitive to wearing earbuds in general so for my right ear I found that the larger ear tip size was a better fit for my right ear, for my left ear, I found that the medium ear tip size was actually a better fit.

Now the second comfort tip I have is if you look at the design of the Google Pixel Buds, the tip is there to create a seal with your ear canal to block out ambient sounds around you. So when you’re putting them in, you only want to put them in so far as to create that seal. And then once the seal, you feel it’s been created, stop. Don’t push them in any further.

All you need to do is, create the seal in the ear, You just rotate the buds so the stabilizer arc goes into a part of your ear that’ll keep your earbud in place. And then you are good, you do not need to do anything else. The further you jam these things up your ear the more uncomfortable they’re going to feel.

Now if you are planning on wearing the pixel buds for longer than 4-5 hours, you’re likely to experience some soreness, especially where that stabilizer arc rubs against your ear, depending on the size of your ear. I did experience a bit of soreness when wearing them for that long the first night I got them.

Apple Airpods Pro

The Airpods Pro is easy to carry. They fit into the landscape magnetic case easily. It is pretty small. It’s bigger than the old air pods case, but it still easily fits in a pocket. A lot of other wireless earbuds cases have come through the studio lately and they’re consistently, typically much bigger than the air pods case, to the point where some of them aren’t even really pocketable. I can still fit the air pods pro case in the tiny pocket, I never use inside the pocket in my Jean.

The most important difference with air pods Pro is the silicon ear tips, instead of the hard plastic going into your ears. It turns out to be a major win for a lot of people like me, who literally can’t wear regular air pods for more than about three minutes before they’re just sliding out, these actually stay in my ears. I can walk around, move more than normal, work out, and they create a nice little seal, and that’s already a big functional difference.

The important thing for earbuds people is that the seal isn’t uncomfortable, so typically, when you put earbuds into your ears you’re also pushing air into your ear too, which can be uncomfortable, because it creates a bit of pressure there. With Airpods Pro lets air through equalizer pressure and by the time you’re wearing them it honestly makes it easy to forget you’re wearing earbuds, even for someone like me who doesn’t wear earbuds very often, which is impressive. They’re comfortable, they’ve solved the first major problem, which is staying in the ear.



Google Pixel Buds

One of the great features of The Google Pixel Buds is its settings where you can find your pixel buds in case you lost them. You do have the option to ring each individual bud in case you only lost one of them. Adaptive sound controls can also be found here and in my limited experience with this feature, it works pretty well.

It’s subtle and you may not notice it working at all, but I like that it slowly lowers and raises the volume, if it were too fast I think the experience would be kinda jarring. In-ear detection can be turned on and off here as well and you can also check to see if you have the latest firmware downloaded. To update to the latest firmware, but the buds back in the case after they’ve been connected to your phone and charge them, that seemed to force the firmware for my buds. Make sure you do update to the latest firmware. I didn’t do that when I first got my buds and I put them in and I noticed there were some audio static and some blips with the audio coming in and out and updating to the latest firmware fixed that audio blip issue for me.

Another thing that makes these buds great for wearing outdoors is that they are sweat and water-resistant. as well. 

Apple Airpods Pro

The feature set is being so unique. This is the only pair of noise-canceling open back earbuds, which is very strange. I do love the way they do noise cancellation now. You can’t control the level of noise cancellation but it makes everything sound better. People who previously have only used Airpods or other headphones that don’t do this will love these. 

The transparency mode which I almost was equally impressed by. It uses the microphone’s built-in to pass-through audio around you, and it’s this really natural sounding pass through. It may be a little bit of hiss where exaggeration at the high end but in general it sounds like you’re just not wearing anything in your ears at all, which makes it easy to forget that you’re wearing them. So, this is a good mode if you’re walking or running next to a road or you’re on a plane waiting to hear the announcements or just generally don’t want to be totally isolated from your environment.

The last one is regular which is the mode in the middle, which doesn’t really do anything with noise cancellation or transparency it just turns the earbuds on and saves a bit of battery.

They are sweatproof technically, they’re ipx4 water-resistant, which means you can sweat on them and they will survive. If you want just one pair of earbuds to be fine for everything, these will survive, will work out better than the previous Airpods. 


Google Pixel Buds

Setup with the Google Pixel Buds is a breeze, Google has finally been able to match the experience that Apple created with the AirPods. With the Pixel Buds, you just open up the case for the first time and if you’re using a Pixel phone like the Pixel 4 XL or another Android phone with Android 6.0 and up, you’ll see a notification to start the setup. Tap it and you’ll be guided through the setup which takes like less than a minute and then you’re good to go.

Now there is a companion app for the Pixel Buds that you can install on other Android phones but if you have a Pixel, it’s actually baked into the phone’s OS. People seemed really confused by this, thinking that Google was forcing an app to be downloaded to their phone and once started the app in the play store which is dumb because that’s not what Google did at all. Google does have the ability to push out system updates through the Play Store versus going the traditional system update route, which is a little more involved and that seems to be what they have done here as reported by 9to5 Google. If you look in your app drawer on a pixel, you won’t find the pixel buds app like companion apps for other earphones or headphones like on my Pixel, for example, I have the Bose Music app for my Bose 700 headphones.

The sub-app that powers the Pixel Buds was added to Google’s firmware months ago. So all the Play Store app did on Pixel phones was just activate firmware that already existed on the phones. The setup through the app will walk you through how to properly fit the earbuds and to try on the different tips to see what gives you a more comfortable feel. It’ll also take you through the touch controls on the pixel and how to set up the Google Assistant Assistant on them.

The pixel buds also have wireless charging and USB-C, which great, and great! You can only put in one bud and play music and media from it and it will work. which is not the case for other earbuds out there. The Pixel Buds work the same across all Android devices as long as those devices are running Android 6.0 and up, and they actually work really well on iOS devices as well. A lot of functionality actually works on iOS, things like in-ear detection, pausing music when you take a bud out of your ear adaptive sound. All of the touches controls on each earbud work on iOS as well. The only thing that doesn’t work on iOS that’s kind of a bummer is summoning the Google Assistant. You cannot summon Siri on the Google Pixel Buds.

Apple Airpods Pro

They will again not be the best for Android they lose some of the convenience features the autoplay pause, the Siri integration but they do work as Bluetooth earbuds. As far as I know, this connection between the earbud is actually proprietary. So, definitely try not to lose them, because you’re stuck with what comes in the box, or you can go for the four dollar replacement tips straight from Apple. Surprisingly, reasonably priced.



Google Pixel Buds

Now, let’s talk about something that people have a lot of questions about battery life with Pixel Buds. The battery life of the Pixel Buds is 5 hours on a charge for music and 2.5 hours of call time. The case holds 24 hours of battery. When you put the buds back in the case they charge up very quickly, 10 min of charge will give you 2 hours of music and 1 hour of call time. Now I don’t think you have to worry about the battery life with these things at all unless you’re planning on listening to music for more than 5 hours or plan on being on a call for more than 2.5 hours.

Thankfully, the case does have wireless charging. So, you’re not really going to have to worry about the case running out of charge if you have a wireless charger say on your nightstand, you can just drop this on your nightstand on the charger every night and then you’ll never have to worry about the case running out of battery. If you only have an upright charging stand they will charge on some of them, as long as you put the buds upside down. This also seems to be the case for the Pixel stand.

Apple Airpods Pro

For Airpods Pro Apple says four and a half hours with noise-canceling or transparency on five hours with noise canceling off. I kept it on all the time I got about four hours.

The quick charge in the case is convenient so, if you do get low you can plugin for a couple of minutes and get an hour of charge out of that and they charge via lightning.

The fast charging is convenient, and the h1 chips so that it pairs instantly with any iPhone, and then the rest of the Apple ecosystem and a blending in with iOS 13.


Google Pixel Buds

The Google Pixel Buds actually sound pretty good. There’s quite a bit of music detail that you can pick up, you can pick up track separation within your music and the only complaint I have about them so far is I do wish they had a little bit more bass. I wish Google had added an EQ setting within the companion app, so you could try to amp up the bass a little bit. But overall these sound pretty detailed, I’m used to earbuds kind of sounding bad, like the AirPods, They’re just kind of OK, but I’m used to earbuds that just kind of mush everything together with the music tracks. These do not do that, they actually present quite a bit of detail in the music that you listen to.

When wearing them outside, you’ll still hear cars go buy but the sound is reduced compared to open ear earbuds like the AirPods. When you’re on a phone call with someone, I noticed that these buds seem to do very well at isolating your voice from background noise, though the mic does make your voice sound a bit compressed. People couldn’t hear a lot of the things while walking by in the background like A/C units, by, they couldn’t hear wind noise, they couldn’t even hear cars passing me on the side of the road, which I could definitely hear and it’s not like these sounds were quiet.

Well, there are a few things I don’t like about the Pixel Buds but keep in mind that most of them are minor issues. The first one is that you can hear a hissing and static noise with the buds. Now I can hear some static and hissing noise when the audio is coming in and out of the buds and it is kind of annoying, it’s not a dealbreaker for me though, it’s not a very loud sound but it is something that is kind of quiet and if you can hear high pitched frequencies, especially from electronic devices or light bulbs, you may be able to hear this and if you do, then this is going to be a problem for many people. For me though, it doesn’t and it’s not really a dealbreaker. The last thing I wish these things had is an EQ setting in the app where I could try and pump up the bass a bit.

Apple Airpods Pro

The sound system is different here. When the noise cancellation is off, they sound just like regular air pods they’re fine. When noise cancellation is on, they do sound dramatically better. Airpods Pro get really loud to the point, where I never need them at full volume, and most if not all the improvements in the actual sound are as a direct result of you having a decent seal now, instead of no seal at all before.

The noise cancellation is its biggest strength of Airpods Pro. There are three modes of noise-canceling, off, and transparency mode. The noise cancellation is really impressive to me with earbuds. They do well in noisy environments.

This one just sounds like you’re wearing ear pods with silicon tips not amazing sound, but you do have a little bit better of a seal than you typically would.

AirPods-Pro 1


The Airpods Pro are not audiophile-grade headphones, they’re not great dedicated workout headphones, they’re not the perfect headphones for flying, but if you could only pick one pair of earbuds to do all of this stuff with then you can pick Airpods Pro. But, if u need more comfort and some more features then you can go for the Google Pixel Buds. In my opinion, Google Pixel Buds are more convenient if you are searching for an earbud under your budget with many features.