8 Amazing Home Automation Gadgets To Make Your Home More Secure

Smart Locks For Added Security

Home Automation Gadgets are very popular and widely used because they help in saving time, money, safety, and more. Despite their initial costs, they are a good investment that pays off in the future. Here, we are discussing 8 amazing home automation gadgets to make your home more secure.

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{ 1 } Smart Plug For Home Automation

Smart Plug For Home Automation

Smart plugs for home automation are available in various shapes and sizes at an affordable price. These are fitted between the ordinary electric outlets and the electronic device (toaster, television, iron, etc.) that is plugged in. You can switch ON/OFF at a scheduled time of the electronic device using App in Smartphone.

{ 2 } Automated Smoke Detector

Automated Smoke Detector

The automated smoke detector comprises of two gadgets – smoke detector fitted to the ceiling and Smartphone. The Smoke detector uses a split spectrum sensor for self-testing and detecting smoke. It warns homeowners using the human voice. Other special features include App silence; Phone alerts (Carbon monoxide in Hallway/Bedroom); No chirps (low battery); Safety checkups (Checking bedroom); Family accounts (all members can log in using separate password). This gadget tests itself checking Battery strengths and sensors for 400 times per day. It lights up path-light for anyone wishing to move around for a drink at night. Automated Smoke Detector uses algorithms and humidity sensor to distinguish between smoke and steam. Before sleeping at night, ensure the green light is glowing indicating all is fine for the day.

{ 3 } Home Monitoring System

Home Monitoring System

You should invest in a home monitoring system that provides service for 24x7x365. It can detect fire and ensure the safety of family members and property. You can check who visits your front door and property. After installing CCTV and surveillance, there have been fewer burglars and unwanted visitors. You can install a home monitoring system for babies. This is available with a built-in alarm system. After installing, you get a real-time video of your baby from the nursery directly to your Smartphone. The system has a powerful sensor that picks up the slightest sound and motion. You are alerted as soon as baby moves or cries. You can either reach out for baby or respond remotely speaking to the baby. This gadget works with both Android and iOS App.

{ 4 } Smart Locks For Added Security

Smart Locks For Added Security

The manufacturers are experts in creating door locks based on solutions of cylinders used. Most people prefer adding smart locks on the inside of the home. Even if burglars know about the presence of smart locks, they cannot hack to open. According to testers of smart locks, Bluetooth virtually does not allow anyone to hack or crack. Smart locks send and receive 4.0 standard Bluetooth communications within a wireless radius of 10m. Also, smart locks use 128 bit AES encryption.

{ 5 } Video Doorbells

Video Doorbells

Video doorbells enhance security preventing entrance of unwanted intruders. You can safely be present anywhere at home or outside to answer the video doorbell. The video shows the image and you can hear the visitor. You may choose to speak to the visitor without opening the door. Video doorbells use 2-way intercom with hidden advantages. You use a Smartphone to talk to your visitor so you do not have to be physically present at home. When a visitor knocks on the door, the video camera captures his/her image for later reference. Video doorbells offer night vision technologies which help in capturing images at night too. A video doorbell can be used as part of your surveillance system for the home monitoring system.

{ 6 } Smart White Lights And Color

Smart White Lights And Color

Smart white lights and color lights are lighting that can be controlled using apps on your mobile. This facility enables you to switch on all lamps remotely while driving home at night with smartphone technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, etc. Addition to on/off, you can change the intensity of light from dim to bright. For colored LEDs, you can also adjust the coloring of your smart light. You can carry out all these adjustments with the apps on your smartphone. The smart bulbs are connected to a hub that requires no adjustments after set up. This hub can be controlled using a relevant app. Using these home automation gadgets help in reducing your utility bills. Smart bulbs are available in various sizes, temperatures, and brightness. You can install the suitable sized bulb of preferred hue in all rooms. Also, install smart switches for a hub or Wi-Fi.

{ 7 } Automated Smart Robot Vacuums

Automated Smart Robot Vacuums

These disk-shaped, small automated smart robot vacuums are very powerful and clean with fitted sensors. These can be programmed to clean floors and rugs while you are busy with other chores. Automated smart robot vacuums save time. Today, most families have young children dependent on working parents under job pressure. Everyday cleaning job becomes tedious and time-consuming. The automated smart robot vacuum cleaner requires no supervision while cleaning. Automated smart robot vacuums have proved to be useful for physically challenged people. You can set this machine to clean whenever required. Advanced automated smart robot vacuums come with sensors that detect large dust bags for multiple sessions.

These advance home automation gadgets detect changes in surfaces and adjust settings accordingly. Surfaces include the wooden floor, carpets, and transition. These detect the edge of the walls and stairs. Hence, these automatically turn around when these come across such situations. After completion of the work, the automated smart robot vacuums returns to its docking station. When the battery runs low, it automatically starts to recharge itself. You can set virtual walls for the automated smart robot vacuum cleaner resulting them not to cross.

{ 8 } Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Modern Smart Thermostats using Wi-Fi connections offer advantages. They are useful in regulating the temperature of the room. Smart thermostats help homeowners and families to save money on utility bills. You can use less energy and be environment-friendly. Smart Thermostats remember the number of times you like the low or high temperature in your home. Remotely control Smart Thermostat using Wi-Fi technology and sensors controlling heating/cooling together with the HVAC system. You do not have to be physically present at home to control its temperature. Simply log in from anywhere in the world.