Hyperx Cloud Core Vs Cloud 2: What is the Difference?

hyperx cloud core vs cloud 2 (1)

There are some differences between these headsets but the design is almost the same and the price is also the same. Both the headsets are from the same series. To take a decision which will be better, study more details about these headsets.

hyperx cloud core (1)Hyperx cloud 2
Hyperx Cloud CoreHyperX Cloud 2
Good audio.
Solid and sturdy build.
Surprisingly good microphone.
Plush memory foam.
Great sound quality.
Luxurious finish.
Thoughtful extras.
Big price increase compared to the HS50.
Headphone cord doesn’t detach.
Flimsy carry case.


Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Sound Output Modestereo
Frequency Response15 Hz15Hz–25,000 Hz
Sensitivity98 dB98 dB
Impedance60 Ohm60 Ohm
Diaphragm2.1 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenserelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth100 – 12k Hz50Hz-18KHz
Weight11.29 oz11.29 oz
FeaturesGame without pain with Cloud’s comfortable memory foam ear cushions and leatherette padded headband.

Solid, durable aluminum frame to withstand the blows of daily use.

Hi-Fi capable with 53mm drivers for supreme quality and immersive in-game audio.

Pro-Gaming optimized with closed cup design for passive noise cancellation.

Detachable noise-cancellation microphone – remove when you’re just listening to music.

TeamSpeak and Discord certified so you’ll be heard loud and clear.

Compatible with PC, Xbox One, Xbox One S, PS4, PS4 Pro, Mac, Mobile** and VR***
Advanced USB audio control box with built-in DSP sound card.

Hi-Fi capable with 53mm drivers for supreme audio quality.

Hardware-driven virtual 7.1 surround sound.

Comfortable, 100% memory foam on headband and leatherette cushions.

Intuitive volume control on headset ear cup.

Compatible – USB connectivity for PC & Mac. Stereo compatible with PS4, Xbox One and mobile.

Xbox One stereo adapter required; not included.

Expert Reviews of Hyperx Cloud Core:

By Xiaomi Today
The Kingston HYPERX Cloud Core KHX Gaming Headset combines the functionality of both earphones and headphones. It’s majorly designed for video games, and since the audio section of video games are essential in getting the necessary fun during gameplay,…

By Play3r
The HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset has a lot of good things going for it, but it’s not all “good” for those wanting an exceptional bargain. First of all, the bass is a little flat throughout different types of music such as EDM, hardstyle, dance…

By Funkykit.com
If there’s one set of entry-level gaming headset you get, then the HyperX Cloud Core should be it, it really does fulfill being ‘budget’ and ‘quality’.The only downside to the HyperX Cloud Core is the ear cups’ lack of ventilation; whilst the memory…

By Absolutegizmos
These headphones approx cost around 5,000rs on various E-Commerce. The price could be even less than that. The only down point I thought they should include a travel pouch as Gamers do carry there headphones from place to place for leagues or…

By Gadgetynews
I don’t think you can do better for the price point. These are a great entry level headset, the look and feel are good but the audio is worthy of a higher end price tag. Just a shame I didn’t have any friends to test the microphone!I don’t buy headsets…

Expert Reviews of HyperX Cloud 2: 

By Techspot 
For me, it’s between the Kingston HyperX Cloud II and Polk Striker P1 Multiplatform. The HyperX Cloud II looks and feels better in my opinion, but you have to use USB audio instead of your sound card if you want the inline control box. When spending this much on a headset we’d rather not have to choose between having less features or lower quality audio.

The HyperX Cloud II is attractive for many reasons, including its modular and comfortable design, premium build quality, great 7.1 surround and stereo sound, and affordable price. It’s also great for laptop gamers since it obviates the need for a dedicated sound card, and overall is one of the best headsets I’ve ever used.

By Enos Tech 
When all is said and done, the HyperX Cloud II headset offers the full package. As mentioned, they only thing that tops their quality looks is the quality of the performance which comes at a very fair price when considering other options currently on the market. The Cloud II is a well worthy headset and its versatility only helps to make sure you get the most from them possible.

By WCCFtech 
Then it struck me. That comic book I bought so long ago, it was so cheap and yet I got so much enjoyment out of it. I don’t want to use the word cheap because that has some negative connotations to it, but the value it provided for the price was genuinely amazing. The Cloud II’s are the same and at this moment in time, they are without a doubt my favorite headphones for gaming and general PC usage.

By TheStraitsTimes
The Kingston HyperX Cloud II is one of the most well-rounded gaming headsets on the market.It is a very comfortable and understated headset, backed by solid construction and performance. It is also pitched at a price that will not break the…

Detail Review:


Hyperx Cloud Core

The HyperX cloud core gaming headset from Kingston is a very nice and very premium set of headphones at an incredibly reasonable price. Kingston makes several versions of the HyperX Cloud headset. Now, Cloud 2 is the new 7.1 surround version of this headset. Cloud 1 includes some extra accessories such as ear cushions and the carrying bag, the Cloud Core doesn’t mean it and you can pick it up for a considerably cheaper price.

HyperX Cloud 2

The sound quality is just awesome with that sound card. The design and build quality are almost the same as all the Cloud headsets. The comfort level is also nice for this price range. There are just little bit differences between all the Cloud headsets.

hyperx cloud core 1 (1)


Hyperx Cloud Core

In construction, it blew me away for the price comparing this to a more expensive Corsair Void headset. It feels solid, there’s no creaking or anything when you flex it and I like the matte finish that they’ve used, it makes it look and feel a bit more premium than shiny plastic.

To match the metal frame, we have brushed aluminum plates on the side of each ear cup with the HyperX logo on and we can also find the HyperX logo embroidered very nicely onto the top of the headband.

Both the headset cable and splitter cable are braided for extra durability as are the short ones that go from the ear cups to the headband. It’s a very nice looking headset and I like the fact that it’s not too over-the-top stylized for gamers. You could easily get away with wearing these as a normal pair of headphones.

HyperX Cloud 2

This headset does come in two colors, one with red and black, the other with silver and black and they range around eighty to a hundred dollars. It looks stylish and without that mic, you can use these like headphones also on the outside.

They’re built solid, they’re built like extremely durable. I think it’s kind of like a little allusion. You can see the big metal handle on the ear cup but the little joints holding the U shaped metal is plastic and then the screw that’s holding the metal into that arm is screwed into the plastic. All the main things you got are plastic which is holding something for the headset build. Whenever you’ll pull them out, all your pressure is going up there on those two spots where a plastic screw is screwed.

I think these are built just as all like any other headset, whether we’re talking about Turtle Beach or Corsair or anything like that. The difference between those headsets is a lot of this metal is covered up by plastic, so they go plastic, and then they’re reinforced metal is within that plastic when this one is just flash it right out there in the open.


Hyperx Cloud Core

The comfort which besides audio is probably the or the most important aspect of a gaming headset. There’s a good amount of padding on the headband and it’s also very light coming in at 320 grams if you include the cable and microphone. The ear cups are large enough so as not to press on any parts of your ears while wearing them. This makes them extremely comfortable especially when you’re wearing them for long periods of time. Despite the headset itself being a snug fit, they feel secure without being overly tight.

There’s also a fair bit of adjustability in the headbands. So, you should be able to find a comfortable fare. The Cloud Core headset doesn’t come with extra ear cushions, we just get the standard leather at one. In combination with the snug fit, though the noise isolation is just fantastic. Background noise from your PC or your fridge if you’ve got one pretty much disappears completely and allowing for a more immersive gaming experience.

The only downside to the leatherette cushions is that they do get a little hot after a while, so just bear that in mind. The other alternative is the velour cushions that are included as an extra with the Cloud 1 headset.

HyperX Cloud 2

As far as that comfort, whenever you put them on, they fit nicely. I mean, they really extend out and they got some flex to them but when you put them on, it’s like very similar to a Razer headset. If you use the Razer headset before or any of the other Hyperx, I mean, they’re all pretty much built the exact same. They press more up top rather than the back.

There’s a very mild adjustment on the headset when I’d tried to spin out, they don’t move at all. It doesn’t move in a circle like we can say that swivel, it’s something little bit negative in this headset. But, this is for me and it may be fit you well. I highly recommend you putting these on your head and they may be perfectly fine for you.

Other than that a little bit right there, as far as the headband, it’s very cozy. I mean, it’s very nice cushioning up there and again the ear cups plenty of giving them whether you go with the little velvet ones or these pleather ones.

hyperx cloud 2 (2)


Hyperx Cloud Core

This has nice quality and both the headset and the microphone sit very securely within this molded foam package. In the box, you get the headset and a detachable microphone. We also get the extra cable which extends the length by 2 meters also split in the signal so that you can plug into both the headphone and microphone inputs on your PC. I think this was a good move from Kingston since the standard length of 1 meter is perfect for using with a normal device like your phone or tablet for listening to music or watching videos.

HyperX Cloud 2

In your box, you are gonna get the headset, little carry bag which is kind of like soft mesh bag. You get two sets of ear cups and this one is velvet and you will get a pleather set on the headset itself. I will highly recommend you sticking with the pleather set, it holds on a lot more sound and velvet one get a little bit of sound but it’s not bad but it sounds a lot better with the pleather.

You also get the mic and the mic does come with a windscreen on it. Also, you will get a little adaptor and sound card and this thing really brings this headset to life. It plugs in by USB and this only works on pc and ps4, it does not work on Xbox but again the headset is 3.5. So, you can plug it into your Switch, your mobile, or your Xbox controller if you have the newer updated controller.

You can control your volume up or down, your mic up or down, and activate the surround sound on that sound card and it lights up red whenever it is activated. Then, you have your little mic mute switch and then you have a clip on the bottom if you want to just clip it on the shirt or any of your dress.

The USB on this is a heavily braided cable. So, you don’t get to worry about crimping or pinching this cable when it’s hanging on the floor but it is long so you have that deal there. Then, you also have the cable on the headset which connects with the USB cable then this length will be longer.

hyperx cloud core 2 (1)


Hyperx Cloud Core

We do get a detachable microphone. It simply plugs into this port on the left ear cup. It’s very flexible, so you can position it wherever you want. Microphone recording quality is adequate, it’s not the best but it should be fine for gaming. Again, this is not the best in the world but passable for a gaming headset.

HyperX Cloud 2

As far as the mic, it is detachable. It’s not connected, you can take it off and put it on if you please and it does also include that nice windscreen. It’s really nice and solid no matter where you put it, it stays like it does not Bend out of place or anything which is really nice.

The sound of the mic is pretty like all the mid-range headsets have. In this price range, you can only expect this much but I think this is not the best out of all the mid-range headsets. You can hear the pop sounds on this mic but anyway, this is absolutely can be used for gaming and any informal things like webchat.


Hyperx Cloud Core

It uses 53-millimeter drivers and for music, they’re very nice. They’re powerful but not too bass-heavy and there’s definitely no distortion. To me, they’re slightly lacking in this area as regards mids and the vocals on songs are sometimes not as clear as you’d like, although a little bit of EQ in should fix this.

Gaming is where this headset really shines. It manages to handle a range of sounds very well indeed and you can still make out the finer details even when there’s a lot going on it. This seems to handle loud volumes quite well. Despite it not being a 7.1 surround headset though it actually offers a very good sense of depth and positional awareness which is not something you find on all gaming headsets, especially ones in this price range. The audio quality combined with the noise isolation makes for an absolutely fantastic game and experience while remaining versatile enough to be used for listening to music.

HyperX Cloud 2

These things sound awesome. I mean, they are solid, no matter what you’re using it if you’re on PC or Xbox or Playstation 4 or the Nintendo switch or just listen to music, they sound solid. Again, I recommend you to use the pleather ones because they hold some better sound and they just maybe bring out that bass a little bit more. When you put on the little of velvet ones, it lets a little bit of sound bleed out but they are extremely comfortable and breathable.

They really come to life when you plug in this little sound card which connects by USB and this works on the ps4 or the PC and it does not work on the Xbox. This sound card is just absolutely amazing and honestly, I don’t like that fake fluffy 7.1 surround sound that they say headsets do, I feel like it drops a lot of the low-end and just really brings out a lot of the high-end and this doesn’t do it. Whenever you click that 7.1, it just feels like it really just brings a bigger punch to the headset, not like heavy bass but it’s just like enhances the volume is what it sounds like the lows, mids and highs are still there and nothing is overpowering one another. It sounds very good with this little sound card. It sounds great with a 3.5 but you notice a massive difference with this little sound card plugged.

One thing I wish was on the sound card was whenever you’re adjusting your volume like if you get to the highest volume setting, I wish it like made a little notification sound in the headset or same with the mic if you went all the way down or all the way up.

hyperx cloud 2 2 (1)


Both these headsets have almost the same design and features and the price is also the same. So, I think, the Hyperx Cloud 2 will be a better choice than the Hyperx Cloud Core because it has the sound card and the sound is all better. If you want for gaming, I will definitely say the Hyperx Cloud 2 will be better to buy than the Hyperx Cloud Core.