Jaybird Tarah vs Beats Powerbeats 4: Which One is Better for the Price?

Beats Powerbeats 4

This is the review of the comparison between the earphones of different brands those are the Jaybird Tarah and the Beats Powerbeats 4. There is much difference in their price range as well as in their features. To know which one is better than the other for its price, go to the detailed review.

Jaybird TarahBeats Powerbeats 4
Jaybird TarahBeats Powerbeats 4
The audio quality is great after having saved my favorite preset to the headphones.
Comfortable to wear for long periods.
A great value.
A 6-hour battery is good enough for even the longest runs.
Jaybird app is actually useful. Google Assistant support.
Better built than Powerbeats3 Wireless, with better sound quality.
The sound quality that’s on par with the fantastic Powerbeats Pro. Water and sweat resistance. Thicker, the rounded cord between buds.
Excellent 15-hour battery. Excellent wireless range.
Hands-free Siri.
No carrying case provided.
The included charger is made for the Tarah and nothing else.
Lops off the beginnings of tracks when you skip forward or backward.
Plenty of very good true wireless earbuds in this price range.
Not comfortable for all ear types. No auto-pause when earbuds are removed.
No noise reduction.


ModelTarahPowerbeats 4
Headphones Form FactorIn-EarIn-ear
Headphone TechnologyWirelessWireless
Sound Output Modestereostereo
Sensitivity99 dB
Frequency Response20 Hz
Impedance16 Ohm
Diaphragm0.2 in
Connector TypeBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth Class 1
Audio Controlsanswer/end, next/previous track, play/pause, voice assistant, volume
ControlsVolume, answer/end, play/pause, next/previous track, voice assistant
Width2.8 in
Depth0.5 in
Height0.9 in
Weight0.5 oz
Battery Life6 hour(s)15 hour(s)
Recharge Time1.5 hour(s)
FeaturesA crisp, clear and uncompromising soundtrack for your adventure, with fully adjustable EQ in the Jaybird app.

Fully weatherproof (IPX7) to keep the music flowing through adverse conditions and unexpected weather.

Streamlined design with soft silicone ear gels offer a secure, ultra-comfy fit.

Fast-charging, 6-hour battery powers daily runs, training workouts and weekend adventures.
Curved and angled for comfort.

Cable joining two earphones.

Physical controls on the earbuds.

IPX5 rated against splashes/sweat.

Apple H1 Chip.

15 hour play time.

Lightning port for charging.

5mins fast fuel = 1 hour playback.

Detail Review:


Jaybird Tarah

The Jaybird Tarah is the predecessor of Tarah Pro and it is one of the budget-friendly earphones available in the market currently. These earphones are currently retailing for around fifty dollars.

Beats Powerbeats 4

The Beats Powerbeats 4 is the successor of Powerbeats 4 and these earphones mostly look kind of the younger brother of the Powerbeats Pro. You get good battery life, good connectivity, good sound quality, and good materials with these earphones. These earphones are retailing for a price range of around a hundred and fifty dollars.

Jaybird Tarah


Jaybird Tarah

The Jaybird Tarah looks the same as the Tarah Pro at first. The Tarah has rubberized cable which is also tangle-free. The Cord of Tarah actually snags a little with your jackets and in your collars. These earphones actually have an oval shape which gives you a good fit and in that way, it blocks out the outside noise.

There is also one cable adjuster that comes with these earphones so that you can shorten the cable as you want. Also, you are getting a clip along with the actual earphones so you can clip the cable with your shirt so that it does not jump while you are running or doing any activities. There comes inline control on the left side.

Beats Powerbeats 4

With the actual charging of the headphones there’s just one port you plug it right in. There’s a light to indicate that it’s charging and that’s pretty much it. You can see your battery status on your iPhone or on your iPad or on your iOS device of any kind and it just makes it really simple.


Jaybird Tarah

The extra silicon passing the tube this also provided not only more contact area in the ears by grippy contact area but also keeping the earphones even more so in place during vigorous activities. These earphones provided excellent passive noise isolation blocking out most of the outside world. It also gives great comfort and fit with the one-piece ear tip and ear fin. You are getting extra ear tips so you can change your ear tips as per the size of your ears.

Beats Powerbeats 4

I think the way they fit is actually the most important because people aren’t gonna wear something that is uncomfortable no matter how good it sounds. Fit and comfort right out of the box, these headphones are some of the best fitting that I’ve ever used, and that comes down to their dual fit design. They have a piece that goes into your ear canal which is pretty normal, there are adjustable sizes for different ear sizes so you can swap them in and out like pretty much every other pair of headphones ever.

There’s also a wing that goes around the back of your ear and that has like a moldable piece of wire in there and you can kind of crunch it down around your ear to get it to fit nice and snug. So those two things together make these headphones impossible to fall out, I mean they are gonna stay in your ear for almost any situation which is great. But they’re not too tight that they become uncomfortable after a short period of time.

I’ve worn these headphones for four or five hours in a row, while I was working, and I have no issue just like Powerbeats Pro. So that is a great thing that they’ve carried over and brought in from the more expensive model and other Powerbeats in the past have had this kind of look too but it works really well. So for a headphone that is kind of oriented towards sports, action, and moving around, I think it does a great job of providing the fit that you need if you’re gonna be doing any of those kinds of things.

Beats Powerbeats 4


Jaybird Tarah

In the box, you get your earphones themselves, your proprietary charging dongle, additional ear tips, cable management cinch and clip, and your usual books. The company claims these earphones are waterproof and sweatproof that is these are ipx7 rated which means you can drop your earphones in water for 30 minutes and it will work still. So there will be no problem if you are more sweating. 

As far as Bluetooth technology, these earphones have Bluetooth 5.0 which will good for those people who want to future proof their earphones. The pairing process is very easy as like the other Jaybird earphones. First, you need to on the Bluetooth in your device and then press and hold the power on button in your earphone it will get connected. I tested out the lag latency in these earphones what I mean by the lag latency is, is there any delay between what you listen to and what you see. As per my test, there was not any lag latency with these earphones.

The inline control in these earphones controls the volume it can increase the volume, decrease the volume, play, and pause the track and also turn on your earphones on press and hold but you can’t skip the track using the inline control you need to use your mobile for that purpose. The only problem with these is you need to take the proprietary charger with you always and you can’t charge the earphones without this proprietary charger or if you lose it.

Beats Powerbeats 4

Where these headphones start to differ from the Powerbeats Pro and other truly wireless headphones is that they have a cable that connects to the left and right earpiece. But because that cable was there I did find that it got away a little bit, the cable is a little bit too long for me and the plastic would kind of grip on the back of my neck. And as I turn my head it would kind of get caught and then pull or tug a little bit against that earpiece. The headphones never came out of my ear because they fit so good but it’s a little annoying the cable could be shortened. If you get that cable a little bit shorter these phones on fit and comfort in my opinion are almost perfect.

Beats is owned by Apple so they use the lightning cable you might hate it you might love it but that’s what it is. It uses the lightning cable so if you’re an iPhone user term assuming you are if you’re looking at Beats products then it’s gonna be easy. If you have an iPhone that uses a lightning cable, you have beats they use a lightning cable you’re pretty much done it’s really nice. If you aren’t an iPhone user it comes with a lightning cable in the box and lightning cables are pretty much ubiquitous so it’s not a huge deal. But realistically I think these headphones are meant for an Apple user someone who has an iPhone, you have a lightning cable already charge it every day with that, you just add headphones into the mix and you’re good to go.

I think this is much in line with power and charging again beats is owned by Apple so it’s getting all the best integrations with iOS and it’s gonna work identically to something like the Airpods. So as soon as you open up the box and power them on, you’re gonna see a prompt on your phone that prompt will basically just let you know we’ve discovered a Beats product and it’ll just prompt you to connect that’s it, it’s super easy. Apple has built this directly into the iOS system and that’s an advantage they get to have because they own all pieces in this chain for better or worse.

If you have Beats products and you have any Apple device or anything in that ecosystem, you get that benefit of super-easy connectivity. If you’re not in that ecosystem then it’s just Bluetooth that’s it, it’s still very easy. But in the Apple ecosystem, connectivity again much like charging it’s just a no-brainer, they make it so easy, you click one button and that’s it. So just that whole integration with iOS makes these headphones just feel a lot more premium than they are because they can take advantage and ride on the back of other headphones that have already come out before that use the same feature set, which is really nice.

Jaybird Tarah


Jaybird Tarah

The battery life on the Jaybird Tarah is around six hours as the company claims. As per my test I was able to get through almost a whole week with these being used only for one hour in a day without being charged. You are getting a proprietary dongle with micro USB on the other side for charging.

Beats Powerbeats 4

As far as the battery life is concerned you’ll get 15 hours of playback it’s so much playback. So I think the battery life on these headphones is really good, it’s better than the Powerbeats Pro. It also has a quick charge feature so from five minutes of charging you can get up to an hour of playback that’s amazing. Quick charge on headphones is the best and it’s really well implemented on the Powerbeats that combined with already long battery life.


Jaybird Tarah

These earphones have got spatial soundstage and these do also sound like an open back headphone but they don’t leak out the sound. The drivers are amazing in these earphones and they provide a great bass response. If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of these earphones right out of the box, then you can go through the EQ settings in the app and adjust the highs, mids, lows, and bass as you want. Actually, the equalizer works really well as per the adjustments made. These sound really good for the price range in which these are retailing.

Beats Powerbeats 4

I feel that the Beats products sound maybe a little bit better than the Airpods and some of the OnePlus headphones but it’s not dramatically better you’re not going to be blown away. The seal in the headphone like in your ear is really good so that’s helping with bass response, that’s helping with overall clarity. You’re not gonna have to worry about outside noise and the sound quality is good.

I don’t think anyone’s gonna is blown away but when you’re looking to just kind of get a run in, or you just need some motivation, or you just need some good music, or you want to listen to podcasts, it’s amazing. I mean they sound so much better than most headphones that people are used to listening to, they’re adequate to above average and that’s it. Sound quality is gonna be better than what most people expect and I think that makes it good enough.

Beats Powerbeats 4


I think for the price range of $ 150, you are getting better battery life, better connectivity, better sound quality, and better materials with the Beats Powerbeats 4 than the Jaybird Tarah.

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