Logitech G430 Vs G933: Which One is Good?

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This is comparison between the Logitech G430 and the G933 headsets. Both are very different like the G430is simple and wired headset while the G933 is wireless and mid-range headset and also the price range is very different. Check out for which one you want to buy as per your budget.

logitech g430logitech g933
Logitech G430Logitech G933
Very comfortable.
Smart physical design.
Decent sound.
Flawless wireless performance.
Great sound.
Very comfortable.
Works on PCs, mobiles and consoles.
Limited software features.
Music sounds unimpressive.
Surround sound doesn’t deliver.
Too bulky for easy transport.


SeriesLogitech HeadsetLogitech Gaming Headset
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Headphone Technology
Sound Output ModeSurround SoundSurround Sound
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity90dB SPL/mW107 dB SPL/mW
Impedance32 ohm39 Ohms (passive), 5k Ohms (active)
Diaphragm1.6 in1.6 in
Microphone Technologyelectret condenser
Response Bandwidth50Hz-18KHz100Hz-10KHz
Impedance-2.2K ohm
Width7.2 in 7.1 in
Depth3.5 in7.5 in
Height7.4 in3.7 in
Weight8.99 oz13.19 oz
FeaturesOn-cable Controls Sound control close at hand.

Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound.

Rotating Ear Cups. Multi-positional ear cups.

Sports-performance Ear Pads. A soft touch goes the distance.

Lightweight Design.
Take a load off.

Noise-cancelling Mic. Filters ambient noise.
Advanced Pro-G audio drivers are made with hybrid mesh materials for high-quality performance. Pro-G drivers are custom designed for gaming, and deliver clean, accurate highs and deep, rich bass for a premium sound.

Experience incredible 7.1 surround sound with Dolby Headphone or DTS Headphone:X.17.1 Surround sound requires Logitech Gaming Software available for download at logitechg.com/downloads. Precise and accurate in-game spatial awareness allows you to clearly hear enemies sneaking around and special ability cues.

G933 gives you the best of both worlds, with the option to game wirelessly or wired. Play lag-free on 2.4 GHz wireless for up to 12 hours per charge without lighting or 8 hours with default lighting. Alternatively, the 3.5mm analog input gives you the freedom to play wired – on console, mobile or PC – without using battery power.

One headset for all your devices. G933 mixes audio from up to three devices at once. Choose from PC, mobile and game consoles including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

G933 has two customizable LIGHTSYNC lighting zones: the light strips and logos. Each zone can be programmed individually from approx. 16.8 million colors with different animations and effects. They can also synchronize with other LIGHTSYNC devices. Use Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to personalize lighting to match your rig, your gear and your style.

Expert Reviews of Logitech G430 Review:

By Techspot
The Logitech G430 is decent value, as it offers great sound quality and is quite comfortable.

By Tom’sguide
The Logitech G430 has a stellar mic and is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, but missing software features hold it back.

By Proclockers
Logitech have once again proved to us why they are one of the leading peripheral brand of choice today. They certainly know how to please their target consumer and they know how to go with the trend. Certainly like the color theme of the G430 which looks fresh and modern. Certainly not everybody likes blue but the great looks is certainly one of the good selling point for this headset.

By Nikktech 
The Logitech G430 has a stellar mic and is comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, but missing software features hold it back.

By nasilemaktech.com
This is one of the best gaming headphones I’ve used and most certainly the most comfortable. The paddings and ear-cups are just at the right depth and stiffness and I never had any problem with wearing it for hours. The voice quality for the microphone…

Expert Reviews of Logitech G933:

By TrustedReviews 
A superb gaming headset that ticks most of the…

By TechAeris
Gaming headphones aren’t just a gimmick, they really do bring your gaming experience to another level and the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum are among the best on the market.

All things considered, the Logitech G933’s are an absolute steal. Everything from the exceptional microphone quality, to the brilliance of the surround sound and the customization of the lighting, this headset is perfect for any gamer in need of an upgrade

By VentureBeat
I don’t know if you can get a better all-around gaming headset. The G933 can handle gaming easily. Its built-in mic is really clear, so you’re going to have no problem communicating. But it can also break away from your computer to work well with consoles or a smartphone. I love rocking out in my car to My Morning Jacket while wearing G933. I can even take a call using the headset. It just easily handles any situation you throw at it, which I think makes it an incredible value for the price.

By PCworld 
The Logitech G933 would be a pretty good headset at its list price of $200. At its pretty-much-permanent sale price of $150 to $180, it’s probably the best price-to-performance ratio you can get for a wireless headset right now.

Detail Review:


Logitech G430

The design of the headset is almost as same as the Logitech G230. The comfort is good and also it’s light. So, you can use it for long gaming sessions. The sound of the headset and the mic is finr but nothing special in the sound. By considering the price, everything is nice. 

Logitech G933

There are more features as like the premium headsets. The design is good and different but as same as the G633 headset. It looks good but quite bulky comparing to other headsets. The sound is impressive and good for their price and also the mic is good.

Logitech-G430 7 (1)


Logitech G430

As far as quality, they are pretty much the same build, you won’t notice many differences there. Other than that the G430 is a bit more expensive than the G230 because of they have the surround sound. The design of the headset is nothing very special or different, it’s the same as all other Logitech headsets. 

Logitech G933

The G933 model looks completely different in comparison to Logitech’s previous generation of high-end headsets. Now, we have a very seamless design which follows through with a rounded shape from the top of the headband all the way to the ear cups. When you put the ear cup hinges into a straight position, you will hardly even know where they begin as it all looks so unified like there are no joints at all which is actually pretty cool.

The build quality is also on the level for a high-end headset, sporting a mellow and good quality plastic construction with a hint of chromed like parts.


Logitech G430

Another thing about both the headsets, the G230 and the G430 is that these ear cuffs can pop them off and they’re actually washable. So, they are made of cloth material, it’s very breathable when it’s on your head. So, the nice thing is you pop it off after maybe a couple of weeks of use or a month whatever it may be. As the metal band just like which is on the G230, they get really big, so if you have a big head or small head there will be no problem.

Another nice feature with this headset that I found is when you’re putting it around your neck, you can fold the head pieces down so they fit like this really comfortable. One thing that I have noticed as well is with the cloth ear cups takes a little time to get used to that, the actual feeling around your ear but it is breathable so it’s  a little bit more comfortable.

The one bad thing is the cloth material on the ear-pads, it’s breathable and the ear cups are washable. I have noticed it’s a little bit harder to get used to the material against your head than it is the leather. Once I got used though, it’s great. It definitely worked out a lot better.

Logitech G933

On account of the construction, you would think that the headset will be uncomfortable but it’s actually quite opposite. Their ear cups are very adjustable, almost in every possible way and with a lot of travel. While the headband has more than enough stretch distance. To top that off Logitech put really thick but also very soft padding on the headband and on the ear cups. All of these made them good for longer sessions, especially since they have over the ear design together with the right amount of lateral pressure.

logitech G933 2 (1)


Logitech G430

It comes to a nice packaging, it has 7.1 surround sound. They say that it has a convenient on cable volume control which I like. It has a detachable adapter for USB digital analog and has the ear cups that swivel. The cool thing there is a three-year warranty on the product which is nice. It works with Windows 8, Windows 7, all that kind of good stuff. It is a 40-millimeter driver, so same thing as the Logitech G230.

The mic is very flexible, you can in and out however far you want it away from your mouth. The cord is very long but the controller in it is awesome, you don’t see this on many headsets, now you usually have to go into your volume control on windows and change all that but with this you have a volume rocker, so you can go up and down as much as you want. You also have a quick mute, so if you’re in the middle of a game you get a call or whatever you want to mute just hit the switch down hit the switch up to bring it back. The cord is very long and also at the end of the cord, you have your normal jack. So, you can use for the mic and audio, you can plug into your computer.

A cool thing about this is you can use it like this or it comes with the adapter, so you would plug these into the adapter that makes it USB. So, you can use it both ways. You can install the software and then you’re rolling with 7.1 surround sound which is the cool thing.

In the software, it will show you the headset you use. You have the little equalizer button, so you can control volume. You can also change your microphone levels, bass, and treble but I’ve left everything as default. Also, you can customize your surround sound settings, so you can enable surround sound and so when you put your headset over your head, you’re gonna hear surround sound in-game.

Logitech G933

In the box with the headset, you will get two audio cables and one charging cable. Being a wireless headset, the G933 is a bit heavier than usual gaming headset as they carry a battery. The G933 uses a custom battery and connector which is hidden in the right ear cup under the magnetic cover. This is not the most convenient option as you won’t be able to just go into store and buy yourself a new set of rechargeable batteries if this loses its capacity over time which is not that big to begin with with its eleven hundred milliamps of capacity.

We were getting from four to five days of around 2 hour use per day with the RGB lights turned off and that is somewhere in between of those eight to twelve hours of battery life which largely claims. You can charge your headset using the USB PC connection or use a smart phone charger.

On the bottom part of the left ear cup next to the micro-USB port, you will find a three-and-a-half millimeter port which can be used with an added four-pin TTRS cable from the bundle or a wired connection to your smartphone or laptop and which also brings in a nice set of inline controls.

Unfortunately, you cannot use the headphones over the wired micro USB connection as we did headphones are only charging and they are not recognized by the PC as a headset. On the other hand, the good thing is that using that three-and-a-half millimeter connection, you won’t drain the battery if you put the headset into passive mode with RGB lights turned off.

The G933 model uses the 2.4 gigahertz wireless band frequency together with this USB dongle which hides under the left ear cup. Besides the PC support, you can also use it with your PlayStation 4 or Xbox one. I am not that impressed with its range, of course, it all depends on your surroundings but in general up to 5 meters of the line sight everything is good but after that, you’ll most likely lose or start losing your connection. While in some other cases even a bit thicker wall was enough to break the connection from a 3 meter distance.

Another positive and additional thing that this dongle brings to the table is the possibility to turn wired up your output into wireless. Due to the 3.5 mm connector, you can route your external audio output through it or using the bundled three-and-a-half millimeter to RCA passes through the cable.

On the back of the left ear cup beside the power on switch, you will find few G buttons, alongside a really nice volume wheel and a dedicated microphone mute switch. Those G buttons are actually pre-programmed to trigger certain actions and in this case, that’s even pointed out with the engraved symbols that are right next to them. One is for going through between the different EQ sound settings, one is for turning on and off the surround sound option, and the last one is for cycling or turning off the RGB lighting effects. The decision to make a dedicated microphone mute switch is kind of odd since you can mute it just by pulling the microphone up, nevertheless, it’s always good to have additional control options.

All of this is followed up by the Logitech Gaming software in which you can control all the G933 bells and whistles from reassigning the G buttons with other actions or macro functions, customizing the RGB lighting for the logo or the side strips, tuning the sound profile over the equalizer or with the use of the already pre-loaded presets and other settings. You also have control over the surround settings like switching between DTS headphone X or Dolby surround sound technology, tuning in the volume and so on.

logitech G430 8 (1)


Logitech G430

When you use any higher quality mic, you notice a slight decrease in quality. Other than that I’ve not had any complaints using this headset at all. The mic is completely adjustable close to your mouth or further away. Another nice thing about it is you got the inline mic and volume control, so it actually works really well.

Logitech G933

Being a gaming headset, the G933 brings a microphone which is in this case nicely talked to in the left ear cup and which pulls down and extends. It can also flex that extended part and put it into a position which fits you the best. This model is also equipped with a noise-canceling feature.


Logitech G430

The sound is good for the price we pay for it. Everything is fine with the sound of the headset but mu only complaint is this headset doesn’t block out the noise that much well. The surround sound also doesn’t work well but you can use it for gaming but don’t expect anything at a high level.

It sounds much clear and crisper. Everything is balanced and you will be satisfied with the sound by considering their price range. Again, with the surround sound, you can’t expect any higher-end sound. Also, in the software you can set your own presets and adjust the equalizer and so on. 

Logitech G933

Since the G933 only houses one 40 millimeter Pro G driver per cup, it’s obvious that this is not a true 7.1 surround sound setup but rather a virtual one. When it comes to virtual surround sound, this is probably one of the best I’ve tried so far. Even though I generally don’t prefer it due to the hollow like sound profile.

When it comes to DTS headphone acts and Dolby 7.1 technologies, in both cases, gaming was really immersive and precise, being it with games like Star Wars, Battlefront, CS;GO or with games like Dota 2, project cars, or thirds rally. In most cases, I prefer DTS over the Dolby surround sound technology but all in all both are great in doing their jobs. The unmodified audio output was better than both when it comes to listening to music and even watching multimedia and for a gaming headset, the G933 actually has well-balanced and a pretty warm sound profile.

logitech G933 (1)


Both the headsets are good but the price range of both the headset is very different as per their features. The G430 will come around $45 and the G933 will come around $110. So, if you want any premiium features and high quality sound the G933 will be good. If you have tight budget and for the beginner or amaeture gamer, the G430 will be good.