Logitech G633 Vs G933: Difference Between Them

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This is the comparison between the Logitech G633 and the G933 headsets. The headsets are from the same series of headsets and one is wired and the other one is wireless. There are some differences between them and according to that the price will differs.

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Logitech G633Logitech G933
Extremely comfortable.
Great sound for both music and games.
Robust software.
Works with PC, console and mobile.
Flawless wireless performance. Great sound.
Very comfortable.
Works on PCs, mobiles and consoles.
Not easily portable.Too bulky for easy transport.


SeriesLogitech Gaming Headset
ModelG633 Artemis SpectrumG933
Headphones Form FactorFull sizeFull size
Connectivity Technology
Sound Output ModeSurround SoundSurround Sound
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity107 dB SPL/mW107 dB SPL/mW
Impedance39 Ohms (passive), 5k Ohms (active)39 Ohms (passive), 5k Ohms (active)
Diaphragm1.6 in1.6 in
Microphone Technology
Response Bandwidth100Hz-10KHz100Hz-10KHz
Width7.1 in7.1 in
Depth7.5 in7.5 in
Height3.7 in3.7 in
Weight13.19 oz13.19 oz
FeaturesSuperior sound performance with Pro-G audio drivers.

Multi-Platform Compatibility.

Adjustable RGB lighting and custom tags.

Programmable G-Keys.

Custom sound profiles.

Multi-Source Audio Mixing.

Foldaway, Noise-Cancelling Mic.

Soft and breathable materials.

7.1 Dolby Surround Sound, lighting configuration, and G-key programming require Logitech Gaming Software to be enabled.

Advanced Pro-G audio drivers are made with hybrid mesh materials for high-quality performance. Pro-G drivers are custom designed for gaming, and deliver clean, accurate highs and deep, rich bass for a premium sound.

Experience incredible 7.1 surround sound with Dolby Headphone or DTS Headphone:X.17.1 Surround sound requires Logitech Gaming Software available for download at logitechg.com/downloads. Precise and accurate in-game spatial awareness allows you to clearly hear enemies sneaking around and special ability cues.

G933 gives you the best of both worlds, with the option to game wirelessly or wired. Play lag-free on 2.4 GHz wireless for up to 12 hours per charge without lighting or 8 hours with default lighting. Alternatively, the 3.5mm analog input gives you the freedom to play wired – on console, mobile or PC – without using battery power.

One headset for all your devices. G933 mixes audio from up to three devices at once. Choose from PC, mobile and game consoles including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

G933 has two customizable LIGHTSYNC lighting zones: the light strips and logos. Each zone can be programmed individually from approx. 16.8 million colors with different animations and effects. They can also synchronize with other LIGHTSYNC devices. Use Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) to personalize lighting to match your rig, your gear and your style.

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The Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum is the real deal, combining excellent audio for both games and music with a comfortable design, intuitive software and a bevy of extra features that make it ideal for PCs, consoles and mobile devices.

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When Logitech decided to use two 40mm drivers with the G633 Artemis Spectrum that was enough to reduce its bass footprint considerably and so much like most similar gaming headsets in the market today if you like plenty of bass this is not the right…

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A superb gaming headset that ticks most of the…

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Gaming headphones aren’t just a gimmick, they really do bring your gaming experience to another level and the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum are among the best on the market.

All things considered, the Logitech G933’s are an absolute steal. Everything from the exceptional microphone quality, to the brilliance of the surround sound and the customization of the lighting, this headset is perfect for any gamer in need of an upgrade

By VentureBeat
I don’t know if you can get a better all-around gaming headset. The G933 can handle gaming easily. Its built-in mic is really clear, so you’re going to have no problem communicating. But it can also break away from your computer to work well with consoles or a smartphone. I love rocking out in my car to My Morning Jacket while wearing G933. I can even take a call using the headset. It just easily handles any situation you throw at it, which I think makes it an incredible value for the price.

By PCworld 
The Logitech G933 would be a pretty good headset at its list price of $200. At its pretty-much-permanent sale price of $150 to $180, it’s probably the best price-to-performance ratio you can get for a wireless headset right now.

Detail Review:


Logitech G633

The design and the comfort of the headset is good enough. The padding and the material used for the ear cup and everything is nice in the headset. For this price range the sound of the mic and the headset also good.

Logitech G933

The headset is quite lightweight but comparing this to the other headsets this will be little bulky. The design and the comfort level is good and it looks like a gaming headset. The sound is also impressive and competitive for the higher end headsets.

logitech g633 5 (1)


Logitech G633

There are vastly different headsets in terms of price point, aesthetics, this is a lot more advanced aesthetically and sound output. For design, it just looks same as like the G933 headset. It looks good and like a gaming headset with a G keys and the RGB lighting. It also has the swivel and the headband extension. The design of this headset is good and also feels good and little bit wide.

Logitech G933

The overall design of the G933 looks great. They have a futuristic look to them and the custom RGB lighting that supports 16 million colors makes them look even better. The removable side plates reveal the battery and USB Bluetooth dongle. Logitech’s engineering on this is genius, it’s a great way to make the battery easily accessible for replacements and it also provides a great place to store the USB Bluetooth dongle while traveling. Not only that but players can purchase custom side plates or 3D print their own to match their team’s brand.


Logitech G633

For comfort, the headset uses relatively thick foam padding to give you a sort of distance to your drivers which is interesting. It uses the the thick padding that you find in a couple of other headsets, so it is fairly comfortable once it’s properly seated. The material covering that foam can be a little bit itchy at times but it sort of works itself in and gets a bit more comfortable with the time. It does generally take me a couple minutes at the beginning of every gaming session to sort of move it around and get over that initial feeling. The headset does have a tendency to slide back a little bit on me to the down where it’s seated. It’s always either forward or back, it doesn’t really sit perfectly still but again after sometime it will be seated perfectly.

The shape of the ear cups are little bit more rectangular and tall than some of the other headsets I’ve reviewed that stay seated a bit better and because of the sort of weight distribution of the headset you will have the little bit of seating problem. But, once it’s seated it’s pretty good strictly in terms of fit. The foam pads that ship with the headset by default are more of a mesh and they are pretty easy to take off.

The headset is not super well-suited for travel, the profile is a bit larger than more travel friendly same cost audio solutions but with some of those solutions, you do lose the microphone. So that’s sort of where you have to make the decision. If you’re more concerned about portability and form factor than feature set, I would still recommend the HyperX cloud 2 as my go-to travel option. It’s fairly affordable and it isolates the user substantially better for air travel. So, if this is something you want to take on a plane and listen to your phone and then maybe plug in a mic on the other side to talk to your friends then I would look at the cloud.

Logitech G933

This is an incredibly well built gaming headset. Although it’s mostly plastic, somehow they still look like super well-made headphones because they’re so light when picking them up. They feel low-budget. However, I really enjoy them being so lightweight it’s actually one of the big factors to them being so comfortable. The padding on the headband and ear cups is super comfortable. The mesh material is breathable which is critical for longer gaming sessions. I’m able to wear this headset for hours upon hours without any fatigue and I can’t say that about many headphones.

I really like how the ear cups are big enough to fit over the entire ear, rubbing would cause irritation or fatigue and that’s just something you don’t want to deal with.

logitech g933 3 (1)


Logitech G633

The headset has four G keys on the left ear cup accompanied by a volume roller and a stowaway mic. The mic automatically mutes when you push it up but the mic provides the user with an audible blip and a red LED change to confirm that’s muted. The headset has RGB LED support for the usual millions of colors. RGB LED can be cycled in various states so that’s breathing or cycling colors or just solid and they’re controlled through Logitech software which will call LGS Logitech Gaming software. The cable is fully detachable and Logitech includes a micro USB to USB PC cable or a 3.5 millimeter cable for phones. The headset has to be toggled for phone use.

Logitech G933

When it comes to functionality, the G933 is really shine. On the left ear cup, we have a few buttons and controls on the back. On the bottom you will find a volume wheel, it felt awkward reaching behind my head at first to adjust the volume. However, I quickly became used to the position and now I’m so glad it’s there. Above the volume, there are four G buttons and are fully programmable in the Logitech gaming software and the lowest button is for muting the microphone. I don’t find myself using the mute button very often because simply moving the microphone to an upwards position will automatically mute it. I also want to mention the red LED light on the end of the microphone which lets you know the microphone is muted.

I couldn’t find any audio latency or lag and the response time is on point. There is no delay in the microphone and there are no dropouts of audio. Everything is well perfect maybe it shouldn’t but for some reason that really impresses me. The only thing that could be improved is battery life. I mean, Logitech advertises eight-hour battery life with lighting effects and 12 without. I had to start charging after about 5 to 6 hours and after I turns lighting off, I got about 8 hours. This isn’t a real deal breaker because you can use the headset while charging it with a provided micro-USB cable.


Logitech G633

Mic quality is pretty mediocre on the G633. I was definitely a bit let down by it especially given the price point and the high-end engineering approach. Its vastly superior to HyperX cloud mic quality but it falls desperately short of what even the Plantronics game comm is able to produce.

We’ve yet to find a quote-unquote gaming headset that exceeds Plantronics mic quality on $100 or $150 dollar price range and that’s because the game comm produces an output that’s closer to the real voice of the user. Whereas, this Logitech G633 mic remove some of the natural resonance of a voice and it’s attempt at isolating input and I think that damages quality overall, you lose a lot of the users character when they’re speaking into it.

Logitech G933

Possibly my favorite feature about this headset is the microphone. It’s a boom microphone that can be hidden away very easily when not in use and when it’s tucked away if you knew nothing about this headset, you’d probably have a hard time finding it. When completely pulled out, you will see a flexible cable from the mic that allows you to adjust the position to better suit your wearing style.

The microphone quality is pretty decent. Don’t expect it to be as good as some desk mounted microphones. There’s built-in noise cancellation on this microphone which is something we see on all high-end gaming headsets today. So, it’s nice to see it wasn’t forgotten here.

logitech g633 6 (1)


Logitech G633

The big underline feature of the G633 is its pro G driver which is a Logitech made driver, it is 40 millimeters in diameter and the item that differentiates it here is the diaphragm. So, the diaphragm is the material which impacts the audio quality, it impacts the endurance of the driver. So, it’s it’s critical to get it correct. Logitech done is basically take a series of materials and and they’ve woven it into a mesh and that makes a thinner diaphragm more durable. So, you’re getting the thinnest desired to allow for greater sound quality but theoretically not sacrificing endurance. Then, it uses Dolby digital surround and DTS for simulation of more advanced surround sound setups.

The biggest item on the spec sheet here is probably DTS headphone X which is a technology made by the company DTS and Dolby Digital surround which is a perhaps more familiar name. These simulates surround in the headset, it goes up to 7.1 channels and that helps you with positional audio so it’s got front left and right speakers in the corners, side speakers, back left and right, forward back, things like that. They’re trying to be more versatile, they’re trying to be good at music, movies, and gaming and that’s a big list of things to be good at especially in a field so competitive.

Logitech G633 has enough power to be dangerous when it comes to gaming and I mean the headset is capable of producing tremendously immersive audio but it requires a bit of an informed user, LGS the software. You could probably use better information conveyance in this regard especially pertaining to the multiple DTS and EQ settings.

As far as the 3D setups, DTS headphone acts proves itself in games which better simulate a studio. So, this would include cockpit based racing games or space sim games, dirt rally, and star citizen are excellent examples of both of these. In dirt rally, you can hear the gravel kicking up into the underside of the car really well and the audio positioning changes as the camera moves about the car which is something that code masters have done of course but Logitech’s headset works with it very well. On the hood and lower to the ground the gravel is louder and grittier and the engine noise is more roaring but as we move into the cockpit more of the exhaust cans rattling can be heard and you get sort of a doppler effect as other cars pass you by on the track which is definitely cool to hear.

Of course, you hear this on any stereo headset but it’s amplified with DTS because it is tuning more specifically to bring out those sounds and give them more of a distinct pop.

So, using DTS headphone X or Dolby in CS:GO, we’re actually detrimental to my game-play ability. I was worse at pinpointing audio locations and a lot of that is because the headphones with DTS and/or Dolby enabled will bring out a lot more of the environmental ambient noise when you’re playing and you don’t want those things in cs:go, all you want is the most immediate threat. You want to be able to locate that threat, you want to hear the footsteps or the gunshot and you don’t want anything else. So, Dolby and DTS will bring out the footsteps of your teammates behind you or the noises of the things behind you.

CS:GO is a very linear choke point styled game where you sort of know where all the sounds should be, what time they should be there and what you’re looking for. With a game like Halo or Call of Duty, these technologies are actually useful and a lot of the professional teams will use Dolby surround and Halo or Cod gaming at tournaments and that’s because those games are more circular.

For the music, Dolby and DTS are hit and miss, it depends on what type of music you’re listening to, how it’s encoded, how well that encoding works with DTS if you’re trying to use DTS. I found that DTS headphone acts did well for some types of music like Dream Theater, I have a 5.1 mixed Dream Theater album. It’s very progressive instrumentation and the native sound mixing coupled pretty well with DTS. So, I did like it there and preferred it over both Dobby and having them both off. For bands like AFI which is a lot more simple than Dream Theater’s music and less complex music. I found that DTS diminished the volume and grit and vocals which is something that you care about more in certain types of punk or rock and they felt like they have less character to them.

It sounds like there’s almost a little more tin to the voice. Even though, I wouldn’t want to use DTS or Dolby necessarily for certain bands certain types of music that doesn’t mean the headsets bad, it just means you turn those technologies off. The headset still produces a very good noise, it’s got EQ options if you want more bass or if you want more treble and it produces a solid noise for sure.

Logitech G933

They sound great. The audio drivers pump out clinging highs and mids and really have a punch with the bass. If the stock sound you get doesn’t impress you within the Logitech gaming software, you were able to choose between many different EQ presets and even create your own.

Another huge feature is the capability of surround sound. The G933 can be switched into 7.1 surround sound mode. It’s really cool playing a game in 7.1, you feel like you’re there. Within the surround sound control panel, you can switch between Dolby Digital and DTS and you can even get down in the weeds and change the volume of each channel being fed to your ears. Personally, the overall sound quality really impressed me while they’re not the best I’ve ever heard. This headset is able to compete with many high-priced headphones on the market today.

logitech g933 4 (1)


Logitech G633

In the case of the G633, I think it does do most of what it says pretty well. You can use which one is good and just turn off which one is bad. The headset has great native audio performance, so it’s not a huge loss. The build quality is pretty good, it feels fairly solid. You can flex it a bit. This kind of things is okay for travel but the one downside here is its profile is pretty large. So that’s a lot of space to take up but it does have the strength that you need if you’re gonna throw it around a bit.

The headset feels a bit lightweight because it uses a lightweight construction. So, if you want something heavier then that’s potentially not the thing for you. When it comes to the overall feel they’re big but they’re not necessarily heavy and it’s pretty wide and because of that extra width, the drivers are spaced a tiny bit more away from your ear than in some other headsets. In terms of the sound actually having some spacing from your ear, it does feel a little bit less claustrophobic with the G633 which I like.

The headset offers a powerful audio experience by default without surround tech and works well for music and gaming almost equally. The EQ tuning is welcomed and well executed, you’ve got control over advanced settings for different frequency ranges. Comfort needs a lot of work on the G633 it’s not terrible but it’s a little bit annoying the way it slides back on your head as you use it a bit. There’s a lot of competition at this price point but not a lot of good competition at this price point.

Logitech G933

Anyone who are looking for the best wireless headset you can get without having a crazy high price tag and. Around 120 dollars you’re getting the best features on the market mixed with a great comfortable design, the cross platform. So, whether you want them for your gaming console, PC, or even Nintendo switch, they’re perfect for you.