Logitech G432

Logitech G635 vs G432: Which to Buy?

This is the review of the comparison between the Logitech G635 and the G432. Both of these headsets are Logitech products and are from the G series. But there is much difference in their price range currently. To know which one is good for you to buy, go to the detailed review.

Logitech G635Logitech G432
Logitech G635Logitech G432
Stunning low key design.
Amazing sound depth and customization.
Usable on all platforms.
2 input mixer.
Good sound.
Comfortable fit.
Versatile connections.
Loses all DTS and RGB functionality on any system bar PC.Dated design.
Loose ear cups.
Need USB connection for the best audio.


BrandLogitech Logitech
Headphones Form FactorFull size
Headphone TechnologyWired
Sound Output ModestereoSurround Sound
Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz20 Hz
Sensitivity93dB SPL/mW107 dB
Impedance39 Ohms39 Ohm
Diaphragm50 mm50.8 mm
Microphone Operation ModeCardioid (uni-directional)
Response Bandwidth100 Hz
Width4.2 in4.2 in
Depth7.8 in9.1 in
Height9.1 in7.8 in
Weight25.39 oz19.93 oz
FeaturesLarge 50mm Pro-G Drivers Enhanced woven hybrid mesh material produces deeper bass and our widest, smoothest sound ever.

LIGHTSYNC RGB Customize lighting from approx. 16.8 million colors, create lighting effects or synchronize lighting with in-game actions.

DTS Headphone:X 2.0 Detect enemies from all sides with 7.1 surround positional audio and a 3D soundscape.

6mm Mic+ Large mic for amazingly clear voice comms plus fiip-to-mute convenience.

Three G-keys Programmable for fast in-game actions at your fingertips.
Detect enemies from all sides with 7.1 surround positional audio and a 3D soundscape.

Lightweight with leatherette swivel ear pads for supreme comfort during long gaming sessions.

Large mic for clear voice comms plus flip-to-mute and volume control for added convenience.

Connects to PC via a 3.5mm input or USB DAC. Connects to mobile, and game consoles, including Playstation 4 and Xbox One via a 3.5mm input.

Detail Review:


Logitech G635

The Logitech G635 is not the budget-friendly headset from Logitech but these are one of those headsets from Logitech that retailing at a somewhat cheaper price. These headsets are retailing for around a hundred dollars. These headphones look the same as the G935 but these are wired and the G935 are wireless.

Logitech G432

The Logitech G432 is one of the cheaper headsets from Logitech. These headphones are retailing for a budget-friendly price of around forty dollars currently. These are one of the cheaper headphones that are available in the market along with the microphone.

Logitech G635


Logitech G635

Logitech has designed the design of these headsets in such a way that these are hardware-based. You have a toggle switch to power on and off not like other headphones where it asks to hold the button for seconds to switch on. Then next to the power switch, there is a volume wheel to control your volume level. Then you do have your G buttons which are customizable in the Logitech software. All the controls are on the same side so there will be no confusion at all to search for the button among the two earcups.

You have RGB lighting on the backside of the earcups on the outer line and also on the Logitech logo G on the side plate of the ear cups. The RGB lighting is customizable in the G hub software of the Logitech so you can customize it as you want. The only downside here with the RGB lighting is that the area where the RGB is positioned that is on the backside of the earcup, so obviously you can’t see it but also people can’t see it until and unless you turn around.

Logitech G432

For controls, there is no inline control for the cable but it’s not at all bad because the controls are actually amazing. To shut the mic off you need to lift the mic up then it will get off or muted. For the volume control, it’s on the back of the left ear cup and it has the volume wheel that will go up and down super smoothly and it’s positioned at a good angle like you can find it so easily. I absolutely love the controls on this headphone and this is one of my favorite points.

These headphones have a super long two-meter cable but it’s not a good type of cable. First of all, it’s not removable and second of all it’s super thin, so I’m always scared like tearing on the rips from the headphone side and the headphones will become useless if the cable gets torn. I’d love it if they were like a removable cable but again for this price range, I think they had to cut some corners to come to this price. They’re made of plastic mostly but the band is made of metal over which will increase the rigidity and make them just more solid.


Logitech G635

There is enough padding in the side and top of these headsets. There is a lot of cushions and also these are very soft and very breathable too. If you are one of those people who wore headsets for a longer period of time, then these headsets will never gonna bother you at all. I have worn these for almost more than four hours and they never bothered my ears at all. Even these headphones are constructed in such a way that these look thicker than the other headphones in the market with a thin profile but still, these headphones weigh less and never constricted me.

Logitech G432

In terms of comfort, these are pretty good. There are cushions on each side of the ear cups and also you have a cushion on top. They’re full leather but sadly they’re not memory form. Those headphones which have memory foam were super comfortable but these still do the job and I can still game on them for a long period. For example, they do feel comfortable for about three to four hours before they start hurting a lot. The top needs a bit more cushion because it’s not enough in this headset to feel more comfortable. On the side, they have got a pretty decent amount of cushion and there’s no tear or anything or shrinking of the leather. So comfort wise these are really good for the price.

Logitech G432


Logitech G635

Like the other Logitech products, these do come in a nicely packed box. In the box, you gonna get your headset itself, then a 3.5-millimeter auxiliary cable, around six and a half foot-long braided micro USB cable, and your usual start-up guide and warranty information. The auxiliary can be used when you wanna use the headset with other devices such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One that has regular audio, and also with Xbox 360 controller. As the micro USB cable is braided it will last long as durable. As the set-up guide says this micro USB cable can be used with the PC but you need to click the PC icon for that and if you want to use this for a gaming device then you need to download the Logitech G hub software.

To download the Logitech G hub software, you need to go to the Logitech support site and download the software therefrom. Once you downloaded the software and added to your desktop shortcut when you open that up, you will see all the Logitech products you are using currently, and that supports the G hub software on your screen. From that, you need to select the G635 and that will let you do all the settings and changes that you can do from the software for the G635. This software allows you to do many things such as customizing the RGB lighting effects, customizing the G button functionalities, playing with the equalizer, etc.

Logitech G432

In the box, you’ll receive two adapters with the headphones, the first adapter is gonna be a 3.5-millimeter to USB adapter, and also there’s a 3.5-millimeter splitter so you can use it with more devices. For the price I think they are pretty decent, they’re not cheap and they’re not too expensive to break the bank. But they’re good quality and they will last you pretty much a long time.

If you’re a gamer then you know that audio is super important to hear the footsteps, to hear the gunshot, etc. The Logitech G432 gaming audio headphones are pretty good for the price. These headphones are a good pair for the regular gamer. If you are not a professional gamer at all then you don’t need that professional-grade stuff. These offer that performance as a regular gamer needs.

The microphone is pretty decent in these headphones. Honestly, for the price, I’m impressed with the microphone quality. It’s for me it’s not like radio quality or like podcasting quality microphone but if I’m talking to my friend I don’t need that I just need them to hear me clearly and I hear them back. So honestly the microphone just does this and it doesn’t like to do super extra. But also using the microphone depends on what type of connection you have. If you’re using the 3.5-millimeter connection it might sound a lot better compared to the USB connection.

Logitech G635


Logitech G635

As far as the sound quality on these headsets, I would mention these headsets sound really good at this price range. As these headsets use the 7.1 Virtual surround sound you are able to hear the footsteps properly. You can easily find out where the different sounds are coming from, and also you can get the instrument separation easily. If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of these headsets, you can also customize the sound effect with the help of the G hub software. There you can play with the highs, mids, lows, treble, and bass and increase or decrease them to be as you want. So in this way, you can get the sound as you want from these if you don’t like the sound quality on these right out of the box.

Logitech G432

The sound quality on them is not that bad like there is some bass but it’s not bass-heavy but I would love it if it had a little bit more bass. These also have some sounds 7.1 and that you can control with the Logitech G hub. It’s super immersive and I like it when playing games especially when I’m playing a First-Person Shooter. I can hear all the weapons, all the footsteps around me. I have used it with Fortnite, I’ve used it with College Strike Global Offensive, I’ve used it with GTA5 and I was pretty impressed with the sound quality in these headphones for its price range.

Logitech G432


In my opinion, if you are looking for a headset at the cheapest rate, and that is budget-friendly for normal users who don’t use the headsets much for gaming and who don’t want the same headset for so long, then the G432 will be good for you to buy. But if you need a solid performing headset that has a better comfort level which will allow you to use them for a longer time and also have good sound quality, then you should buy the G635. Even though the price of the G635 is more than the G432, they worth that higher price.

Expert Reviews of Logitech G635:

By TechGearLab
The G635 finished just behind the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 and ahead of the Cloud Revolver S. The Cloud Revolver S and the G635 both scored about the same, with the Revolver’s superior comfort averaging out the better sound and mic quality of the G635. These headsets also retail for about the same price, which is a little less than half that of the Beyerdynamic. The MMX 300 does have the best audio and mic quality of these three headsets, but we didn’t find it to be particularly easy to use or all that comfortable, which is a shame, given its premium price and superb sound quality.

By Latest in Tech
Every gamer needs a quality and top-performing gaming headset. And in our Logitech G635 review, you’ll get in-depth details and information about one of the best headphones around.

By Rtings
Decent for gaming. The G635 is one of the better sounding gaming headsets we’ve reviewed so far. The G HUB app is also amazing and offers tons of customization options with lots of controls. You won’t get any delay thanks to their wired connection, and they are comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. However, be sure to take them off from time to time to let your ears cool off, as they trap quite a bit of heat inside the ear cups over time. Their microphone is also a bit bright when comparing it to other gaming headphones.

By Total Gaming Addicts
Overall the G635 is a brilliant headset. It’s comfortable and sounds superb. I would, however, have preferred a slightly better microphone, as compared to various mics I use frequently it is the only part that doesn’t feel up to the standard of the rest of the headset. The compatibility with multiple devices and conservative design makes the Logitech G635 a serious contender if you are looking for one headset to meet all of your listening needs.

By Cleb’s Tech
For $200 the Logitech G635 does perform rather well, It does lack in bass a bit and for people with a bigger melon, it isn’t all that comfortable. But for the rest of you looking for a decent RGB gaming headset, I can recommend the Logitech G635!

Expert Reviews of Logitech G432: 

By Impulsegamer 
At the end of the day, the Logitech G Gaming Headset is a decent headset for gamers on the budgets and is an honest product in terms of audio quality and design. Add in a Logitech inspired gaming design and overall, the Logitech G Gaming Headset ticked…

The Logitech G432 Gaming Headset owes a lot to its predecessor, the G430, especially in the looks department. Because of that they feel a little dated. They make up for it in their sound quality though, at least through USB where they rival headsets twice their price. Some of that quality is compromised when the USB soundcard is removed, but they still provide an enjoyable experience on consoles.

By PCMag
The Logitech G432 is a capable wired gaming headset that includes a 7.1-channel USB sound card for use with a PC, but its design and performance lag behind the…

By Tom’s Guide
Four years later, the G432 is a much better product than its predecessor, featuring much-improved audio drivers and a few smart tweaks in design. But a lot of the same drawbacks are present, including a cheap feel and an imperfect fit.Overall, though, I…

By Hardcoregamer
The most important aspect about the Logitech G432 is the sound, and for the price, it really can’t be beat in terms of sound quality and options. This headset contains all the technology of a $160 headset for half the price. Fantastic theater-like quality that includes the option for 7.1 Surround Sound and DTS Headphone:X 2.0 is a steal for the price.

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