Logitech G815 vs G915: Which is worth?

Hey guys, welcome to another post. This is a review of the Logitech G815 and G915 keyboards.

Logitech G815Logitech G915
+ Premium and portable design
+ Software simple to use for lighting and macros
+ Excellent key switches
+ Beautiful design
+ Discrete media keys
+ Switching between Bluetooth and LIGHTSPEED is seamless
+ Great backlighting
Really priceyNo wrist rest
Very expensive
The skeletal design can cause dust infestations

Logitech G815 vs G915: Specs

ModelLogitech G815Logitech G915
CompatibilityWindows, Mac OS, LinuxWindows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, iPadOS
Weight2.2 oz (1 kg)2.3 lb (1 kg)
Dimensions18.7 x 5.9 x 0.8 inches18.7 x 5.8 x 0.8 inches
Battery Life30 hours @ 100% brightness30 hours @ 100% brightness
Single-key RGBYesYes
Onboard Profiles33
Media ControlsYesYes
Programmable Macros5 dedicated G-keys5 dedicated G-keys
GL Switch OptionsLinear, Tactile, ClickyLinear, Tactile, Clicky
Mechanical SwitchesLow-profile GL switchesLow-profile GL switches
USB PassthroughYesNo

Logitech G815 vs G915: Similarities

First, I want to discuss the similarities between these two keyboards. They are almost identical, except that one is wireless and the other is wired.

1. Mechanical Keyboards

These two keyboards have three different mechanical switch types, making them mechanical keyboards. And these are referred to as

  1. GL linear
  2. GL clicky
  3. GL tactile

I have the linear version of each one because I wouldn’t say I like the loud mechanical keyboard sound, but if that’s your preference, you should consider one of the other two as this is the quietest of the three.

However, in my opinion, it feels somewhat more akin to the old-school membrane keyboards. I prefer to have a softer touch and feel to my keystrokes as opposed to a mechanical keyboard with very tactile feedback. However, that choice is entirely personal.

With this particular model, the G815 and the G915, I found it perfect for responsiveness and the ability to type with minimal errors that type of thing, which personally appeals to me about linear keyboards. You still get the speed and accuracy of the mechanical keyboard.

2. Actuation Distance

Interestingly, while the actuation distance on both of these is the same at 1.5 millimeters, the full travel distance on the G915 is slightly different at 2.77 millimeters as opposed to the G815’s full 3 millimeters.

I’ve been using the G815 for almost a year and the G915 for about two weeks now, and honestly, I don’t feel any difference at all. I don’t feel like I had to get used to one over the other because they are both extremely comfortable to type on and responsive, fast, and accurate.

3. Design

These keyboards have a slight weight difference; the G815 weighs 1145 grams as opposed to the G915’s 1025 grams. However, both keyboards are made of the same black brushed metal finish, which I think is the current fashion, especially for gaming setups.

Both keyboards have five dedicated G Keys that are fully programmable, and both have three memory profiles that allow you to store two lighting configurations and three different macro configurations. I find the software to be very user-friendly for setting up my macros and programming them precisely, and there are three macro modes, so you get 15 different G Keys depending on how I want to do it.

4. Features

Both keyboards have a macro record button, so you can create a macro by pressing the record button, typing your keystrokes, and then pressing the record button again to have it record what you’re doing.These keyboards support Full RGB, allowing you to individually program almost every key to perform your desired function.

Both keyboards have dedicated Media Control Keys and a very large Volume Wheel. These features operate without a hitch; I use them frequently to control the volume of my Windows computer or my Itunes music. There is no lag in their operation, and they respond instantly when I start and stop playing music. I also find them in a convenient location that makes them easy to access and use.

Lastly, both keyboards are covered by a direct, Two-Year Warranty from Logitech.

Logitech G815 vs G915: Differences

The unusual specifications will be covered next, so what features do these keyboards each have that the others do not?

1. USB Cable & Ports

So the first and most obvious difference is that the G815 has a permanently attached USB cable while the G915 does not. Though you can plug in a USB cable and use it wired.

However, the G815’s cable is much more durable and tough, and even though it doesn’t disconnect from the keyboard itself. It doesn’t feel like it will come loose because it is a very tough piece.

Keep in mind that it has two USB ports that you plug into the computer; one is for the keyboard itself, and the other is for a USB port built into the back of the keyboard, but only on the G815 model.

That USB port is very useful because it gives you a quick access spot to plug in a memory stick, a wireless mouse, or any other USB device. And, of course, the G915 has a micro-USB port that enables you to attach the included cable for charging purposes.

However, if you plug it into your computer, it’ll also function as a wired keyboard at that point. One thing I did notice is that the G915 has an on/off switch. If you flip it off, neither the wired nor wireless portions of the keyboard will function; instead, the entire keyboard will turn off.

2. Buttons

Now, these keyboards have a few buttons at the top; the G815 only has a brightness toggle and a gaming mode, while the G915 has two more buttons in this area—one for wireless connectivity and another for Bluetooth.

On the G915, they’ve used the same two lights used on the 815 to indicate caps lock or num lock, depending on which one is on. You don’t have a number lock light on the G915 now.

I’ve gotten used to it for the most part, but I do miss it occasionally because I can’t always tell. I’ll try to start keying in some numbers without realizing that the number lock is not on. One shows the caps lock, but the other is the battery indicator.

3. Features

Now we’ll talk about a feature exclusive to the G915: The wireless feature. In this section, I’ll also discuss Bluetooth, another type of wireless technology. Still, Bluetooth and the wireless on this keyboard are two very different methods of connecting this keyboard to your computer.

To use the keyboard’s wireless capabilities, you must use the proprietary USB dongle it comes with. However, you can connect the keyboard to any Bluetooth receiver if you want to use Bluetooth.

While I must admit that I didn’t do a lot of thorough testing with Bluetooth, I can tell you that one cool feature or advantage of having it is that you can pair this keyboard with two different computers.

For example, suppose you have a regular computer and a MacBook or other type of laptop, as long as your laptop has Bluetooth or you add a Bluetooth dongle. You can quickly switch between your main and secondary computers by pressing a button.

Now, concerning the lightspeed wireless mode, which is the default Logitech mode that communicates with the dongle that is included with the keyboard, I have noticed zero lag with this thing; compared to the G815, I have honestly not noticed a single drop of a key or a lag in a key.

However, from the viewpoint of using this as a gaming keyboard and an all-around workhorse, I say I have not noticed.

Logitech G815 vs G915: User Interface

Next, I’m going to discuss the user experience. These keyboards are incredibly comfortable, and I think they’re by far my favourite keyboards I’ve ever used.

1. Keys & Lighting Controls

Now the G keys. I’ve always been a fan of the G keys on Logitech keyboards. I find the Logitech software to be very intuitive. It does every possible thing that I would need it to.

The lighting controls will be next. I have been delighted with the colour programmability of the Logitech keyboard because I love the software that allows you to change the colour configuration and find that I can do anything in it that I could imagine.

I also mentioned earlier about the media control keys, and I want to reiterate that these keys work well; they’re very big and easy to find; the volume knob is huge; it’s very long and you just kind of roll it with your finger; and I find that it’s extremely responsive; it just works flawlessly for me.

Lastly, on the user experience, I have had phenomenal success with the macro functionality; I haven’t found a macro that I wanted to do that I wasn’t able to.

2. Battery Life

We’ll now discuss a feature exclusive to the G915: battery life. At a full charge of 100% and with the lighting set to the default settings, the battery lasts for about 34 hours. Considering that they are estimating 34 hours, keep in mind that that is at the brightest settings.

When the keyboard goes to sleep, I don’t notice any difference in the battery level, like overnight.

It may drop a little over time if you aren’t using it every day, but generally, the main dropping of those hours is from brightness level 3 to brightness level 2, where you jump almost double to 60 hours. At brightness level 2, it jumps to 95 hours; at brightness 1, it’s 137 hours.

And finally, if you choose to turn off the lights completely, you can use this keyboard for over 1100 hours; considering that it could last for weeks and weeks and weeks, I would say that the battery life is very nice.

3. Battery Indicator

The keyboard will suddenly begin glowing or breathing Red when the battery level drops below 15; this is another cool feature of the battery that I like. You can adjust the low battery indicator in a few different ways, but the default setting is the one that I like. Below 15, you still have quite a few hours of use left.

Speaking of charging this thing, I have a big battery bank to recharge most of my devices. That way, you’ve got just one device that you’re taking somewhere else to plug it in and charge it, which is

The Logitech G915 keyboard and the Logitech pro gaming wireless mouse, which is the mouse that I use in conjunction with it, are both instant wake devices, which means that if you don’t have them turned off but just let them go to sleep.

They’re using very little power and hardly draining the battery at all, but when you are ready to use them again the mouse you start moving it. It’s already moving on the screen and the keyboard. You can start typing.

These two gadgets both have instant response times. You begin to type, and the letters appear on the screen. You then move the mouse, and the cursor appears on the screen.

Logitech G815 vs G915: Cons

The following topics are what I refer to as the disadvantages of this specific device or these two specific keyboards. I’ll start with the first one since the G815 is not affected by this particular issue and only the G915 has it.

When you first wake up the G915 from sleep, it will take about one to two seconds. The device performs a quick reboot, depending on whether you are in the M1 macro mode, M2 macro mode, or M3 macro mode. You should be aware of this because it is somewhat peculiar and possibly something that Logitech could address through software.

In the same vein, that little reset results in another bizarre thing I’ve observed. Let’s say you have a document open on your screen and your keyboard is completely dormant. You get up, press the shift key, and begin typing. When the keyboard performs its little reset after one or two seconds, it no longer recognizes that you are holding the shift key, so you can continue to do so, but it will now type lowercase letters, so you must release it and press it again.

As a sort of side test, if you wake the keyboard by pressing the caps lock key and turn on the caps lock when it does the reset, it does not turn off the caps lock, so you even have a workaround for this potentially annoying issue if you wake the keyboard by pressing the shift key and turn on the caps lock when it does the reset it does not turn off the caps lock.

They are minor details that, as long as you are familiar with the keyboard, won’t be a problem. The other drawback of this keyboard is that, except for the brightness button, every key is programmable in terms of RGB except for the top row of special buttons. All other buttons have preset colours, and you cannot turn them off. That’s pretty much it for the drawbacks in this review.

Final Thoughts

These two keyboards are, without a doubt, the best ones I’ve ever used; they’re incredibly responsive, quick and comfortable, and I don’t make mistakes with them, so in this section, I’ll go over my final thoughts on them and share my conclusion and recommendation.

The great things about the G keys are the colour effects. Outstanding battery life We love wireless. These are great keyboards; the wired version is exceptional, and the USB port on the back of them functions flawlessly.

Which Model?

I’m going to quickly list what, in my opinion, are the advantages to each of these two models if you came here specifically looking for advice on which of these two models to choose (or maybe you were already decided on one but didn’t know which of the two).

1. Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 retails for $249 .

I’ll start with the G915 and say that, in my opinion, the biggest advantage is the lack of wires. I love being wire-free, so if you want to reduce the amount of wires on your desk, go for it.

Next, you can connect to multiple devices, including a second computer. You may be able to use this particular keyboard’s Bluetooth to control an iPad Pro or a Macbook because it also supports Android and iOS devices.

Because it’s wireless and the keyboard is so small, you can easily store it away; you tuck it away at night to prevent dust accumulation and keep your desk tidy. This gives you much flexibility when using Bluetooth to quickly connect a keyboard to another device.

And finally, you can turn the keyboard off whether or not you need that feature. It is on the G915, so I use it occasionally when I’m cleaning the thing so I don’t have to turn my computer off and can clean the keyboard without pressing a bunch of buttons on my screen. I then flip the switch back on and continue using it.

2. Logitech G815

The Logitech G815 retails for $199.

I’ll now discuss the G815 and the key features that set it apart from the G915, starting with the fact that you never need to recharge it. This device is permanently connected to your computer.

Next, it costs $50 less, so choose the G815 if money is an issue. Another feature is a number lock led indicator; if that is important to you, choose the G815. Lastly, choose the G815 if you require a USB port on the back of your keyboard.

I have used a lot of different keyboards over the years, including many mechanical ones, but these are by far the best keyboards and the best mechanical ones that I have ever personally used. I absolutely adore them.


Now, if you’re wondering which one is my favourite, I’m going to keep the G915 and sell the G815 because I prefer the minimalist design, don’t mind charging it every few days, and prefer to have an open desk. For these reasons, I will stick with the G915 as my preferred keyboard.